Microsoft signs patent licensing deal with Compal

Compal, a Taiwanese manufacturer, has signed a patent deal with Microsoft that will see the company pay the software giant licensing fees on sold Android and Chrome products. Compal now joins Samsung, HTC, Acer and Viewsonic in Microsoft's patent portfolio licensing handbook.

Microsoft continues to work with manufacturers directly with regards to IP licensing, which could further increase the likelihood of them looking at Windows Phone more seriously. With the platform turning one year old, more revenue from patent licensing can possibly mean increased investment in development.

Source: CNET



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1jaxstate1 says:

*Nelson* HA HA. Android is not free.

futurix says:

You should make a video with the sound clip or something :-)

onysi says:

its a win win situation for microsoft. hahha

danj210 says:

Well said Mr. Rubino!

blackprince says:

Setting themselves up nicely for the launch of Windows 8 tablets next year, lots of tablet makers were targeted. Win8 is going to be great when I can buy a tablet that actually is useful as a on the go computer.

theman60099 says:

wow get that trolling piece of trash out of here.

danj210 says:

Daniel Rabino said it exactly as I would have, actually better than I would have. I agree with him 100%. Very well said. Android fanboys, this is a wp7 fanboy site!!!

Wheezle says:

It certainly is. I wish I could find a site for WP7 fans rather than fanboys. The difference is refreshing and pleasant.

WinFan1 says:

ive also used ios android and wp7 being a windows and microsoft enthusiasts to all who complain about windows having viruses i dont understand how u can even call urself an android fan because android is similar to windows in all ways antivirus for downloaded malware icons on a desktop and this is a "similarity" to wp7 the "people app" lmao fact is windows is clean it does what it needs to do simple no looking for anything no worrying about battery life compare to my experience with android wp7/ios5 are both much better experiences than android and before you come here bashing wp7 remember where fagboy presenter and developer of 4.0 ICS got most of his ideas and he should probably be less stupid instead of believing that he isnt just a downright copycat. pfft the nerve....