Microsoft smartwatch rumored to come October, work cross-platform


It's the weekend, which makes it the perfect time for rumors to drop about Microsoft's plans for in the wearable space. Today a rumor is making the rounds that Microsoft's smartwatch will come this October with eleven sensors, open APIs and more — and competing smack in the middle of the first wave of Android Wear devices — including the Moto 360, and possibly Apple's long-rumored iWatch.

Microsoft Smartwatch

We've seen actual patent filings on what Microsoft has planned for your wrist. And the latest rumors don't stretch the imagination too much.

When it comes to the patent filings, we've seen it pop up twice. The first sighting shared details like fitness-tracking features, a removable body, a smartwatch dock and more. The second sighting showed us more of the actual device, which you can see above in an image.

So what are the latest rumors?

Tom's Hardware is reporting that a 'Microsoft Smartband' will come this October with 11 sensors, open APIs and cross-platform compatibility. They also state that the display will be on the underside of the band.

An October release date isn't too far-fetched at all, and it's something we've heard ourselves. We also know that the smartwatch (or smartband) will come with a variety of sensors. Because to release one without would be utterly insane.

The folks at Tom's Hardware are also reporting that the cross-platform compatibility means you'll be able to buy this device and use it with Windows Phone, iOS or Android. Which would actually be a really good move for Microsoft and one that would help differentiate against competitors. Consumers would be more likely to be a smartwatch if it didn't lock them into one ecosystem.

Anyways, some interesting stuff to think about this weekend. Do you already have a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Source: Tom's Hardware



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rodneyej says:

Can't wait!
This smartwatch can't come soon enough.

carlosrdd says:

As long as it's faster...

rodneyej says:

I don't play that...

barry.weston says:

Yeah its really not even remotely funny any longer.

Wyn6 says:

I don't know. It's at least remotely funny, right?

NIST says:

It's also a remote?

An IR blaster would be a coolr feature, actually

rodneyej says:

Yes!.. I would love that.

Fade_z says:

Actually yes, because half the sensors i wont rely on that much because i wouldn't care. But changing the channel on my tv would be lovely.

rodneyej says:

No❗ ... It never was....
Now, what is funny is mocking haters who say that WP has no apps by saying "WP has no apps" on every article that mentions of an official app that came to the platform......
That, and I, my dear is extremely funny....

guillams says:

Wp has no apps

Aman2901 says:

WP has just one app which helps us to find assholes and beat the shit outta them..Oh wait!! The app's already flashing a name..It's Guillams!! Where's the mf??

rodneyej says:

Now, now.. Be nice.

Arda Ozkal says:

Lets do the Muhammed technique, treat everyone good and in time, they'll join us.

el-ojo says:

Didn't Mohammed kill off the Jews in MEDINA on a hunch? I don't know if that is being good at all.

aehhaeh says:

Formerly known as Yathrib.

SAM 77 says:

Lay the smack down wigga.


I got your back :)

rodneyej says:

Oh, Jesus.....

guillams says:

@Aman2901 do you feel better now? Or still wanna talk?

Aman2901 says:

When people know this is the latest OS and still growing..Apps are gonna take time to come.. Which app are you wanting for??.. We don't need 20+ same type of apps for say Linkin Park Lyrics..WP has 5-7 and I installed just once which satisfied my need and that app is being updated since WP 7.8..What do you need more??

guillams says:

Dude, read carefully before post offences, the guy I reply wrote "WP has no apps" as the new trending joke here, so, I was sarcastic and wrote the same, I have the apps I use, only few local apps which are not that important to me!

Aman2901 says:

Can't see anyone using that term except you..My bad I didn't read Rodneyej's comment..So sorry broda @guillams..And by the way the guy you replied is Cortana's boyfriend!! :P :P

rodneyej says:

Lol! Cortana's BF❔

guillams says:

Well, sorry rodneyej but I have to say, she's cheating on you with all of the WP8.1 users! Including me!

rodneyej says:

Im seriously lost.. I guess I need to get with the program.

rodneyej says:

He's being sarcastic.. Get with the program, brother!!!!!

Wael Hasno says:

When you use that for no reason at all and it doesn't even make sense, then it's not funny. Makes you look more like a douche.

rodneyej says:

True, true.....

Acbuono5 says:

I hope it looks nothing like that patent filing!!!

Sicarius123 says:

X2, give us a Moto 360 style amazing watch and I'll be first in line. Give me galaxy gear and they can eat a bag.

Mooncow27 says:

I used to want a smartwatch then I took an arrow to the knee.

amcalexandre says:

Hope it doesn't get a Blue Screen ;)

Jas00555 says:

I still see no need for a smartwatch, but if they can beat or be near Apple's iWatch, at least they won't be "last as usual".

rodneyej says:

Convenience. Human evolution.

Fritzly says:

I have used watches to monitor heart rate and other functions for thirty years.... when I work out.
The success of these devices will depends by the number of hypochondriacs in town.

k0de says:

This is necessary. In order to squash the competition. MSFT must compete or lead in all markets. Lets see it.

12Danny123 says:

since. the Smartwatch market is new. MS is technically  not late. but i think if it's cross platform. and also integrate with Xbox Fitness on Xbox One then it'll probably be a hit

Nik Rolls says:

In fact, Microsoft was first to market with a smartwatch. Quite a few years ago.

pedenske says:

I see what you did there. ;)

I got my dad an ironman usb datalink was great but then he moved from a Motorola v220 to a blackberry so he really didnt use it much after that then about a year ago I ended up getting & have been using it while im @ work since using a phone while working isnt allowed

rodneyej says:

But, let's just say that doesn't count...

Sicarius123 says:

They were first on a lot of things they let stagnate, hasn't helped them be the first to make them usable and modern.

Wael Hasno says:

Also first with a tablet, see how this turns out..

Well they also made tablets, but see how those went

wpn00b says:

Yeah I cannot wait for this. I really hope they come out with the iPod of smart watches. If Microsoft can create a hit in a new market WP will take off.

Wyn6 says:

No need either. But, if it's elegant in design, perhaps with a classic style and analog option... maybe.

k0de says:

MSFT is convinced that the future of programming relies on OOP. We do live in a OOW. The more devices that MSFT can jump on the better. It is race. May the best man win towards OOP. This is revolutionary. Soon every object in our world will be controlled by software. Remarkable and revolutionary indeed. Thanks Steve Jobs for the vision. Thanks MSFT for bringing it unto reality.

Dean Lewis says:

Steve Job wasn't the first to do it, just the first to get it right. I think that one thing is all Apple that keeps them and their tiny iPhone going.... Oh, and that Android is hugely fragmented.

Ed Boland says:

Same here.. I'd wear a Microsoft smartwatch if it had an analog option.

aitt says:

it has been great part of extension for my phone. Example i was working a deal at work today. phone not with me got a call. simply canceled the call with sneezing or interrupting the deal. listen to Slacker in the car controller on wrist simple change answer phone. I wont get into fitness. happy I have one. it definitely has it's uses.

rodneyej says:

Actually, now that I think of it, the other day I accidentally left my phone sitting on this window sill at work, but I couldn't call any of my workmate's to get it before a passenger stole it... I work at the airport...... If I had a smartwatch I could've called, or text, someone to get it for me... Now, that's definitely useful❗❗❗

saidas says:

Borrow someone else's phone to make a quick call. Now, that's definitely useful :)

manwe says:

but...but then he has to make human contact?

rodneyej says:

Who knows anyone's phone number by heart anymore?... Times have changed, people have evolved... This is a technology based website.. The whole point is to embrace technology to enhance your life.......
So, you think its lazy, and pathetic, to have Cortana set a reminder for you when you can simply key it in yourself?....You can't see this one way then not see it the other....
I don't understand your point of even having a smartphone... In your view,, those who think having a smartphone is unnecessary are right... Open your mind, dude❗

12Danny123 says:

would this integrate well with the Xbox?

Xsled says:

I would hope it connects to Xbox fitness, among other things.

Stevied1991 says:

I can't wait for it, I backed that AGENT watch on Kickstarter last year but I'm getting sick of waiting for that thing. Will definitely pick this up day one though!

I backed it as well, but I'm thinking there is more chance of Tim Cook using a Surface Pro 3 than ever taking delivery of the Agent. Glad there will be an alternative created by a company that at last has some idea of what it is doing.

Stevied1991 says:

I'm not saying it's not every going to ship, it's just that I have already lost interest. I paid for it a little over a year ago now and just don't care. I no longer keep up to date with the comments since it's mostly people complaining and being rude. When it eventually does ship I'll probably give it to a family member if the MSFT watch is out by then, and I have no doubt in my mind that will happen.

willied says:

I'm in the same boat as you. I was originally super excited for the Agent, but not so much with this coming out before it.

I like the idea for a couple reasons
1 . Theft. Living in Chicago people are brazing enough in broad daylight to snatch your phone on the EL. I saw this event happen back in 2011 on the CTA Blue line. They guy just plucked it right of her hands and took off running at the stop. With the watch you can be more discrete looking over text messages and reminders without having to whip out your phone.

2. Finding it when its misplaced. Having come over from Apple, the Find My Phone feature proved to be valuable. Now with a watch you can sorta do the same thing.
3. Health. Now more then ever all of us need to take better care of ourselves. Any health related sensors and apps would be a wonderful addition especially if you happen to use the MSFT Health Vault app.

As for it working cross platforms well anyone who been in the I.T. Biz for a very long time can testify that its MFST's M.O. Take for instance the champs of yesteryear like Novell, Netscape, Lotus Notes. none of those biz saw that coming. So making it work multiplatform is the bait on the fish hook.

I guess we will have to wait and see...

Was tempted but im just didnt want to take a chance on them deciding to back out of wp support & wasnt sure id be using a compatible phone

ebin5 says:

If MS had released products on the patents they owned then who knows they maybe the number one in the tech industry.

12Danny123 says:

i heard. that MS is patenting stuff that Android Wear has. so i expect that MS is trying to get money from Android OEMs and drving up the price of Android Smartwatches, while they're one is cheaper, then MS release their software alternative to Android Wear and they'll flock to it. like WP8.1 :)

PureView says:

You can expect this kind of cheap, anti competitive and bordering on unethical behaviour from M$.

LSDigital says:

So, you don't like to get paid for your work, do you?

Really?? Because Apple never did this...
And google making a free Microsoft Office trying to put MS income down while they make money selling your info to the world is the most ethical a company can be, right?

Sean D. says:

They kinda are, aren't they...?

ebin5 says:

I mean no.1 in other areas i.e.,smartwatch and in car OS.

CyclingNut says:

I really hope this is a good product. I love Windows phone but would jump ship in a heart beat if Android Wear or the iPhone watch turn out to be awesome. Between cycling, running and navigation I would get a lot of use out of a good smart watch.

Tense says:

That's the issue I have with smartwatches; really most wearables in general. They're too much of a niche device, focused on fitness. What I really want is a stand alone smartwatch, one that's not tied to a mobile OS, that expands its abilities beyond fitness and simple notifications. Right now most smartwatches on the market look like, to me, either fitness trackers or toys. I want all of the feasible features of a smartphone in a watch. Not just some.

ahmu86 says:

Smart watches are waste of money... They have no value for money in terms of features. I am not so lazy to not remove my fone from the pocket and see the text in my watch... every one is a fitness freak... Overhyped BS by Samsung gear.... Now everyone is following them.

Xaphoon148 says:

Does not see the point with all this training and fitness stuff. What's really the point? Isn't it possible to swim, run, jog or use a bicycle without having something monitoring all the time? Isn't it possible to work out just for fun, without this bragging-recording...?

LSDigital says:

I second you, but most people need new friends to compete against or else they'll just "stay in bed"...

WPJanssen says:

Same for me.
And this is also the case for in car software, hopefully it won't take too long before Microsoft closes the gap with iOS and Android in that area.

Revi Bennett says:

Msft is currently making money through cars. It just that some manufacturs are moving to projected infoentaintment system than embedded system, cheaper, so msft has to have to have that. And they have started work on it.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

DJCBS says:

Honestly I hate normal watches, I have no intention of using a smart one. I hate having things wrapped around my wrists.

At this point, I'm just curious to see if Microsoft will be the last one in the game as usual or if they'll beat Apple to it...though...it's looking like History is about to repeat itself.

12Danny123 says:

microsoft won't be late since the Market is brand new and also the iwatch is being annouced at the same time.

ikissfutebol says:

It's not that I think you are wrong about the iWatch, but we have all heard this before with the iWatch, iTV, iDunnowhatelse. If Apple actually did what early rumors always suggested they might have a line up to compete with Microsoft's could be patents vaporware. The problem with an iWatch or iTV is that they won't integrate as well with iTunes. The only reason the iPhone and iPad were such commercial successes is their tying into iTunes. Apple gains relatively little on selling Apple TVs with people using them only for Hulu/Netflix and will get relatively little for just selling an iWatch that doesn't hold them hostage another way with iTunes. I saw a stat the other day how developers are making 6x what they get on Android...and Apple gets their 30% from that. My guess is the iWatch will be very late or total vaporware because of this conundrum- selling an accessory gets them little more than a fancy new battery charger, charge/data/power port, etc.

lippidp says:

Me, too. Same with glasses. I paid good money for corrective eye surgery and will be damned if I wear tech glasses so Google can advertise to my eyeballs.

Sean D. says:

Technically they aren't last. Unless you're one of those people who likes to believe the industry didn't start until everyone except Microsoft jumped into it.

DJCBS says:

Google already has Android smartwatches coming. Apple too. If Microsoft doesn't show something by the same time, they'll be the last major OS corporation with one.

Tense says:

They're not usually last with the technology, but the competing technology. For example, MS wasn't late to the smartphone game, seeing as they had WM. But WP7, the OS to go up against Android and iOS, was late.

blackprince says:

Technically they were first but like many things that Microsoft did it was before its time and never marketed correctly.

Ankmeyester says:

Always so morbid :/

Revi Bennett says:

Late to game like office 365, hyper v, windows server, sql server, azure, office, lync, sharepoint, exchange, pc. Those are all things they were late to the game with.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

emyxsoft says:

Can't wait to get my hands on one.

karelj says:

An integrated heart rate monitor will make this very interesting for me.
My needs for a smartwatch are -

Integrated heart rate monitor that syncs with Bing Fitness.

Ability to quickly view text messages and give short responses via voice(Cortana).

Check in via Foursquare.

Set tasks/reminders/appointments via Cortana that will sync with my phone.

Display any location based reminders from Cortana.

An interface that is simple and functional.

Beijendorf says:

I have to say, I like your ideas of what a smartwatch should be in order to actually be functional. So many smartwatch-ideas involve doing complex things via a 1-inch screen as an interface, which is just ridiculous and dysfunctional.

Your idea would require Cortana to be released in more languages though, which could take a really long time (sadly).

No time for delays or mistakes. It has to be awesome, beautifully designed and REALLY usuful (I mean, not Samsung style). It has to be a true icon if Microsoft really wants to beat all the other competitors. Anyway, I still can't see the point in buying a smartband... Maybe they're gonna change my mind :D

12Danny123 says:

true. hopefully it's perfect for us and other people :)


PS: like your profile pic :)

Ahah thanks man! <3

Jdkunya says:

I need durability above all else. And price.

Tense says:

This, if I'm going to have a piece of tech around my wrist constantly exposed, it needs to last.

I wanna be a smart watch.

Lol did you see the one sentence in the article. It sound like there's a popularity to cosplay a smartwatch

boxa72 says:

I really hope this succeeds coz I'm getting sick of MS missing the boat on alot of things

JohnStrk says:

Cross-platform? Guess that means it will work with IOS & android first. Where the hell is the official WP8.1 release already???

ladydias says:

Though smart watches don't interest me since I don't like wearing things on my wrists and the available watches are all really masculine, I do hope the MS watch does well. I am curious as to whether it has something unique enough to turn my head.

ven07 says:

A smartwatch is the last thing on my mind..... BUT if they can make it beautiful, functional and ready to connect with all other MS devices I just might buy one

I commented before that current smartwatch designs are generally not appealing and make too many sacrifices.  MSFT needs to get this right.  Not in the USA but in India, China or  markets where price matters most.  I  would be interested in a design with all the functionality of my Nokia that can bend around my wrist.  Still waiting for Pebble  to respond to my challenge to see if thier watch can last two months on my wrist without dying.  Hahaha



vakama94 says:

I don't have one since many of them restrict you to either one platform or iOS/Android. Until more companies start to support Windows Phone in that I'll hold my wallet.

Well untill more phone manufactures adopt bt4.0le in wp8.1 we wont see the support we deserve

thinkdan says:

Oh how awesome it would be if it could monitor my glucose level.

dalydose says:

Wouldn't it have to poke you and draw blood to do that?

felickz says:

Windows phone still does not support any smart wearables, pebble busy selling hundreds of thousands and we all sitting here polishing our turds

Nik Rolls says:

Windows Phone does support them. They don't support Windows Phone.

Except only nokia based wp's(from the past year) have the needed le support

Nik Rolls says:

Only recent iPhones and Androids have Bluetooth LE as well.

Glen Ford says:

I am among the biggest MS fans, but there is one thing you whould never do, buy any MS first gen products.

I will hold out for version two.

LSDigital says:

I've heard this is version two :p

theflew says:

You do realize MS had the SPOT smart watches almost a decade ago and they were pretty good. They didn't need a cell phone to function.

Petri Dish says:

Wait sorry but how can the screen be on the back of the watch?

Nik Rolls says:

Exactly what I came here to post ...

12Danny123 says:

i think they mean. the screen would be under your wrist.

Yousef Kawmi says:

just because they can, jk i've no idea

Fritzly says:

It is not on the back but on the bottom. Which will make it more subject to break....

Who knows does anyone find this article is full of grammatical errors?

Arda Ozkal says:

It has a connecting part on below it, if you get it up, it may open and drop. So, probably and hopefully no.

spaulagain says:

I can't wait. I really hope they release it this year. After seeing the Moto 360, I'm dieing to get a smartwatch.

bambuco says:

This is what I've been waiting for!! No official WinPho8.1 pebble AP? Screw them, here comes MS to offer up something even better!

Arda Ozkal says:

Yep, I hope they make a sdk for it, unlike samsung but like pebble.

Kallekleiven says:

Please design it similar to Moto 360. The only true smartWATCH design.

MikeSo says:

Love the Moto 360 design.

Laion says:

I trust traditional Swiss watches. So far these high tech watches are pretty ugly and look cheap.

blends says:

Agreed. They should stop trying to sell us a watch and instead compel us to get a digital bracelet.

I hope its more exciting than the quick mock up drawing on the patent.

Agree. It looks hideous.

raul_junior says:

Mannnnn why can't they make a design like the Moto 360 I've always hated square watches

blends says:

I hope it does more than the competition. Include the ability to communicate with smart devices (light switch, door locks, thermostats, phones, tablets, computers, POS terminals, cars, ATMs, other wearers etc) and they may have a chance at a compelling product. Just making a heart monitor/pedometer that checks text messages and allows me to skip music is not worth the hassle of charging the thing every other day.  I already have a fitbit and a smartphone.  We need something innovative.  Android smartwatches are just smartphone remote controls.  They don't reach beyond what we already have.  Apple's smartwatch will hopefully be more innovative than Android's offerings (especially with their rumored eagerness to expand into home automation).  I just hope Microsoft contributes to this trend with something trendsetting.

danielgray says:

Well if it comes out before FitBit brings there app. Then this would be a killer for people that don't have a FitBit. I might then sell my FitBit Flex. I like watches one that works well with my phone, tablet and PC worked be good.

lizziej says:

Fitness tracking and works with windows phone? I'm on board already.

Chris Totman says:

I love my Pebble Steel, but really wish I could get my notifications on it like iOS and Android's official app allows...

keifwoki says:

A 3d touch holographic smartwatch would make people turn their heads in MS's direction ;P

Arda Ozkal says:

Yep, price will be long as a phone number too.

sd173 says:

I really hope it has a somewhat decent camera.

MikeSo says:

As long as it's best with Windows Phone... WP only would be bad for sales, but there has to be some goodies thrown in for WP users.

Brad Lambert says:

What does "the display will be on the underside of the band" mean?

blends says:

It means the face would be on the same side of your wrist as the palm of your hand. A good idea for a discreet watch but not for everyone. This may be necessary for the heart rate monitor to give accurate readings. This is my own logic as I really have no other idea why they would do this.

Bloobed says:

Most women I know that wear watches, have the face on their palm-side.

Dex Da Rex says:

The one thing I am worried about is if it will be water proof or just resistant?

This and a new lumia are going to be my self christmas presente!

mognats says:

Typo, it says be a smart watch, do you mean buy a smartwatch?

My thought for that sentence cosplay

Arda Ozkal says:

I am smartwatch. You have two messages: 1- LOL 2- ROFL and 2 missed calls and 3 mistered calls, all from lol best joke ever!

This has to be executed correctly. Its crucial that they hit the ground running with this project

I have a fitbit but would love a smart watch, still waiting on a NFC Ring I ordered in March

Once the "Microsoft Smartband" is released we are gonna have " leave-a-comment-and-win-a-Microsoft -Smartband" contest.. Atleast we Indians can only hope for this. I don't think that Microsoft is gonna release it in India!

spazinvader says:

Don't worry... It will be available along with other Bing services in India "SOON" :-/

fis_s says:

Hopefully ms will not put office.in it.

That would be as bad as writing a txt

iyae says:

Smartbands suck. I want a real WATCH. What's that one in the photo? Top right watch? That looks nice.

Duduosf says:

Hope it looks better than the Moto 360; that thing is gorgeous! I'd never buy it since it's only for Android, though...

esslgee says:

I'm just gonna buy a polar v800 as it's a best in class heart rate monitor and activity tracker that with future firmware updates will give it the ability to display notifications like a smart watch anyway. I don't know that Microsoft or anyone else can offer me a more appealing and practical device than that.

rambo47 says:

I can't wait for the first picture of this watch with the BSoD. 

Csod cyan screen of death

Arda Ozkal says:

MSoD: Magenta Screen of Death

spazinvader says:

Is there a sarcasm involved???

If not, Download the pic posted here, edit it to add blue colour, sit in your basement and enjoy your Windows XP while bashing Microsoft...

Aashish13 says:

Nfc can bring the change. It ears less battery. And we need a solid design coz the Moto 360 has a good design. Rest the software features didn't found that great

blends says:

The Moto 360 is pretty damn big. It's like the Lumia 1520 of watches.

Aashish13 says:

But the round design will bli,dly attract ppl. Ppl get attracted to hardware first after the software

EspHack says:

cant wait, but i hope it doesnt go the skype way, i mean, being better on enemy territory(ios/android) than our on(wp)

cruelvaldez says:

I hope they can make it gorgeous. The patent picture looks ugly, I hope they can make a circular display like the Motorola watch.

Sin Ogaris says:

All I need in a watch is the time, so I'm quite happy with my analogue. If someone designs a smartwatch that looks as good as a decent watch then I will buy one as I could s still utilise the other features although they aren't imperative for me.
Honestly I think someone needs to pair up with Longines or Tag Heuer and produce something. That I will buy.

spaulagain says:

All I need in a phone is to call people...

See what I did there?

Sin Ogaris says:

Yeah, only took the first sentence of my post and completely ignored the rest of it.

Arda Ozkal says:

I only need the computer to write and print something like the first "Apple". And need Xbox One to play tetris.

offbeatbop says:

The smartwatch is the 2014 laserdisc

smoledman says:

It's gonna be smart watches vs smart bagands in the fall of 2014. Who will win? 



I hope it at least has a nano sim slot(bt headset to take calls) id perfer that over having it dial thru my phone like the swap rebel did

sdreamer says:

Obvious move. No one would be able to use it if it weren't cross platform. They should give us some unique features though being on Windows Phone instead of the opposite (like what they've done with a couple of their apps in their ecosystem). Not sure what that would be, but at least make it compelling to have a WP instead of a different device somehow if you don't want to end up causing WP to be a burning platform.

I think of wi-fi connect,,,fine integrations...nice sencers...some kind of CPU....2.5inch screen...may in smartband 2

spazinvader says:

"If it didn't lock them into one ecosystem"
Ya.. Why bother buy hardware/os(windows phone) if the service(smartband's app) is already with other hardware/os???

I understand that Microsoft is a devices and services company. But come on. If they are to release each and every one of their work cross platform, what's the point/incentive of staying in Windows phone? And most likely, the smartband apps may be available in iOS and Android by October and we will get the app by January/February :-/

Hoping that Microsoft might keep a few "exclusive" services to Windows phone. If not, then we must hope beyond hope that they won't keep any exclusivity for other platforms.

blends says:

OneDrive is on other platforms but its integration into Windows Phone is really really good. Who says that they can't do the same with a smartwatch? I mean, my surface 2 and L925 play nicely together just like they should. I think at this point in the game they'd exploit their own hardware to give the better experience in the Windows (PC, RT and phone) ecosystem while allowing consumers to bring their own devices and still have a good experience.

spazinvader says:

I sure hope so... I just don't want another Skype like show from Microsoft though.

Aashish13 says:

Its because as a business view if u stick only to one thing u will once go bankrupt. That was the reason why i tunes was released for windows pc

spazinvader says:

Precisely my point. If they just focus on services, soon enough their devices division will take a big blow.

Bloobed says:

Here's hoping that everyone would let the devices and services compete freely without tying/bundling them together and forcing them on people.

spazinvader says:

Some one needs to start and I will be happy if Mixrosoft is the one to do it. But they should start it after they have a stronghold and not when they are under dogs.