Microsoft spotlighting OneNote Syncing

One of the nice features of Windows Phone is how it integrates with other Microsoft products such as OneNote. The above ad highlights this function in a lighthearted way.

The thirty second spot covers a lot and shows the potential that the Windows Phone has.  Anyone else making use of OneNote?

Source: Microsoft Youtube Channel via: wmpu



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dakranii says:

I can't get into OneNote. I tried it out, but I couldn't find the use. What does anyone on here use it for?

ducttape36 says:

i use it as kind of a digital file cabinet. i keep receipts from online purchases and bill payments in there, product codes, and websites that i want to visit later. of course, then the straight taking notes part. i love that i can record a meeting while typing and then when i play back the audio, it highlights what i was writing then. then i can access it from anywhere. i can't imagine being with out it.

futurix says:

Shopping listsIdeas listDoodles for blogTODO listetc

theawddone says:

It's great exactly for what the commercial shows. I use it all the time for keeping a list of grocery items I need for that week. It's much better for lists than evernote, which has a very bizarre editing mode that allows you to only remove one line at a time.

kool_maverik says:

I agree...Evernote is a great application, but the WP app sucks wind. It is terribly inelegant, and on the other hand, OneNote on WP is super-elegant!!

xpxp2002 says:

I use it all the time! I have an ongoing to-do list since Windows Phone's to-do doesn't sync with any online services. I also keep a shopping list that I can update from the PC, then when I'm at the store I just get out my phone and everything is there.It's also an excellent note-taking tool for classes. I keep each semester in its own notebook. Because everything is searchable, I can quickly and easily look up information going back years. I also have a few clients I do consulting for, and I keep information about ongoing work I do for them in OneNote. Makes it easy to look something up if I get an email or call and need to send something out, even when I'm away from the computer. The ability to have the same information instantly available and always up-to-date on my PC, on the web (via OneNote Web App), and on the phone is probably one of the greatest things about the Microsoft ecosystem.

MannLou says:

My to-do's synch with my company's exchange server. It's nice to have reminders set up for them too. Not sure if you're synching that way or not.

Starkenator says:

As a long time MS user I had heard about OneNote for years but had never tried it and just used Word on Windows Mobile and Notes on iPhone until about a year ago when I dove in and started using it on Windows 7 along with the iPhone app and now I can't live without it. I use it to keep track of all the info I need on the go and on my PC (no more post it notes) as well as to jot down thoughts that I may forget later. Extremely useful and cloud based syncing makes it better. Hope to move to WP7 soon and continue using it there.

220SeaChaser says:

I use it allways use it to keep track of my overtime. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually find some other usefullness for it. I can see my kids doing exactly what the ones in the commercial were doing.

ahardin says:

I saw this seconds after I added a couple of items my wife wants me to pick up from the grocery store.

MannLou says:

I manage a team of 25 across 3 countries and I use OneNote to save certain emails and push them from my phone at a later time to appropriate team member. I also use it to update a long list of tasks I create daily in an email out to the team. So I can update it from any machine or phone.It's also a nice list tool for shopping as shown. Saving emails from Outlook to OneNote with attachments is nice feature too - very handy.recording conference calls and adding notes OneNote is great reason to use Windows Phone.

Nimdock says:

Hehe, this is funny and it is actually exactly one of the things I use it for!

theman60099 says:

Wow funny commercial, never knew OneNote was that useful. Too bad android or iPhone can't do that.

sRc#WP says:

I use it for notes and stuff when im on the go (addresses I need, bill amounts I need to pay, ideas for things to make, etc), so I can see it from my phone, from my home computer, and any other computer I can sign into Skydrive website from. its pretty handy

Humhead says:

Track my workouts, keeping work notes together, and I also use it as a voice recoder on the go for notes while I'm driving. Love Onenote.

textomatic says:

I must be doing something wrong because I can't get any One Note to show up on my wife's phone. Both of us have Focus. Any pointers to get this to work?

jimski says:

Can't see OneNote on your phone, or can't sync OneNote with your desktop. Only the MS Office 2010 version will sync.

Seasword says:

Wow, I never knew that. Is the sync pushed or manual ?

j_the_geek says:

I'd like to be able to sync multiple SkyDrives/OneNote-books on the ole WP, but cant' seem to be able to do that :(