Microsoft Stores: $0 for an HTC Titan, Focus S and Focus Flash on Black Friday

Black Friday at Microsoft!

The title says it all. If you're one of the lucky folks near a Microsoft Store, you can swing by there on Friday to pick up one of those swanky new second-generation Windows Phones for a super low price of zero dollars (on contract).

Yeah, there's that last bit of being on contract. But if you have even thought about switching to the Death Star aka AT&T even for a aplit second (it's really not that bad), we have to say, picking up the TITAN for nothing? That's a good deal. Heck, we may even pick up a phone or two for family members. Not sure if a store is near you? Here's your store locator.

As a side, who else can't wait to have a Microsoft Store near them? Thanks, Rudy R., for the photo!

Edit: As noted in comments, this may even apply to online orders. Stay tuned on Friday!



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WPManiac says:

One word: Wow.

heena jain says:

The title states everything. If you are among the lucky folks near a Microsoft Store, you are able to swing by there on Friday to get certainly one of individuals trendy new second-generation Home windows Phones for any super low cost of zero dollars
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wheelerk says:

Wow, I'm trying to find out what time they will be opening.

Awesome deal, but me no likey contracts. Are there any deals for buying the phones contract-free??

shailendra_m says:

I NEED CONTRACT FREE HTC TITAN... GIVE IT FOR $350 (after discounting$200) and I will buy 3-4 pieces for sure. (for me and my family)
Is this Black Friday sale include contract free HTC Titan/Focus S ?
Microsoft, are you listening?

Ticomfreak says:

Me too I'm in my contract for my HTC HD7S =/

renting says:

They're running a seperate promotion, in store only, that anything over $500 is 20% off, and anything over $100 is 25% off.  The Titan retails for $550, so if you end up getting 3, they would be $412 a piece.  Not bad.

MaulerX says:

I don't think you have to go to the actual physical store. On-line will suffice.


JamesDax3 says:

So. this is just for the Titan, Focus S and Focus Flash? No Radar in this deal? 

renting says:

It's the Radar as well.

mythos13 says:

Wow, we need some Microsoft stores in Canada.

Nataku4ca says:

we need alot of things from MS, (and a good slap in the face on carriers would be nice too)

tbonenga says:

I have 5 lines with tmobile that are eligible for a upgrade. Since tmobile don't carry any REAL WP7 now (the radar doesn't qualify as a WP7 with its preteen specs) would the MS store let me get some titans if I renewed my contracts? I really need a killer phone bad.

JamesDax3 says:

This is a good question.  Would MS sell us the titan for free on a 2yr T-Mobile contract? The problem I see though is is this the International unlocked Titan and is it compatible with T-Mobile 3G? Or is this the AT&T Titan? If it's the AT&T Titan then you'd be signing a 2yr contract with a data plan that you can't use.  Yeah, I don't thinks that will work.  I just wish that T-Mobile would get the damn Titan.  Now that the AT&T deal seems to falling apart T-Mobile needs to start bringing in more high end phones.

apoelin says:

1. Both last weekend in person, and last night on the phone, Microsoft Store employees in San Diego confirmed that ALL WP7 will be included in this sale, including the HTC Radar 4G.
2. They told me that they offer will be valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On Friday, they will be open from midnight to 10pm.

Drat...if I had waited a couple of days I could have saved a penny.
Posted from my HP Touchpad

Coolaaron88 says:

I thought this didnt require you to go into a microsoft store. I thought this could be done online too.

someoneinwa says:

I am certain they will have a good price on no-contract phones as well. I recently purchased the Focus S from the Seattle Microsoft Store for more than $100 less than AT&T was charging for a no-contract device. Plus, it's nice to go to a store where the staff actually knows something about the Windows Phones!

Noticed on their website that when you browse their phone selection, they only show 3 phones (Radar, Trophy, and Arrive). No Focus S or Titan; not a single AT&T phone for that matter...

lowkontrast says:

Just talked to them, doesn't look good.

Wow that sucks. Weird too becuase I went into a Winodws store yeserday and they sell AT&T phones there (Titan, Focus S, etc.)
Well not too big of a deal I guess. Only saving 1 cent through them compared to AT&T online and Amazon. Still, it's a shame.

lowkontrast says:

Where did you see the Titan for 1 cent on AT&T's online store? It shows as the regular $200 for me.

Sorry it won't show up yet, but allegedly at 12pm EST it should show up as 1 cent (I think for both new contracts and upgrades). You can also go on Amazon Wireless now and pick one up for 1 cent (though only new contract).

lowkontrast says:

Okay, thanks. The reason I asked was because I already have a contract and don't want to shell out $80 on Amazon (even though that's still super cheap).
Edit: It may also be Saturday and not Friday. Either way, I'll check it out, and thanks again!

Yeah just checked their site and realized it was Saturday and not Friday. My bad. So got to wait one more day :)
I hope these AT&T stores start receiving their orders for the Titan. Going to go check out a store tomorrow and see what they have.

thenet says:

Sorry not going to switch to ATT the terrible phone carrier and lousy service has who wants to get charged over the limit data plan. I rather stick to sprint all you can eat up unlimitted plan. Yes i know they only have wp7.5 arrive phone but who knows they mght be having more come in dec or in jan 2012

johns12 says:

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