Free Microsoft Sudoku game released for Windows 8.1


Microsoft has released a new and free Sudoku game for Windows 8.1 titled, without a lot of imagination, Microsoft Sudoku, offering gamers a chance to play a new version of the classic numbers-based puzzle game.

So what can people expect when they download this game? Well, Microsoft says that players can input their numbers in a number of different ways, including the old fashioned mouse and keyboard combination, or via touch. Players can even draw numbers on the grid using a stylus, which should make owners of the new Surface Pro 3 tablet happy.

There are five difficulty levels in Microsoft Sudoku, and like many of their free games like Solitaire, Mahjong and Minesweeper this new entry also has daily challenges to keep players occupied.

Any saved games are uploaded to Microsoft's cloud servers which means players can resume their games if they switch between different Windows 8 computers and tablets. There are also Xbox Live achievements to unlock, badges to earn and leaderboards to compare with other players.

You can download Microsoft Sudoku for free from the Windows Store right now.

Thanks to Robby for the tip!



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josonjoy1986 says:

I love this game......!!!

Xbox live enabled eh? I won't complain :-)

TLRtheory says:

Right? That's the only reason I'm getting this.

Aman2901 says:

All those who like Titanfall will surely like this game!!

MS, please, we want all of your Windows 8 games ported for WP8.1! Taptiles next. Thanks.

ebin5 says:

This. MS need to port their win8 apps to WP to show other developers the power of universal app system.

Daniel Meek says:

Agreed!  Taptiles would be a ton of fun on Windows Phone!  May need to adapt a few things for the smaller screen size, but it would still be pretty awesome.

ritesh_meena says:

I love sudoko...now its time to nail down some puzzles....

Intrepid00 says:

I don't have my Surface Pro 3 with me but I think it comes preloaded with this.

Studio384 says:

I doubt that.

Arsenic17 says:

It did come preloaded with a game called Microsoft Sudoku, but it wasn't Xbox live enabled. Weird

jhoff80 says:

Probably after today the Pro 3's version will get updated to add Live support.

Arsenic17 says:

It seems the update was server side. The game icon is not Xbox-bannered, but in game, it now has all xbox goodies going for it.

jhoff80 says:

The Windows Store also does automatic updating unless you specifically disable it, so it's possible the app could have updated without even letting you know.

Arsenic17 says:

Could have, but I have auto updates disabled. Actually just looked you are prob right. I had it disabled on my other computers, but forgot on new one. Do you know if there is a log of updates that occurred like on WP 8.1 ?

truthsforme says:

It did. The SP3 debuted this game, along with the achievement you get for using a pen to solve puzzles.

Nice. If only they showed as much love for our phones.....

Wunderheiler says:

I hope they will release a Version for WP as well.

Nerdy Woman says:

There already is a XBox Live Sudoku for WP. I d/l'd it months ago. It's not as colorful as the PC version, but it's challenging and let's you rack up Xbox gold points (which aren't worth anything other than bragging rights, but they're there).



percistratus says:

Seems faster... I mean I'll surely check it out

Bruno Sain says:

Now this is really GOOD news,and I'm serious!

ruddevil says:

YEAH! Looking forward to its universal app on WP.

jhoff80 says:

As with all of the Microsoft branded games, it's a little too weighty (too many resources used and too slow) for what it actually is, but I'm glad to see it arrive.  Microsoft used to have a demo of an inkable Sudoku back in the early tablet PC days.  I'm surprised it took this long for anyone to realize this was a good idea for the Surface Pro line.  Now just waiting for the New York Times Crosswords app they demoed to replace the similarly handwriting enabled "Microsoft Ink Crosswords" from a decade ago... :D

I find it interesting that xbox on windows 8 seems to get some love but its dead on windows phone whats the reasoning certification process

swizzlerz says:

I was wondering when...

schlubadub says:

... doves cry?

Waiting for the WP version...along with Tap Tiles and others. So lame Microsoft!

RafRol says:

Microsoft Sudoku, why you no Universal???

TY Microsoft! Universal will be pleased!