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Microsoft will supposedly update Windows Phone 8.1 Preview to fix 80188309 error

So far, the Preview for Developers program with Windows Phone 8.1 is going very well for Microsoft and those interested in getting an early look at the next OS. The preview, however, is not completely optimized for individual devices, and they still need new firmware to be complete. Once “official” updates rollout with OEM firmware, we expect things to be even better for consumers.

Still, Microsoft is in a ‘pay attention to the customer’ mode, reacting very quickly to user feedback. That’s why we’re excited to hear, at least via Microsoft’s Community forums, that an update to the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview will be forthcoming.

The news comes from moderator ‘Eli A.’ who gave a fairly concise response on the matter noting:

“The notification has stopped for all devices that have not yet taken the first update, however, those that have taken the first update and are waiting for the second update to the current 8.1 build will continue to occur.”

“We will continue to work on getting you this update but it will not be as fast as you would like.  I know a lot of you would like a better timeline on when it will be available, and at this time I cannot commit to a date.  I will, however, commit to updating you next Thursday April 24th, 2014 with any additional news.  If I have any news or details before then, I will of course update you at that time.”

We should caution, however, that although Eli speaks for Microsoft in the forums, it’s not necessarily official or guaranteed. The situation is very much in motion, so things are likely to change. However, it is a good sign and we'll revisit the matter next Thursday.

What for?

One error we’ve heard about is ‘80188309’, which prevents a handful of users from actually installing the 8.1 Preview. This error spans over numerous devices, and it has affected only a small handful of users who receive the first update, but not the second OS update for the actual 8.1 OS. (The Preview installs two updates, with the second failing for some users).

The OS is already feature-locked so there will no new additions, just under the hood fixes or tweaks. It's also not clear if this will be a new build of the OS, or just a fix for devices experiencing the 80188309 error.

But when?

If you're experiencing the 80188309 error, you definitely should not start hammering Microsoft’s servers with update requests. As noted in the Microsoft Community forums, this update is not due today, this weekend or probably even next week. Microsoft will likely take some time to amalgamate data and feedback before acting on an OS update to 8.1, prior to commercialization.

As mentioned above, it's also not clear if current users of the 8.1 Preview will get an update.

General availability of Windows Phone 8.1

We’ve heard from a few sources that Windows Phone 8.1 general availability will begin May 31, which is when we expect to see the rollout of the official update commence. It will, however, be the usual weeks to months before carriers approve the update and begin pushing it out. Because of that, we're likely to see official OEM 8.1 updates with new firmware throughout June, July and August.

Source: Microsoft Community Forums; Thanks, Mohammad D., for the tip



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blessthejon says:

Don't fix Preivew!! xD

Reach4zasky says:

Wtf is 80880881 error?????

The article explains it. Please re-read, thank you.

Reach4zasky says:

Sorry, I kinda skipped it.

MattLFC says:

Had this issue since I tried updating my 920 to Black... Microsoft and Nokia have not done anything to offer support. Why should I lose all my app data because they cant be bothered to fix things. I'm moving ever closer to ditching WP, at least Apple fix things when they get them wrong, my Lumia has supposedly been ready for Black for some 6 months now, but alas I'm still stuck in the olden days. Thanks Microsoft....

Rod Hull says:

I've had WiFi issues on my work iPhones since ios 4 so I wouldn't put all your faith in the fruity ones.

Bob101910 says:

Gets a beta and expects it to work perfectly within a week. Compares it to an OS that isn't in beta. Gotta love the crazies.

MattLFC says:

Erm, perhaps you need to learn to read... moron! I've been having the same issue for 6 MONTHS with NOKIA BLACK/GDR3 - which are not in BETA. I have no interest in the developers preview, because my Lumia 920 is my daily driver... but IM NOT TRYING TO UPDATE TO A BETA, IM TRYING TO TO UPDATE TO A COMMERCIAL RELEASE, THAT NOKIA AND MICROSOFT BETWEEN THEM SCREWED UP, AND SO FAR DON'T WANT TO FIX!!!!!!

pjs312 says:

Have you tried a soft reset? I've read something before about this fixing the error.

MattLFC says:

I've done many soft resets, and just done a hard reset. Guess what, it doesn't work! Thanks Nokia, thanks for the all Muppets on here telling me just do a hard reset, lost a ton of data and still a hopeless point. Time to ditch WP, far too many bugs, not enough support from Microsoft, Nokia no long interested since the acquisition.

pjs312 says:

If a hard reset didn't fix it the only other thing I could find was this

MattLFC says:

If it doesn't work by the end of this week, I'll unfortunately be jumping to iOS, I've reset the device, a lot of app-data has now been lost, not prepared to put up with more Microsoft shenaningans and codswallop, may as wel take the opportunity to jump to a platform backed by a company that actually gives a damn about its users (all the Nokia Care store said, was they can send device to Nokia which takes 4 weeks, and may come back without any data at all on it). At least in the Apple store, they'd give me a new device on the spot.

Will be very sad to leave the WP scene after generally enjoying so many years with them, from a 7Pro onwards, but it seems Microsoft are just not interested any more, too many times we've been lead to believe WP [insert version number here] will be the one that addresses the issues and sets the world alight, and still the platform is on the backfoot. If I'm honest, the only thing I'm going to miss, is the camera ability, but having a device that works, that's all I want!!

Nokia sent a new 920 to me not long ago due to Bluetooth dropping in and out... It took a whole 15 minutes for them to say... Hmm ok... Well we should have a new device out to you before the end of the week! ...2days later it was on my doorstep... This device was 6 months out of warranty as well... So you can keep your bad views of Ms and Nokia... Maybe you were talking to them in caps when you spoke to them? Idk..

b23h says:

You state this has been going on for six months.  You also state that you have "just done a hard reset".  Unless "just done" means something else in dufus speak, you have apparently only now decided to try to do a hard reset after six months time.

You report the hard reset did not work.  Perhaps.   

A WPC user has posted a potential fix to the issue from January of this year.   Did you try that as well?    So pjs312 has done due dilligence for you, that you could have tried three months ago.

Your experience as reported is still striking me as super cheesy.   So again if you want to get yourself an Apple phone, bon appétit.


MattLFC says:

I've done a hard reset because I'm sick of getting update notifications, and everyone on here seemed to suggest the hard reset would fix things. It didn't. At least now I can cut my losses, downloading NSR tool now, if it doesn't work, the Lumia can become the phone I use for nights out, I'll grab a 5s from my network for £34 a month, since they've been trying to get me to upgrade handset for a while now. I was waiting for a 1030, such a shame.

MattLFC says:

Alas, Nokia Software Recovery doesn't detect the phone... yet the Phone and WP software shows up ay okay in Windows.

Amazing! Seems like it's not only phone software that Microsoft/Nokia cannot get working as it should!

Really at my wits end with this phone now :(

pjs312 says:

In the comments on it says a couple soft resets fixes that.

Specifically here but I wouldn't recommend it after reading that.

lienantchain says:

You are one of those people looking for excuses to move to iOS
I would request you to switch to iOS cos feels as if you fooling yourself since last 6 months! (~_~)

Insulting the ones trying to help you isn't going to solve your issue. If you think problems like this don't happen at Apple or Google, you're delusional. Show some respect, and you will get respect.

PBLNS says:

Since you already hard reset your phone, I recomend you to use the nokia recovery tool (or something like that) Its the app you use to fix your phone if you have the spining cog problem, that should install the newest available version.

Thats the way I update to Lumia Black mi 920 because Telcel said it was available but never got the notification to update OTA.

Hope this helps


Whoops just read you already try it x( 

You might want to try this. I went rolled back from 8.1 preview back to 8 using this tool.

Please go get an iphone, and can I have your old phone?  I'll have that thing fixed in a week, even if I have to put the developer preview on it, as a last resort.

It's not a beta. It is the real deal. "Preview" is the name of the early access program, not the name of the update.

b23h says:

So while you hold that a hard reset may fix the problem, you don't want to lose your app data in order to do so.   To my understanding the main data lost would be saved games.   This issue has been troubling you for months, and you say that you have not had a resolution of the issue through normal channels.

Your stated solution is that you will solve the issue by potentially moving to Apple or Android.   This will of course entail that you lose your app data.

If I had come to the same conclusion you have, and I hold out that I may have solved the issue via other methods; I would have hard reset my phone months ago and been done with it.

Personally I love my 920 with 8.1.

Have a good time with iOS or Android.  Don't forget to check in with Android Central or iMore.   Bye!!!

MattLFC says:

Perhaps your device is not your daily driver, or it's not used for business - losing all in-app data is a piss-poor showing by Microsoft. I've chosen to wait for Microsoft and Nokia to correc their mistakes, but they are not interested, despite the problem causing uproar across their own community forums.

I'd never move to Android because of the support levels even less than Microsoft, but Apple is clearly an option, they get things wrong from time to time, but guess what, they fix them in a few months, and don't just forget the issues exists.

People on here may just use phones for a bit of fun, to show off etc, but my app data is incredibly important to me, I didn't realise Microsoft, who remember brought us the sidekick and etc, forerunners of cloud phones we have today, we're so backwards in how app and game data is stored. The fact that Xbox Live games also lose their data, shows how bad an OS platform Microsoft are creating for corporate - forget that it's games, just remember Microsoft own the full Xbox Live platform, and yet they still don't have the intelligence to realise phones break/get robbed etc, and app data is then wiped out and lost forever, thanks to Microsoft's shortcomings and lack of forsight.

Bring back Bill Gates now, Microsoft clearly need a leader who understands what software and devices should be doing, and a visionary who can see past the end of the present day.

b23h says:


Yes my phone is my daily driver.   No I am not using it for business, however I hold that you should be able to save the majority of your data to One Drive.    There's some settings you would need to redo and yes, you would lose your game saves.   Losing game saves is not great and one would think that at some point in time that issue will be resolved.

However I still question your decision to hold off an attempt to update and your apparent continued willingness to complain about the issue ad naseum in the meantime.

If you wish to specify particular app data (other than games) that would be lost by a hard reset, I expect some people may be interested.  I expect most of that "data" is simply settings that would need to be redone.   Given this issue has been ongoing for months for you, I really question your judgement in decision making.

valireality says:

stop talking stupid shit and go to apple or android!!!

MattLFC says:

I love these types of posts, user has an issue with Windows Phone, so everyone in the community (fanbois) tell them to go to Apple.

WP market share is pitiful, if you want it to succeed (get these apps you fanbois keep complaining about) then you really should be helping to support users, not telling them to leave the platform.

But then, Microsoft and Nokia lead by example. No wonder Samsung, HTC et al are disillusioned with WP, Microsoft couldn't care less about the platform... the fact we keep seeing Microsoft services and apps hitting competitor platforms first, show the lack of faith MS have in their own platform...

b23h says:

Your decision making process sounds problematic to me.

Your rhetorical style is overwrought and questionable; "Microsoft couldn't care less about the platform".

Your conclusions are equally problematic; "the fact we keep seeing Microsoft services and apps hitting competitor platforms first, show the lack of faith MS have in their own platform..."

You've threatened leaving the platform.    Ok...

I don't have to be a fanboy in order to be unimpressed by what you are exhibiting.

mrhumpty says:

Please, for the love of god go over to iOS or Android.

WP Share isn't great, apparently you're terrible at researching platform before joining in.  I don't think anybody joined WP's market share expecting equal to iOS (although it's pretty much a third of iOS at this point).

As far as supporting you. I know plenty of 920 users who haven't had any problems. There is zero incentive to me to help you out other than you simply have the same Phone OS I have.  I probably could help you, but you seem like a whiney twit and I'd be happy to see you post whiney posts on other sites.  GTFO TYVM.

Pinito-kun says:

First of all, not using a phone for business doesn't mean it is used to show off. I'm sure that almost everyone here has important and personal data on their phones, so please stop acting like Mr. My-Data-Is-More-Important-Than-Your-Stupid-Games.

Second. Unless you tell which data you would lose besides games achievements, I will believe you're talking bullshit. There's literally NOTHING you can't save to OneDrive and even if there was, you can always plug the device to a PC via USB and transfer whatever you need to backup. That takes just a few minutes, Mr. I-Lost-Six-Months.

Third. The kind of error you're talking about, most of the times occurs because of user's misuse and wrong settings of the device. In simple words, people drive a phone "crazy" by making it go beyond its limits and moving settings they don't even know what they're for. I'm guessing that's your case because of all the bullshit you've said. So why would Nokia and Microsoft try to fix a so-called "bug" that doesn't even exist? The solution was already provided by them: hard reset your phone. That should set everything in order again which should allow you to install Black update.

Finally, I know at least three people who owned an iPhone 5 and they had three different problems: One of them couldn't set an alarm. The other couldn't install apps. And the other couldn't take photos. The only solution Apple gave these people was a device replacement which none of them wanted for different reasons. Well, guess what. It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than six months and Apple just forgot the issues ;)

MattLFC says:

Hard reset hasn't worked. So quit talking bullshit, and explain that.

mrhumpty says:

I'm perplexed by the fact that you think anybody would want to help you.  Seriously, "explain that" and I'll consider helping you out... are you expecting some sort of Mobile OS comradary to compell us to help out some whiney twit?

Pinito-kun says:

There are 17 minutes between my message and yours. You want us to believe you backed-up all your precious data, performed a hard reset, set the phone up, downloaded Black update and tried to install it in that time? You're such a liar. So full of BULLSHIT. Get out of here iSheep.

What network are you with Matt?

MattLFC says:

Three UK, but the device is actually a SIM-free handset, CVUK.

Expression2 says:

If you want to backup data, use OneDrive.

tallgeese says:

Remove the panties a take a soft & if you really want it, a hard reset...of your phone...and try to upgrade to BLACK/GDR3. If that doesn't work get a refurb/new Lumia.

MattLFC says:

Hard reset hasn't worked. Microsoft are absolute load of shit. They're throwing 8.1 and yet people are still stuck on GDR2... Walk before you can run anyone??

iamizan says:

Here's how to solved your problem. Just go and switch to iOS. Really... just switch to iOS and dump Windows Phone. Stop your long winded whining over here. It'll be a win-win situation for everyone.

Novron says:

You're the only one I've heard of with this problem. From the attitude you've shown here, I suspect the problem has something to do with your smashing the phone on the table repeatedly at high velocity. Bad customers will drag a platform down just as quick as bad service. By all means, switch to Google or Apple. Please.

rohans says:

I cant update my apple device to 7.1 it has been ready for months now but it always shows an error and apple also has not done anything about it so don't get your hopes up

Allen Rhodes says:

This is my vote for hillarious post of the day!!! Apple "fixes" things? Are you kidding me?! Thats why i switched to WP. Be patient. At the very least we wont get an email stating its USER error, like holding the phone wrong etc. At least windows phone 7 devices werent stuck with the 8 update rendering the phones so slow they would be usless. A cApple staple when it comes to updates. I dont think any of our devices will end up forcing us to upgrade due to a buggy crappy update. Be patient and communicate with Microsoft. This is a DEV only update. Its expected to be buggy thus DEVs being the ONLY ones who should be updating. Dont blame MS for being impatient and not waiting til June/July like the general public.

blessthejon says:

Anyone else check out the new Chiodos record?

SinisterDuck says:

I've forgotten what the original post was about.

myoujin says:

Lol me too. Reading this guy comment repeatly shitting nokia & ms.

Haha is there any option to throw a user out from wpcentral....let kick him out..

rubenwidjaja says:

All is fine for me. Actually push notification much better after update to wp 8.1

Aashish13 says:

The phone crash issue of also there in wp. Battery issue too. Hope they fox it b4 to gain food impression when cyan update is released. Im not whining but if they do its very good. Microsoft has won my heart with regular updates. I love them.

Daniel Curry says:

Quick question for everybody, does WP8.1 put WP on par with iOS and Android?

Dude, really...quick question? Take it to the forums, please.

Daniel Curry says:

The quick question was in relation to this 8.1 update. Sorry bro.

rockstarzzz says:

There is a 40 pages long thread in the forum where users have answered the quick question. How about joining the discussion there?

NykoAlly says:

If you want a good answer to your "quick question", then you're not looking for a "quick answer". Therefore, this isn't quick at all. There are threads everywhere in the forums and comments in previous more related articles that discussed this, and you choose to ask this in a "article that deals with 8.1 bug fixes"? Man. I'm confused by your logic.

I'll answer this.  We've finally matched Android for bugginess.  Hugest major victory for WP8 yet! /joke  Seriously though... forums are a better place.  There is no simple answer to your question. 

It does bring it to same level if not beyond. Even wp8 was as good as android or iOS for me.

Slovenix says:

As long asit doesnt load apps like my Nexus, its not on pair.. I do hope so fpr this!

Slovenix says:

I mean im like Oh my Awesome Windows Phone, lets open Viber to reply *click* Loading..Loading..Loading..App Whatever Error.. *Grabs Nexus*

Jack Janik says:

All opinions, man. To me, no. We're still forced into using a poor browser. (IE) which still doesn't have proper download managing, a night mode, save for later, ect.

That being said, it's way more open than iOS is.

Unless ios and android can open any embedded video then its on par.

Brent Rucker says:

IE11 doesn't allow for OneNote? Can't turn your brightness down? You really download hundreds of files? It's attitudes like this that fosters aggravation and fuels trolls worldwide!

IE 11 is a poor browser? Folks don't even know why they hate IE anymore, they just do

wpguy says:

+925 trudat. I used to avoid IE in favor of Firefox. Then IE actually got good, and I started to get update fatigue with Firefox.

Slovenix says:

Yes I want back and forward button and thousand of other features we can find on other browsers :D

Just swipe forward or backward, we talked about that a few times.

Slovenix says:

Aaaaah thanks man! Better than I wanted :)

aximtreo says:

Daniel, you are fighting a loosing battle with some of these people.

My dear Mother use to tell me that it's a priveledge to be stupid but a lot of people abuse the priveledge.

She was right.

InlineV says:

Your mother is a very wise person. I should put that on a t-shirt or something.

Slovenix says:

What are you talking about.. I'm here like all the time and read everything, weird that I've missed out on this.. No big deal, nice comment by the way :D

MrGoodSmith says:

Quick answer: Yes

psiu_glen says:

Yes, it is now a laggy bug ridden mess of horrific design decisions done by drunken interns under threat of nuclear wedgies.

cruelvaldez says:

Just... Stop... Lol

In many ways, it's better.

+925 I second that!

tallgeese says:

Quick answer: iOS is delusional. Android is a cesspool.

Sin Ogaris says:

In some ways yes, others no.

Expression2 says:

A shit ton more secure than IOS and Android, if used for business purposes. A shit ton easier to develop for if used for creation. A shit ton more user friendly if used for... Well general purposes.

4bh1sh3k says:

Hopefully it'll let us developers debug apps with visual studio again.

Expression2 says:

Dude, you could always do that, since WP 7

Well that's good news I guess.

Bryan Suazo says:

Finally Microsoft is working very hard and the results are starting to show... Personally I hate the bugs in IE11... I can't use it anymore

+520, IE11 is very buggy. Need to be fixed

mjrtoo says:

And they are....

I haven't seen any bugs IE, so what yall talkin bout

kmukeshpark says:

For me , desktop view for most sites not working. For example i cant open

2brun4u says:

Same, no bugs yet

lemonsteveo says:

What kinda bugs?  Just curious.

Bryan Suazo says:

Some pages almost never load entirely, for example MLB game day... And I need to go to uc browser which makes the job done

anandv427 says:

Some bugs while playing videos..just open a video and rotate the screen..there occur few hiccups. and lags..any one else experiencing that?

marky_yo says:

I actually love IE11 now! No issues on my 1520!

iinnnnit says:

I'm in China. When I use IE11 on WP8.1 login weibo. It just jumping into ucweb or the other web browser. And also have problem to the PC version website

wpguy says:

Have you done a hard reset yet?

Rick Smits says:

It's all in their head.

MattLFC says:

What makes you say that? The update issues (widely reported on Microsoft and Nokia forums 6 months ago) with regards Lumia Black have still to be resolved... Microsoft have effectively told users you have to reset your phone and then see if it works (no guarantees), Nokia deny there is an issue at all! Both of them have shit on their customers, and don't give a damn about that. They've gone backwards, I'm now stuck on GDR2 for the rest of eternity because Microsoft refuse to fix bugs.

That bug has an easy fix. Do a hard reset. Sucks but with most things in the cloud these days it's not that big a deal, to me anyways.

MattLFC says:

Nice idea, but Microsoft's idea of cloud backup and mine, are somewhat different. All they store is a list of apps (not even your homescreen) so they can be re-installed, calendar, photos, music and some videos if you're lucky. What bugs like this provde, is that Microsoft and Windows Phone, are clearly not ready/suitable for corporate usage as yet. Because my device is a daily driver, and not I'm told to delete everything off it to fix a bug that has been created by Microsoft.

Add to this, all my app data will be gone, and it's a shambles!

Pi$$ poor if you ask me.

Gilda675 says:

Did a hard reset yesterday. It saved my apps, settings, music, homescreen, sms's, calender, pics and videos. Took about an hour give or take to get everything back the way it was. Dude is it not better to just do a hard reset and see if it solves your problem then switching platform and losing your data anyway? Your choice man. Hope you solve your problem :)

MattLFC says:

Homescreen? You're clearly not on GDR2 then... Homescreen came in with 8.1 IIRC! Also, apps are useless when the data within them is lost.

Expression2 says:

By home screen you mean the start tiles, or the start background

Gilda675 says:

Yes sorry I meant the start tiles and how they were placed. I am using a lumia 620 with Lumia Black and 8.1 developers preview. Happy Easter guys.

WP8_Lover says:

I understand your frustration. But honestly, living with such angst for over 6 months should have been hell. If I were you, as I see there is no other solution, I would have given my phone to Nokia Care. And after the phone is fixed, I would have spent a few days turning things around. I would have had a pleasant six months.

Just my opinion. i can't do anything with this site in ie 11, no move... hmm ie why!!!

tallgeese says:

Have you considered that maybe the websites are at fault because they're not coded to IE11's W3C's compliance standards?

ricbon says:

Sounds good haven't had too many problems on my att Lumia 1020 but patches are always welcomed.

wphashan says:

Hm... may 31st :v

anvesh N says:

Notifications are actually better after the wp8.1 update

They're referring to notifications for the OS Update, not for app notifications ;)

When data on/off option will come @action center @ Daniel Rubino sir

MrGoodSmith says:

I hope they enhance vpn with pptp and other protocols.

OS is feature locked, so very doubtful. That's something for GDR1 or 2.

inseyven says:

I can't select words on IE...

FacilisDK says:

I can on a webpage, but not while editing stuff in a textbox.

Daylife says:

I am truly in love with WP8.1 its perfect for me!

It would be awesome if they'd fix the mother effing ding-ding-dings in my ear when I'm on a call and get a notification. Thanks for alerting me, but please-- just once will suffice! (And this has existed since WP8 was launched.)

Expression2 says:

Just turn on quiet hours

To take a phone call?

I have updated to windows8.1 as preview for developer on my Lumia 1520 and its sometime give problem like hanging and all so pls fix it toooo

rockstarzzz says:

It's a preview, not meant to be perfect for all devices. Hard reset should fix must of these pseudo bugs.

adrian1338 says:

It is a developer preview not a beta test. Actually it should work perfect. Or should developers learn from ma and release buggy programs?

seanles says:

"developer preview" is another way of saying "beta test". You can examine the update against whatever benchmark you want, but fyi that's what you signed up for.

b4rtw says:

Not trying to be negative here, but isn't Microsoft alluding here to the two updates it took to get to 8.1?

Please prove me wrong :)

@b4rtw No, I think you're right and I re-worded the article to make that more clear (it's why I had the error number in the headline; sorry for the confusion)

wukong187 says:

No problem on my 1520

And get Cortana fast in India and navigation bar too on other Lumia devices

Aashish13 says:

Will take time Indian accents differ very much from person to person as we have diversity here.

anandv427 says:

So true...way too difficult..

khaarshad says:

I heard cortana will come in india by 2015. She works fine but not perfectly , she hear's and displays the words correctly and perform some different task. It might be due a accent or it could be becaus she is in BETA version. Earlier she wasnt able to display nearest kfc or mc'D, i used to just get web page but today when i quered i didnt get nearest KFC detail along direction.

I received a new 925 yesterday and got the 80188309 error yesterday trying to patch up to 8.1.  I noticed I wasn't receiving the necessary firmware update (Lumia Black) prior to trying to patch up to 8.1 software update.  I used the Nokia Recovery Software to get the Black update, then the error went away and it was smooth sailing from there.

Hope this helps anyone grabbing a new phone to try 8.1 out.

InlineV says:

I'm sure that is very useful information for those with a similar issue. Great root cause analysis.

texrat says:

I just want to know how to get that translucent lock screen!  So far Bing/Google no help...

Take screenshot > install Blur > blur photo of screenshot > set as lockscreen. It's not translucent.
I made my own version ( to remove status bar ) in GIMP:!17046&authkey=!AOtUElnfp-dL03M&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

texrat says:

Thanks!  I actually found Blur a few minutes after I posted, and used it.  Looking closer, I see the lockscreen above is using a blurred image after all.  But I would really like true translucency.  Wonder if it's possible without a change to the OS...

Rudy Huyn helped the Windows Phone team develop a new lockscreen API (I suppose that's what it is) that allows developers to not only display content for the background, but also use widgets and alter the fonts etc. Perhaps there's a way to hook into the Start screen, but I don't think it's possible to create a translucent lockscreen with current dev tools.

texrat says:

I think it could be an interesting addition so I'll mention it on UserVoice.

It's one of the things Apple did right (copied from Ubuntu Dash), but they overdone it a bit. It fits well on a lock screen, especially on Windows Phone c:

texrat says:

It would be cool to have various "window" types for a translucent lock screen: frosted, stained glass, screened, patterned, etc.

LTTG says:

I'm going back to 8 until lags and battery drains are fixed...

Good luck with going back...

LTTG says:

Are you saying I can't get back?? ;)

pedrodg28 says:

Oh come on Daniel, Nokia software recovery tool makes it easy

rockstarzzz says:

Only firmware update can fix that so answer is June or July.

If you have a Nokia, you could try the Nokia Care Suite or Nokia Software Recovery Tool! I'm not an expert on that, Daniel might know though!

wpguy says:

Try a hard reset. It won't take you back to 8.0, but it may resolve some of your issues.

LTTG says:

I tried a hard reset but it didn't help...

seanles says:

Hahahaha, good job reading the *very explicitly advertised* terms of the dev OS preview program. Good game, better luck next time.

asylumxl says:

Nokia Rexovery Tool works just fine :). There's even a guide on the WP 8.1 forum I believe.

purevibz says:

I found one issue with either 6tag or instagram beta that will lock up your phone and you have to soft reboot it, if you leave it running.

Djole77 says:

at least put more options like 2g/3g at the notification center. or should we wait again for nokia to fix microsoft's incompetence?

Thank god for carriers having zero control over customers in Denmark.

jasqid says:

Yeah, and fix the ME tile so I can post to all of my social accounts simultaneously again. It's a sin that u broke it.

rockstarzzz says:

It's not going to happen. However the still soon be a clever developer who will fill the hole where you can update all networks by an app.

seanles says:

It's a sin that you haven't downloaded the SDK and written your own version yet.

rjvmn says:

June /july......shld i wait that long?

rockstarzzz says:

June is when you get real thing. Right now it's only a preview. So there is no comparison.

Works well on my Huawei Ascend W1-U00 after flashing that Russian ROM people posted early on in the forums!
How would you force check for updates though?

Jf.Vigor says:

Windows phone team needs its own "major nelson". A public figure who can keep us abreast on official internal windows phone news. Hell I nominate Daniel Rubino. Give that man a paycheck Microsoft

lemonsteveo says:

He'll have to enlist first, so he can be called "Major Rubino." :D

mccasive says:

If he does enlist, I'll push for him to be promoted to Colonel. He can't be a Major because our community is bigger and more dynamic than the Xbox community :D

Credo93 says:

I hope they will fix the battery life issues ....

Sorry, but I´m a little confused now. So I have already downloaded the update and Its working just fine. Are people able anymore to update their devices to 8.1 or not? Thanks for any answers! PS: I love the 8.1 : D

I updated my wife's phone this morning so still seems to be working for (at least some) devices...

FBirraque says:

Does it possible to update WP8.1 manually?

Arpit Mittal says:

OMG thats good news we get official wp8.1 in june/july in India on Lumia 720, waiting for that as I am not trying developer preview program (little bit afraid)


LTTG says:

I advise you not to update, I updated my 720 and I kinda regret it...

Arpit Mittal says:

@LTTG i m saying I will update my phone from wp8.0 to wp8.1 official OTA which will be available through carrier updates with Lumia Cyan Update which will available in June/July in India on Lumia 720. As I know wp8.1 official will be almost bug free as compare to developer preveiw update.

LTTG says:

Yes, I know what you mean, I just don't advise you to update as of now, I'm getting back to 8 soon because I can't stand those bugs...

WinOMG says:

I'm having too many problems. Cortana never understands me. She doesn't identify songs or always gets them wrong. When I delete ALL photos by clicking the camera roll circle on the camera app, it displays a black screen and I have to restart the app. Also the favorites button is weird. It doesn't work right. There are also numerous typos. In the games hub, Cortana, and Phone Update.

InlineV says:

You may want to do a system reset. System Settings > About > Reset my phone. It will wipe it back to the default system state with 8.1. If you have cloud backup enabled, it should revert your device settings back to what there are now (for the most part). Full disclosure: This may or may not help address these issues. Device drivers and firmware may need to be optimized before your phone can run 8.1. That largely depends upon model, carrier, etc...

Wevenhuis says:

Does bluetooth still work in WP 8.1. Can I use a bluetooth keyboard now?

iamizan says:

Tried using my Logitech k810. Not working...

db4williams says:

8.1 has been a relatively smooth experience for me on my 928. No glaring bugs so far.

InlineV says:

Based on all the whining and complaining, I wouldn't be surprised if they lock this down to *real* developers in the future. If you are unable to troubleshoot issues on your phone that may result from device and system variances, you probably shouldn't install the preview.

seanles says:

I agree with you completely. MS gives their user base exactly what they want, and the users still whine and bitch. It's beta software, don't use it if you need stability.. PEBKAC.

InlineV says:

Yes, RTM is typically released for OEM's to develop and test drivers (eg.. Firmware with drivers in this case) against a build that is nearly complete. It is a good time for developers and engineers to begin testing it against applications and systems. Everyone seems to be freaked out that the platform isn't *perfect* with legacy firmware but this should be expected. GA (General Availability) is considered to be the consumer release and it can include various bug fixes and updates that is based on OEM and developer feedback. Technically, it isn't a beta build but it isn't GA either.

WP_ZTE 78 says:

Lag , bugs amd battery drainage : wellcome to WP ! :) Microsoft must hire better programmers .

Not any Windows Phone in my home.  But based on your name I'd assume you bought some ZTE piece of junk so maybe your experience is different...

seanles says:

Jesus, what a stupid thing to say..

b23h says:

my error, wrong comment

b23h says:

My experience with 8.1 on my 920 has been great.  I needed to go through the battery saver and stop a lot of the programs from updating in the background, just like I had done before with WP8.   After doing that I am not seeing any appreciable increase in battery drain.   There's a few choices that they made I would like to see corrected (games in main list, etc.) and some improvements in other areas, but overall I am SUPER happy with 8.1.

Aashish13 says:

They have bought Nokia and have one of the best employees. Remember they have bought Nokia nothing else they need for new in context of employees

I have issue with wats app notifications.

anirban130 says:

Just not this error... Many error are needed to attended... But imp bring the main official cyan in

percistratus says:

Had that error when in my initial attempt to install the second update after the 1st one installed successfully. It worked without a glitch in the 2nd attempt

After updating to 8.1 as preview of developer in extra info still its show Lumia black only

Joeul_Ramos says:

Dude... Its a "preview", not the entire update..

abdhoms says:

WP8.1 Dev Preview is an OS update, NOT a firmware update. Your phone still has Nokia's Lumia Black firmware.
Keep in mind OS and firmware are two different things.

Arpit Mittal says:

@daniel rubino  really this weekend is best ever on WPC from past 8-9months as too much posts on weekend & start of weekend is realy awesome.

Makxi says:

jun, july, avgust.... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn :D

TK2011 says:

There was a small update to 8.0 and then the big 8.1. What update are we talking about when they say "8.1 first update?"

StirItUp says:

So far I haven't had hardly any problems with the preview on my 928. Hope I didn't jinx myself.

henry.gray says:

I think to take a screenshot it should go back to power and home buttons, the way I hold my phone when I go to lock the phone I catch the volume up button, this I'd stupid.