Microsoft Surface RT Tip: Deleting Apps

So you have your brand new Microsoft Surface RT tablet and have a few games and apps loaded that you don't like. How do you go about deleting them?

From your Start Screen, just tap/hold the app tile and drag it towards the bottom of the screen. Move the tile just a bit and let go. When you release the tile, a menu bar pops up at the bottom of the screen with various options.

You'll see options to unpin the app, resize the tile, turn on/off Live Tile updates (app dependent) and to uninstall the app. Just tap that option, confirm the deletion and the Surface tablet takes care of the rest.

You can also pull up the option bar from the App List view in the same fashion. Just tap/hold and drag the icon towards the bottom of the screen to pull up the menu bar.

Keep an eye out for our review on the Surface RT and as we learn our way around the Surface tablet, look for more tips in the future as well.



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sholokov says:

Keyboard on screen has copy paste when you touch Ctrl

BobCool says:

Just stood in line for 4 hours and got the 64gb for the wife. She loves it and we already have a few apps, about five books downloaded to the Kindle app, and have her mail set up. So far, I'm really impressed.

Another tip: There is a micro SD memory card slot behind the kickstand to further increase memory capacity. Sweet.

aubreyq says:

Niiiice. I'm jealous, LOL!

MaulerX says:

That's awesome! I was going to wait until the end of November but after reading comments like these, I might just go ahead and get one.

mikroland says:

Got mine bright and early this morning and love it!

Next Generation OS - check
USB port - check
Micro SD port - check
Real browser with flash - check
Real multitasking - check
Command prompt - check
Video out - check
Built in keyboard that also functions as a cover (option) - check
Built in kick stand - check
8 hour battery - check
Awesome display - check
High volume speakers - uncheck
IPad4 wish list (minus low speakers) - check

WPSteve says:

The browser doesn't have full flash. Try going to newgrounds.com or duelingnetwork.com two sites I frequent, but unable to on a RT :(

vladnc says:

It has full Flash, but only works on some sites allowed by Microsoft. It has a white list. If the site is not on that list - no flash. The list is updated through Windows Update.

WPSteve says:

Is there any way to recommend sites to be white listed?

GekkoAce says:

You dont need to tap and hold, just tap and flick down.

Tomasz S. says:

Well that's how you select/right click the Tiles in Windows 8 since like forever. I really can't see that as front page news.

Shantek says:

Yeah should be common sense and something you learn pretty quick.. There are a lot of other not so well explained features you could cover tho..

aeronaught says:

Speaking of, how do you close an app? i.e. to free it from RAM.

WPSteve says:

Swipe from the left to pull up a app currently running, drag down.

Tomasz S. says:

Exactly my point. You should gather a bunch of tips, including some really interesting ones, before you make it a headline.

gorbett says:

Here is another tip so you can see your videos and music stored on that microSD you got in the respective Windows 8 apps:http://gorb.it/Sn0E7e

ricardios says:

Can u test if a USB hub will work? So multiple USB devices can work same time

Juan08C says:

It be great if you did a boot up video. Thanks. :)

lippidp says:

Is there a help menu or tutorial, or are people just expected to tap and flick random places and see if something happens? That's one thing I don't like about the iPhone.

sholokov says:

There seems to be a booklet in the box. In the last 12 hours with Surface, I never got time to look at it. :D

tN0 says:

More interesting: how do you take screen shots on the Surface? Is the a hardware button shortcut?

Evster88 says:

Start + vol up

boarder2 says:

Or use Snipping Tool the same way you would in Win7/8

al.cantara says:

Just unboxed mine and tried it for a couple of hours. Wow!!! I've been reading about W8 but never tried it. had WP7 from day 1 and man, do I feel absolutely at home with the surface and win rt. I had a feeling I would love it but it exceeded my expectations. And the touch keyboard? The best ever! I can go on and on but I won't. One very satisfied customer here.

sholokov says:

+1 it is awesome

sunil254 says:

There is problem with pc without touch screen. if want to see address bar, we have to right click on the page. But few sites right click is disabled. so it doent show address bar. here is the example site. www.f1.com rightclick is disabled

operand says:

Windows Key + L will bring up the URL area.
I have been using W8 RTM since launch and one thing that I use more than any other previous Windows version is the Windows key.  Windows 8 is hot key intensive at times especially w/ apps that don't have a clear exit, etc.

FranksWilde says:

To exit apps drag them off the screen and they close.

sunil254 says:

Thank you.. I think its cntrl + L

simphf says:

Win+L is to lock the session.

Tomasz S. says:

Now that's just funny. Imagine people pranked by getting directed to f1.com. Anywho, it's Ctrl+L, not Win+L. 

rhlamb says:

I received mine today. Funny thing is that I canceled it Monday night. The only email I got was one confirming the cancelation, no shipment confirmation or anything. Also I haven’t been billed for it yet. Has anyone else received theirs and not been billed?

I am just wondering what kind of programs the pro can do vs the rt. Also is the preview of office any different

WPSteve says:

You can download any program from any site on the Pro. The RT is limited to the App Marketplace, and that's it.

rhlamb says:

Pro will be able to run "legacy" win 7 apps such as Adobe photo shop, iTunes, and so on. The Office preview should be already able to upgrade to the full version now but there are still some VERY advanced features (ones that I've never even heard of) that are missing.

kingkoopa09 says:

Hoe do you get Xbox music to sync sd card to it

Late to the party but love the Surface, hate the pre-installed clutterware.  Thanks for the tip!