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Microsoft Surface Tablets to sport VaporMg casing

Surface Tablets VaporMg Casing

Microsoft made a point in their Surface tablet presentation to bring attention to the tablets casing, VaporMg. We are told it is pronounced Vapor-Mag but what is it and why is it so special?

According to Microsoft the casing is created by molding metal and depositing particles that creates a finish similar to a luxury watch. Using magnesium, parts can be molded as thin as .65mm. Much thinner than your typical credit card but lighter and stronger.  The end result is a 10.6" tablet that weighs in at 32 ounces.

Combined with the Corning Gorilla Glass protecting the front of the Surface tablets and VaporMg casing protecting the back side, these tablets appear to be Lumia tough. I just wonder when we'll see the first video of someone driving a nail with a Surface tablet.



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man1up says:

This will be my first tablet.

umovies says:

i just posted saying that i was gonna get both but i was thinking this aint the only tablet thats gonna come out what about nokia, hp, and the rest? Will there top the surface, and or have more killer specs?

wideopenlens says:

Perfect for students and businesses.

EKS86 says:

Yup does seem like the closest thing to a laptop kiler

HD7guy says:

I'm glad Microsoft finally jumped into the hardware game. If Nokia dies, I hope they pick up the ball there too. The third part manufacturers haven't been stepping up to the plate, been so they are getting what they asked for.

No laptop killer specially if you need one with dedicated video car processor...which I do...
But still this will be my 1st tablet!!

Nataku4ca says:

this is only the first iteration and u still have OEM options, i say wait and see if u really need didcated graphics card
but if one comes out with thunderbolt and integrated graphic u can jump on that too and use thunderbolt for external graphic card lol

R0NELL says:

I really can't wait to get this.

220SeaChaser says:

Magnesium? Hmmmmmm..... Lightweight? Yes. Strong? Not a very "strong" point of the material. I guess for it's weight it is, but it can be brittle. If it ever catches fire. LOOK OUT! LOL! I still want one though...

Nickkk101 says:

That's an interesting point re the fire. If this thing did catch fire, which is always possible, it may burn for years and be as bright as a 1000 suns. Still, worth the risk imo.

lemonsteveo says:

Going to secretly sell the wife's ipad for this, she won't be pleased!

Dare2Blink says:

Count me in, getting this definitely

zuner@heart says:

If I can get a job by the time this comes out, so I can save the req'd price for the tablet and the Type Cover I will get them. If not, hopefully I can save the money by mowing. Ahh I HATE not having a job and being a gadget geek. It's so hard to own the gadgets you want.

Nickkk101 says:

Keep positive. I'm soon to be in that position.... I'm praying the tech gods will reward my risk taking...

ChavasRegal says:

I'm personally gonna wait to see what Nokia bring to the table but this will deffinately be my second choice, Probably go for the RT version as i'll only be using it to browse, chat and send the odd email mixed with a bit of casual gaming but depending on the price difference and battery life i could be swayed to the Pro.

bsprizzle says:

definitely my first tablet!