Microsoft teams up with Klout to give away 500 Windows Phones

For those of you who don't know, Klout (Klout.com) is a new social-network metric for measuring how influential you are on specific topics. The higher the score, the more influential. It's based on things you say, who's connected to you, who re-Tweets your messages, etc.

Some love it, some hate it.

Regardless, Microsoft has teamed up with them through their 'Klout Perks' program to offer 500 Windows Phones for free to people who qualify. That's a whole lotta phones, making this a serious contest. What's more, winners will get VIP tickets to those launch events we just mentioned a few posts down.

To qualify, you'll have to have Klout connect up with your Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ accounts. Then you have to have a Klout score of 55 or higher in Technology. That's pretty high--heck, @WPCentral is at 67 but myself (@malatesta77) is only at 52 (just a "specialist", le sigh). 

But hey, if there any big movers and shakers out there, feel free to try to get the "perk" by reading more at Klout here.



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HeyCori says:

Wrong word in article."making this a SEROUS contest."

Js_Godwin says:

Anybody knows what phone they are using for the press shots like the one here?

Judge_Daniel says:

It should be noted that the current "perk" is NYC only. They said they will have perks for the other events in the future. I'm guessing when they get closer. That means I have some time to get my 38 up 17 points. *cries* (Shameless plug: follow me @judgedan) :P