Microsoft teases announcement for Photosynth app on Windows Phone [Updated: now live]

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Update: Photosynth for Windows Phone is now on the Marketplace. Read here for more info and download link.

It was about two weeks ago we demonstrated that Microsoft had bumped Photosynth (photosynth.net) to version 1.0 seemingly making the release imminent for Windows Phone. The popular photo stitching app has been in the works for well over a year as we had to watch iOS users take advantage of Microsoft's panoramic software.

At the time, we speculated that the app was coming out of beta hence the 1.0 designation and now we believe that to be accurate. The Twitter account for Windows Phone just tweeeted this little bit of info in the last hour:

"If only there were a great new way to stitch your photos to create a panoramic image. If only we had something to announce soon. IF ONLY :)"

Indeed. We can't think of many apps that would be worthy of such an announcement except for Photosynth and when combined with the v1.0 status from two weeks ago, dare we say we really think it's about to happen.

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Hopefully we'll hear more from Microsoft within the next few days on the release. From our experience, companies announce releases only under one condition: when the app has cleared certification in the Marketplace. That could mean less than 24 hours before we get our hands on the app.

Stay tuned.

Source: Microsoft (Windows Phone); Thanks, parthp90, for the tip



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rodneyej says:

Sweet, and Awesome! Cool! Can't wait....

vault21x says:

got it!! there's a DL link in the comments below.. story should update with link..
note: on my HTC Trophy I get a message saying the app utilizes gyro, which gen-1 phones don't have, hope its not a big issue...

buggyglint says:

Can't wait, of course I will need to upgrade to the Titan II to take full advanatge of this app.

Ticomfreak says:

At first I though photosynth was some sort of weed app xD

MediaCastleX says:

Ah, certs...with retsin, now bringing photosynth to windows phone! =P

Madpig says:

Just got it!

Feralboy says:

Where is it? I can't fond it :(

wetworker says:

Great news! Btw guys I picked up my lumia 900 today from Rogers,could not wait one more day longer for a cyan.

The phone is sexy as hell as well as way faster than my Samsung Focus.

KjBleau says:

Yepper, its there, bout time!

erichon99 says:

I don't see it in the marketplace

Lx23 says:

Sorry people, what exactly is this app for? Taking panoramic shots?

Nataku4ca says:

panoramic that goes up and down as well, basically full environmental shots, and is extremely easy to use, you can turn the phone and still get the shot right

dirtbound says:

@LX23 it takes 360 degree spherical images... Almost like a 3D panorama... Go to photosynth.net for examples.

dirtbound says:

@Verkunder... Link/URL?

gorebashd says:

I can't find either =/

TechAbstract says:

It's available in the Market

One more app witch is not compatible with 256MB handsets. I don't expected this from Microsoft proper.

dubbin_irie says:

Sorry but why? The native app works better as far as photo quality. Is this more for social qualities or am I missing something?

PG2G says:

The native app doesn't take panoramas, which is the point of this app...

dubbin_irie says:

No actually the native app does take panoramas. Its in the extended menu. But this actually will take horizontal and vertical pans and create a massive panorama. Pretty cool really after giving it a second go just takes some getting used to.