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AT&T Lumia 635 available at Fry's for just $79.99

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Cyan now available for those on Windows Phone 8.1 Preview

More metal

HTC One (M8) for Windows will make its way to AT&T

New phone alert

Blind your friends with a neon green Lumia 1520 (AT&T)

New phone alert

All green Lumia 1520 now available from AT&T

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AT&T's Lumia 1520 is now getting the Windows Phone 8.1 update

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Strong subscriber growth powers AT&T's Q2 2014 earnings


AT&T may rollout Windows Phone 8.1 update 'as early as this week'

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AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 arrives on July 25 for $99 as prepaid GoPhone

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AT&T acquiring DirectTV

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AT&T relaunches Cricket as nationwide brand with new smartphones, plans, and LTE

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Here’s how to get Qi wireless charging back on your AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520

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Nokia Lumia 520 available for $50 at Best Buy, today only

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Nokia Lumia 635 and Windows Phone 8.1 coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS

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Nokia will unveil #moreLumia to the world on April 2nd

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New firmware update rolling out for the Lumia 1520 on AT&T


Exclusive - Surface 2 with LTE for AT&T priced at $679 for 64 GB, new photos show stock


Surface 2 with LTE arrives at Microsoft Stores for impending launch


Subway Surfers bumped for New York City World Tour on Windows Phone

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AT&T lights up LTE in 12 markets across the nation, brings 4G to coverage to 300,000 more

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Microsoft teases something big in NYC next Monday for Windows Phone

Next Monday is a big day. First off, there's a mini-press event which we'll be going to, meeting with Microsoft's Andy Lees and Joe Belfiore. Segueing into that is this publicity stunt that Microsoft is evidently doing but not revealing too much about just yet:

"If you live in or around New York City, you might want to find an excuse to wander past Herald Square sometime during the day next Monday—noon would be an especially good time—for a fun surprise we’re putting together. All I can say is we’re bringing Windows Phone to life in a big, big, way. Curious? Stay tuned…."

We think we actually know from an insider what (some) of it involves: If you're familiar with Herald Square, there's a certain historically relevant area that is known for, ahem, displays nearby. Hint, hint...

Well anyways, we'll be there all day covering the event, so don't worry--you'll get some photos and video if needed. And don't forget that night is the Windows Phone party where you can get some drinks, food, see a band and play with some new Winodws Phone hardware. We'll see you there as well.

Source: Windows Phone Blog



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PhilR8 says:

Has AT&T announced a launch date for the Titan? Have they even officially recognized that it exists?

AT&T announced in a press release they are getting the Titan, so yes, they are getting it.Have they announced a launch date? No, they have not. Presumably a few weeks from now but no indication that it launches Sunday with the Focus S and Flash.

1Rahtid says:

I'm waiting for news from this event before buying the Focus S on Monday, just in case Microsoft/Sammy has any new promo I can take advantage of, so please update us on the event in real time if possible.

TheWeeBear says:

Me thinks it's the Titan featuring Beats Audio. :)

Oh yeah, it's totally the Titan featuring Beats Audio, lmao. Not the Rezound that was just announced today in NYC.

OMG55 says:

This is going to sound outlandish, but I'm Hoping for may a big 3 reveal...HTC,Nokia,Samsung. bringing forward the triple-crown and that for some ourageous reason, a Nokia will make a surprise appearence so I can get it instead of the Focus S. Again, I stressed outlandish!!!

I'd get away from the idea that this will involve new hardware/device announcements. I mean, it could, but I'm not expecting that at all. And I'm not being coy here either.

jmerrey says:

haha, boy someone certainly jumped to conclusions didn't they, by tomorrow people on the message board will be complaining that HTC cancelled the beats support they previously promised in the Titan ;)

jaded skies says:

I want to say Times Square, but I think it may be Broadway.I'm from So. Cal and never been to NY, so take this post with a grain of sLt.

laserfloyd says:

My guess is some rather hugemongous presentation, perhaps using nearby buildings and hugemongous projectors? I dunno, anything is possible. HTC did something similar for one of their phones.

scdkad says:

A big inflatable Titan? lol

laserfloyd says:

It's at 12PM, nevermind my previous comment. I'm an idiot. :)

snowmutt says:

This is mostly a publicity stunt to get the average person aware of what WP devices are coming. We are WP geeks, we know what is coming and we are already excited. This event is not for us. There may be some future device hints at the earlier event with Mr. Lees and Mr. Belfiore, but not at the big park event. It will be the Titan and the 2 Focus offerings, and it will be news to most of New York. I am excited that Microsoft is doing this type of PR.

thenet says:

be quiet apple troll we know your not wp geek hahahah yeah right wp geeks sounds so stupid grow up dork. Dont be jealous be wp 7.5 blows away junk iphone 4S & android

thenet says:

Did you hear good news iphone 4S is experincing battery usage and most of iphone users a complaining hahahaha thanks to Windows phone 7.5 feature battery saver it works great.

TreSupreme says:


aubreyq says:

It's actually iOS 5 and not everyone is experiencing. Still, it happens enought that Apple has a fix already in beta. BTW, I'm not an Apple fanboy. I have a Focus and an iPad. I don't like Android, though ;-)

aubreyq says:

Meant to say "not everyone is experiencing it."

Um... flash mob anybody? Google Herlad square flash mob and you'll see it's been done many times before... seems to make sense to me.

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