Microsoft testing a more Metro influenced website design

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Microsoft has published a sneak peek at what a potential redesign could look like for the software giant's online property. With Windows 8, Xbox and Windows Phone all making use of the new Metro design language, it only makes sense that they further improve other products and properties.

We see this as a superb move. Microsoft appears to be improving all aspects of the company to match upcoming product releases. It's also essential to have an aesthetically pleasing website design to attract potential customers, as well as increasing the number of returning visitors.

Let's just hope the company actually rolls out the new design across the entire network of websites for consistency. What do you guys make of the direction Microsoft is heading with the design? 

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MediaCastleX says:

I tried to put five hearts there but they just erased whatever came after... =(

Rich Edmonds says:

I have to agree with you completely. The design is much more pleasing on the eye than previous versions.

addicusbrown says:

The website is awesome. It is laid out well, clean, loads on th phone quickly and all the moving parts work.

wynngd says:

Love the site in my Lumia 800... :D

Evster88 says:

I like the concept. It needs more refinement though, specifically with whitespace and text sizes. It all feels a little too loose.

cedarlog says:

im going to be honest for the first time i enjoyed visiting Microsoft main site 

Quin 2013 says:


I have to agree. I can actually find things easier, compared to the way it looked before, it felt like I had to read through everything to find what o was looking for.

rbf1337 says:

Looks f-n great.

gfunk84 says:

The site also reflows pretty dramatically based on your browser size. Try shrinking your browser window and you'll notice that the page has 3 or 4 different layouts to best suit the current size. Pretty nice.

mutant 9 says:

The need to do this with SkyDrive and live.com. Those sites are terrible as far as UI goes.

sun moon says:

This was an excellent move for Microsoft - i am glad to examine them embrace (and even pushing) magento website design
oversimplified styles. With the overwhelming flow of content, we have a tendency to have to be compelled to come to the fundamentals. White area is that the new eye catcher.