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Microsoft Translator updated to version 2.0

WP Central

Microsoft has recently updated the official Bing Translator app for Windows Phone, which reportedly adds functionality enabling users to translate from speech, via the camera or through keyboard input. With the camera, Translator allows users to simply capture a sign, menu, newspaper or any printed text on their Windows Phone for instant translations.

Language and phrase books can be downloaded within the app for offline usage, especially handy for when traveling abroad in supported countries (voice translations still require data connectivity). A variety of languages are available and results are fairly accurate. The in-app translators can be pinned to the home screen for convenient access when requiring fast results.

Microsoft Translator App

The interface is straight forward and functions are available straight from the main menu, there's little clutter in the Translator app. We've not touched on the Translator offering from Microsoft since the Windows Mobile days, but overall, it's not too shabby for a free app.

You can download Microsoft's Translator from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks Alexander for the heads up!

WP Central



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gapost says:

That is just too cool!!!!!! Really amazing.

Tryggr says:

Am I missing something or does the functionality that's built into Bing search only allow going from English to something else? Because that's all I can get it to do and that's not even a little bit useful.

I used Bing Vision in Barcelona and it was awwwwesome. Worked very well from Spanish to English.

dukrem says:

Bing vision autodetects, so if you're photographing an English phrase only non English languages will appear as translate-to options

lindortmnf says:

Awesome update O_O

Vulak'Aerr says:

I haven't looked at this App yet but Polyglot has had this for a while I think?

Not offline language packs AFAIK. This is really an impressive and well done app update.

ejlee072006 says:

I don't like the update.. I should've kept the old one..

vivgates says:

I agree !! This is a step back for the App.  There are definitely some cool features but they got rid of the most useful feature of the app. 
Release the older version as a Translator Lite app

Bruno H says:

Does not work for me. Application sucks.
One star rating from new. :-(

maxschels says:

I'm from Germany.
I can only translate from englisch german.
But when I want to translate german french for example, I can't.
That's stupid.

MrSean490 says:

That translator app is really neat, my only problem is there's a limited amount of FROM languages but heaps of languages to translate TO.

goldenpipes says:

So on my focus s 8107 I have a ton of languages on both sides. Maybe the languages need to be installed on the phone? I have all available language packs installed. There is a thread on xda on how to install them

willdoors says:

the app doesn't let me download the language packs, it stays in 'downloading' forever and then it shows an error!