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New WP Site

Microsoft unleashes new Windows Phone website

Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8 today at its San Francisco event, but the company hasn't stopped at simply announcing the next version of its mobile platform as the official Windows Phone website has had a design refresh. 

Checking the website (US version) will now bring visitors to a larger welcome index page which displays more features that Windows Phone boasts. Unfortunately the added content on the homepage doesn't appear to be rolled out across the board as we're not seeing it here in the UK.

The first part of the new homepage is a personalised touch, which is what the presentation today focused on. Microsoft's Jeo Belfiore even brought his children onto the stage to help present the platform. So, meet Kaycee.

New WP Site

After checking out who Kaycee is we're next taken to four features of Windows Phone: Live Tiles, Kid's Corner, Photos + SkyDrive, and Rooms. These features were all touched on today in the presentation.

But that's not all, as Microsoft has all the latest hardware (excluding the Samsung ATIV S) presently listed on the website.

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sHAYM4N says:

Guessed this was coming today, everything WP suddenly went purple! :-)

peterjr1boom says:

I love the new look! Really refreshing :D

wvanellis says:

The site itself looks great, however, apps and games area needs a lot of work.

I have Win8 installed on my pc, a Surface RT, and a Nokia Lumia 800. Other than with the phone, I don't understand why I have to enter the respecitve store from the respective device to buy something for that device???

I would rather they expand the Windows phone app & games area of the website to have all of their apps in one place. Kinda like an "app store". For whatever app you're interested in, It'll tell you what devices it'll play on. Give you the option to by it and send it to that device.

I don't like the idea of having to go to three stores to buy apps.

Your welcome for the tip...

rjohn05 says:

I really like the new site

Shane says:

Continue to ask the same question. What's the deal with Samsung and the ATIV-S?

DaltonCarl says:

Really like the looks of Microsoft's sites, and yours :P