Microsoft updates Facebook Beta with minor fixes and improvements

Facebook Beta

The team behind the new Facebook app for Windows Phone, which is currently in beta, has released a small update. Bumping the available version up to, we're looking at better support for special characters when entering text as well as a few other minor improvements.

Plaffo notes that the following is also included in the latest release:

  • The latest comments to posts are now displayed at the bottom
  • When you view pictures in landscape you're no longer bugged by annoying elements
  • Fixed bug with the share link

Notice anything else that's new? Let us know in the comments. You can download the Facebook Beta app from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

QR: Facebook Beta



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Is it me or this app drains battery?

tungha says:

turn off the toast notification will save you more battery, cause everytime you get notification the screen will turn on

theefman says:

Notifications don't actually work so that can't be it.

Contrary to the "regular" Facebook app, this one finally sends me notifications and doesn't drain my battery (Lumia 820). Hope it stays this way, and good luck to every one else

TMavC5 says:

Agree. I don't have this issue.

husam2277 says:

Its not only you, it is drain battery so fast, the main problem that my phone become insanely hot in just 5 min use.... Guys anyone have the same problem??!!

Exactly the same!! And I heard others claming the same too.

cae758 says:

I haven't noticed a battery drain, but my Lumia 920 gets hot. I haven't noticed it get this hot since November when running Nokia Maps/Drive.

EBynum says:

I had the same problem: excessive battery drain and a very hot phone after only a few minutes of use. Never had that issue with their first FB app. I uninstalled the Beta and will wait for the final version.

lucabiax says:

same problems on my HTC 8X, i had to downgrade to the classic fb app

rockstarzzz says:

No battery issues here

I think battery drain but no issue with phon gets warm

Vildmand says:

I experienced crazy battery drain the first day. Then I turned off location services and battery drain returned to normal.

Quin 2013 says:

Thanks for the info, I'll try turning off the location service and see if that is the issue.

I've noticed the the battery icon shows that it's at 99%, but when I look under settings, it tells me.that it's at 65%.

treetownal says:

Thanks, I'll try that.  It has been draining my batter at about 2x the speed before installing.  It is a great looking app, so I'm hoping that fixes the battery problem. 

R0bR says:

No issues on my 920, battery is fine and notifications actually work unlike old app. I have both FB apps running and the old one never notifies.

chad08er says:

Notifications and messages come thru in minutes not a half hour too a hour later like the old app.My 920s battery was over heating the first day,but the last three days it's not don't know why.The new Facebook is faster and more smooth ,way better than the old version.

Whodaboss says:

Yes! I had to get rid of the beta and back to the original.

tone84 says:

Yes it does.. If you have the lock screen on

I also notice my L920 heat up quickly when using this app..

JamesDax3 says:

No battery issues, no hot phone, and notifications work fine.  Sorry others are having issues.

CronGM says:

Yes! I was using it for chatting (some friends don't like to set their status to "online" to chat) and in about two hours it drained my full battery to 50%.

darypr says:

I might have noticed the app a bit more responsive to touch (at&t lumia 920)

same here, and yes yes yes finally i can write scandinavian letters ä ö or in persian on facebook, that was my only thing i wanted to be fixed, thank u so much

Nakazul says:

Indeed lovley.

Can you tag friends in comments and status updates by typing their names yet?

fachru says:

main feature I still missing..

DenniSundaY says:

Update didn't work. I pressed update and the button just disappeared and now it is still on Weird...

Update: the update button appeared again and now it's updated.

djSupport says:

I sort of second that, no update button at all though...

Andre Alig says:

Hmm Iam on

S_C_B says:

Downloaded and using now. They ordered the comments from oldest to newest as it should have been in the beginning. :-)

Robbie95 says:

How do you update this mudderfugger?

Jamdot says:

Go to the app's store page and press update.

Robbie95 says:

Cant update only share???

Robbie95 says:

Updating now, uk

Judge_Daniel says:

Links are now clickable in messages. Still no highlighting, though.

Sari_M says:

Links in comments open now, that sounds fine. Also now it supports Finnish ääkköset. Love it, better than the current official app. The phone gets hot though, hopefully they fix that too.

Jason_JS_G says:

Ha ha, I tipped for my first time.

origr15 says:

If i try to write in Hebrew it says facebook doesn't support emoticons...

Yeah, same here, with Portuguese composite characters.

Dante X says:

Same with spanish diacritic signs.

Same with Swedish.

Nakazul says:

Swedish works great after the update.

Mouthsmasher says:

Noticed the same thing with Pig Latin.

Khoa Lai says:

poor u, coz its been fixed for Vietnamese.

Its been fixed un Arabic as well

Asgeirus says:

It just crashes! The first beta was good. This updated beta doesn't even start OK... NL920.

Uninstall it and then reinstall.

Asgeirus says:

Tried but did not help.

Chris Carlen says:

Better touch responsiveness. The notifications open up the first time you click them now.

madmoondog says:

Major battery drain had to uninstall

jamsjordn says:

It definitely feels more responsive.

I like the app a lot, it's really fast and the design is great, however it seems to think I'm trying to insert an emoticon, whenever I try to use composite characters, which are used in my 1st language, and returns an error.

Why when i search for this app and some others do they not appear in the store. I realise i can download from here and update early (before push notification comes through) but really confused as why a simple search doesn't display results. Makes me wonder if im missing out on some apps!

Isn't this because of its beta status?

damo579 says:

Download the app from this article. Its in beta so it doesn't show up in the store.

"To avoid confusion, the beta won’t show up in Store search results and is only available via this direct link."

rodneyej says:

I hate this app! Change it back! MS took away everything that was special about our WP FB app.. I feels like 10 steps backwards, and Its not Metro!

Yeah it's definitely not metro style. The swipe in from left and right is not anything that happens basically anywhere else on the phone. And in settings, the menus basically cascade up from the button, which again happens nowhere else. Feels like they took an iPhone app and flattened some of the chrome.

Yeah, I still don't really buy it. The whole metaphor of menus sliding in over the underlying layer is unnecessary and distracting. Also the buttons at the top and the fact that some of them repeat swipe functionality seems counter to the metro design. As I said, it feels like an iPhone app with a flatter look.

polob says:

+1 VERY disappointed with the design. Great to see the hard work on improving functionality, and hate to be negative - but can't bring myself to use this in its current form.. makes me forget I'm on a WP device...

glassadam says:

Love the new design. Never thought I'd say it, but I no longer care about an app being metro. I mean, come on, it works better than the old one, and it looks fine.

rodneyej says:

How does it work better? Having more features doesn't constitute working better.. This is unintuitive, and Modern designed apps are supposed to have form and function.

glassadam says:

Navigation in the new one is simpler. Swipe to the left once or swipe to the right once. I would argue that sometimes all the horizontal swiping in metro apps can be detrimental to the experience. Plus, now I no longer have to swipe twice through a screen full of peoples' photos that I don't care about.

michael_20 says:

The bigger live tile has a new design now

Rug says:

Seems more like Facebook Alpha

rodneyej says:

Seems like FB preconception!

danielgray says:

Cannot see who is going to events. Plus crashes if app is open when the phone locks. Possibly only when looking at pictures when the phone locks. Cannot look at liked pages. E.g Nokia Australia. Cannot tag a picture when you upload. Anyone else see issues with this?

mondokjm says:

Make these suggestions to the development team. That is the point of a beta after all.

Rug says:

I can cook eggs on my 920 after using this app for 2 minutes.

tranite says:

It also works with Nordic characters like ÆØÅ.

zsolo1122 says:

Is this new app will be available for WP 7.8 in the future?

Andre Alig says:

Hmm not possible when it's native.

MrSean490 says:

Do we know if this app is native?

Andre Alig says:

I don't know, but in the past Microsoft said they are working on a native windows phone 8 Facebook app, so this could be the one.

Suedezu says:

Works also with Romanian special characters ăâșțî. Seems to be snappier overall

Sulslim says:

Microsoft must to port FB app to Windows 8, and need to write Microsoft's version of Instagram

Nerisuka says:

Work fine for me for now. But the only thing that I've seen that doesn't work and seems like a glitch, since there is a second of flash that appear on the screen the list of the contact that you are trying to tag on the message but disappear instantly and leave you unable to make any tags. At least my case. (lumia 920)

Suedezu says:

Emoticons still not working

dre3ortiz says:

I never get my toast notifications or a notification when someone has messaged me on Facebook. Once in a blue I get comment notifications from like 2 days ago. Anyone else having this problem?

aaa6112 says:

Still can't see list of pages I "liked". Is there a way to see this, am I not finding it?

Vildmand says:

Danish letters æ, ø and å are now supported.

david90531 says:

This is awesome, keep it up MS!

anodynamic says:

Swedis vowels are not emoticons anymore after update. Also seem to be getting toast notifications properly so far. Really like the new app so far. Looks good, but most of all I think they've managed to organize all the functions well.

og-gq says:

I have always unchecked everything but messages and friend requests/confirmations in my notifications and live tile. The notification service has never told me I have a new message. I hope they fix that.

Josh Harman says:

Everyone make sure you send your feedback to the dev. team, via 'setting'>'about'>'feedback' inside the app. Keep your suggestions short and don't go a rant.

ally42 says:

Aw, the live tile is no more. Now I have a big Blue one instead of my cover pic. But now I can use letters I couldn't.

Wojciech Maj says:

A few things are missing in this changelog and they are pretty important.
-Improved performance
-You can use non-latin letters in chat
-Looks like "black screen after lock-unlock" bug is now fixed

Seems like there is no update.
Still notifications bug..
No Files sending in message.
Goes back to top after seeing any photos or comments..
And many more bugs

Nokia Lumina 822 here and all is working awesome with FB beta

Josh Harman says:

Me too (822), I'm not getting the problems that some are reporting (heat,battery drain, glitches) just still missing some features that I think should be added.

Nokia Lumia 822 here too. I am also not getting any of the problems people are having on other devices.
822 party!

blasher4 says:

I really do enjoy the hybrid UI of this new FB app. It bring metro style left and right swiping + iOS look and feel (in some ways) I do however believe that this app needs a lot of improvements as far as functionality is concerned. But, its a BETA app so it'll take time. Its a buggy and can be slow. It also needs a fix with displaying who likes and comments and a post. It will read something like: "cannot load data" or some shit.

m0unds says:

Working great for me so far. I need better battery endurance at work, I didn't enable toast notifications to test them.

Natebird says:

Notifications don't drain the battery it's gonna be the location service for the app

plp85 says:

7.8 support please

that's just a distant dream now..ain't gonna happen..

Anyone with a Nokia 820 git this update in the UK??? Still only showing for me...

Quick battery out and back in and the update is showing now...

williog says:

This is a nice application and it works fine on my Lumia 820. I just wish it can quickly get out of beta

tone84 says:

Live tile doesn't work

Josh Harman says:

I had to uninstall/reinstall to get my tile to work again.

Usmcbob says:

Does anybody notifications stay even after you look at them?

dre3ortiz says:

New live tile for double size

joelsilva says:

And not wp7 version yet..

Amran Nagal says:

Still no love for 7.x users.

Andr3sfc says:

One fix that I've noticed: before, at the login screen, you couldn't insert your password if you tapped the password field away from the "Password" label. Some touch misconduct that's now resolved.

mwright53 says:

This upgrade seemed to be halting my Bluetooth service. Had to reboot to start the service again. Removed the beta and problem went away.

Josh Harman says:

Sucks, Bluetooth still working fine on mine.

iamakii says:

Update not available in Phil.

afgzee says:

can anyone confirm they receive notifications when someone sends them a message because i dont

PipoDj says:

My phone fries hotdogs with this update. Hit the feedback button for it

Onerunjunior says:

This app is very, very good. Exactly what the app should have been from the beginning. Only complaint is that it is just a bit slow overall, but I'm sure that will improve over time, it is a beta after all.

strokee says:

I attempted to send feedback, saying that I really like the design and functional improvements of this app...but there are bugs to work out. The app kept crashing, sending me back to the home screen without even being able to open the app at all. Every attempt would ask me if I wanted to send an error report regarding the crash...yet whatever option I chose it would simply crash again. I uninstalled/reinstalled and was finally able to send the error report...but I still can't open the app. Buggy-a$$ beta...

kurtd says:

My cover photo no longer shows on the tile after the update. First beta worked fine

Josh Harman says:

Uninstall - reinstall fixed that for me.

swizzlerz says:

Wow... A battery drain... Keep reading this. Solution... Charge your phones people. Lofingl

stride_time says:

Before update I had to uninstall as my battery drained from full to 10% whilst unused in my pocket. Think it might be caused when you use the app as your lock screen picture

lumia8 says:

Still feeling heat at the back side after 10 minutes use, seems to drain my battery. Also when I clicked "See more" at the end of a long message in my inbox, it redirects me to the browser... previous version still keep me in the app. Not funny!

Just discovered "Shake to Refresh" feature ? Not sure if it was already there..

Josh Harman says:

Yes, on the old app too.

tonyluo2001 says:

This doesn't work like the original "modern style" anymore. Rather than this, I would prefer a update to the People's Hub. The functions in PH is just too lacking that just make you use this kind of official app. 

Jacky920 says:

Hello, if anyone knows how to turn on\off chat from this beta app? L920

ruisolid says:

In this version, was included Portuguese character support.

Asgeirus says:

What happened to Modern UI? This looks like a copy....

ej1024 says:

Nice one msft

B T C says:

I'm not a heavy facebook user, but I just installed this app and played around with it for probably fifteen minutes.  I'm pretty sure I like it better than their other facebook app, but for such a short use interval my phone got very hot and there seemed to be a noticeable battery drain.

kirklyt says:

I hope this Fb app will soon be able to allow users to attach/view pix privately on Fb inbox just like on Android app. Also, support for colored icons and emoticons. Some Nokia phones can even send Stickers thru Fb Inbox, so why not on WP..? @mentions are also a must-have for posts/comments.. Still a long, long way. Haiyss.. :(

bonjoo says:

Is there any chance for a WP 7.8 version of this app? 

Glueharbour says:

1. Don't underatand how people can bash this app when the old one was as bad as it was. Metro-design? Yes. Functionality and stability? Poor.
2. Had to unistal the Beta, the batterydrain was extreme. Cut my batteryusage in half.

DarStar4 says:

this app was amazing...but it did heat up my 920 and drain the battery..i still loved it tho - way better than the other apps available. but, now since the update the app won't even open for me. I've tried reinstalling and everything. has anybody had this problem?

vizagdude says:

Yes, my battery drain was 2X faster as well and the phone got really hot. Once I turned off the FB lock screen background, and did a reboot, everything is back to normal. I also have the original app running as well. Like this new FB layout.

djctz says:

7.x support?

Diverial says:

And again WP 7.x users are forgotten by Microsoft

Facebook is a key application for Windows Phone.
All users, who have trusted and now have smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 7.8, deserve full support from Microsoft. 
To "prevent" Microsoft from not supporting us you can sign my petition, guys ;)

It's already been stated that there will be a release for WP7.8.

Arsenic17 says:

Why does this not support location services within messanger like the iOS and Android versions? Like when you send a message or update a status, it will also include your current city below.

Still waiting for WP7.8 support.

kinchy1984 says:

Had to uninstall from my lumia 920, facebook notifcations coming through with twitter icon about 3 hours late..battery getting drained within 4 hrs of the day. no live tile...What is it working fine on some peoples phones and not on others? veryyyy strange! ill wait for another update before reinstalling. good luck microsoft. 

Madurai Mano says:

After this update my friends list shows only few.... I couldn't tag other friends who are already my friends in Facebook... Pls help... Thanks in advance:):)