Microsoft updates Lync for Windows 8.1 with numerous new features

Lync Windows 8.1

Lync enables workers to stay connected via their mobile phone or supported device. With the app and service, employees can easily initiate conference calls, meetings and keep in touch all within the tightly controlled Microsoft Lync system for enterprise. It's a sweet solution should you require an enterprise communication service for employees.

Microsoft has now released Lync for Windows 8.1 for those who have updated their Windows 8 installations. 

So what's new in the Windows 8.1 version of Lync?

  • Take control of shared screens and apps during Lync meetings.
  • Run Lync side-by-side with another app at any window size - perfect for multitasking.
  • Answer both incoming audio and video calls on the lock screen.
  • Mute and controll volume from within the Lync client itself.
  • In-app contact search.

As well as the above list of new functionality, Lync for Windows 8.1 also bundles a number of improvements to the sign in experience, helping you remain connected. Check out the official announcement over on TechNet for the full list of changes.

You can download Lync from the Windows Store. If you're on Windows Phone, be sure to grab the respective release from the Windows Phone Store (QR code below - 2013 version).

QR: Lync 2013



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mutant 9 says:

The fact the on an rt device you can't share your screen or desktop. This is a major piece of missing functionality for business and enterprise users.... MS please allow this capability.

spyderzWPC says:

we are running lync at my office and it wont work on any windows phones just droids and iphones, anyone having this issue? works fine on windows 8.1 live tile verison and desktop version just not any of the phones.

caliborn says:

Works fine on my Ativ Neo. In fact, I was on back to back calls this morning while driving to the office.

R0bR says:

No issues on our Lumia's in our office.

fluxx says:

Same problems here. We got Lync to work on our desktop and iPhones (!) easy - but it still fails on our Windows Phones. We can't get a connection to the server. Guess what - the arguments for WP against iOS did not evolve in the right direction :-(

mpr says:

We had this problem, too.

It was a Certificate Problem. Try installing a Cert on your phones. It will work.

If it doesn't, then you have a problem with your assigned public certs on the LYNC Servers.

iOS and Android don't care about Certs and Security. That's why it works.

Lync works on my windows phone, but the Win8 app never worked. I know that I did have to let the phone app fail and then enter all the sever info. Maybe give that a second try.

nizzon says:

Same for us. Works on WP but can't connect with Win 8.1.

welsbloke says:

Well its about time it saw some love. I stopped using the App and used the desktop client as it was not feature rich and had odd behaviour.

kwill says:

You may need a server certificate from IT or Lync server admin. I did and now it works fine on my phone. Still haven't managed to get working on my Surface though.