Microsoft updates Skype for Windows 8, adds HD video support

Skype Windows 8

Microsoft has today announced a new version of its Skype client is available to download for Windows 8. The new version supports high-definition video calling, improvements to the video messaging preview and implements various general fixes. We last looked at the Windows Skype client back in March when the company added call blocking

HD video is restricted to select scenarios. The functionality depends on the sender's webcam and available network bandwidth, as well as the receiver's setup. Currently it's possible to stream 720p video and receive 1080p footage. How's it possible to receive higher quality video than is possible to send? Remember that Skype clients are available on a variety of platforms.

We noted video messaging alongside the calling feature above. This update improves the video messaging preview, enabling users to share video messages with contacts, even if they're offline. Video messaging is now easier to locate with improved notifications in this latest release. As well as the HD video calling and messaging, Microsoft has also addressed the following:

  • File transfer Sender missing file sent history if restarts app before completing the send
  • Crash after the sender initiates file transfer and moves back to conversation
  • Call connect Crash when reconnect attempts in some situations
  • Notifications Crash when clicking on notification in some situations

The following issues with video messaging are already documented:

  • Video message should be displayed in chat history but doesn’t display at the moment
  • Video message thumbnail redirects to record flow instead of playback when cache has been cleared

You can download Skype from the Windows Store. Thanks, TheJoester09, for the tip!



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Jake_M says:

Next thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to disable it from adjusting the microphone volume. Turning off the exclusive control in Windows doesn't seem to apply to it.

xpxp2002 says:

Or the ability to sign out without having to uninstall the app?

Wael Hasno says:

Can't you just set it to invisible?

xpxp2002 says:

No. I want to remain available on Messenger, but offline for voice and video. If you set to Invisible, you become invisible on all of your devices for all services.

Raesu says:

Messenger doesn't exist anymore...maybe put your status as do not disturb? Anyway I though you could go into setting and "change user" to log out anyway.

xpxp2002 says:

Messenger does exist very much on Windows Phone. There is no "do not disturb" option there, just "online," "away," "busy," "appear offline," and "offline." And change user only works on Windows Phone. On Windows 8/RT it just tells you to sign into a different Microsoft account to change users. They don't address the possibility that some people might actually just want to use their computer without being signed into Skype. It's a mess. I supported this when they bought it, but they've ruined Skype. I uninstalled it, and I won't be using it anymore for voice or video chat until they fix what's broken.

kidjenius says:

awesome news! But i've been out of the loop lately, does anyone know skype desktop has this feature as well?

miiwp says:

Skype come-on! 7.x updates please!!

stevethenerd says:

Unfortunately the WP7.x Skype experience will never get any better than it is :(

Dionigi13 says:

For this reason propably we must move probably to viber also for pc. At least this works better

inteller says:

adds video calling support?  I've already been making video calls with it!?!  I think the title is wrong.

Rich Edmonds says:

Sorry, updated the title :-)

Cristoby says:

The title should read 'video messaging' Skype has been video-calling since day 1 LOL...

Rich Edmonds says:

Aye, got a bit excited with the extra pixels and missed out "HD"!

TheJoester09 says:

My first news tip! Woohoo! :)

Great stuff man :) Thanks for keeping us informed.

dkp23 says:

Now fix skype messaging especially group messaging, it is a mess. 

Montpbm says:

Soooo can we send video messaging now?

Great stuff. Use Skype everyday and I am glad to see regular updates to desktop 8 and phone 8

wayne310 says:

needs update for wp8/lumia 920 also.
takes too long to open, drains battery too fast and MS needs to work on a central notification hub 

stevethenerd says:

Skype "metro" actually works know! Made a couple calls with it today...

Hugh Tiernan says:

Why did u guys change the RSS feed so that it only shows the first paragraph of the article??? It is so freaking annoying! AHHHHHH Change it back!!
P.S. if you didn't change it and it is just not working properly then please ignore this comment. Thanks  

Sean Maloney says:

I'm seeing the same thing.

AceOfClubs says:

Did they add voice mail back in yet?  If not it is worthless, and you might as well just run the Desktop version

ThePKReddy says:

It's not clear in this article--is this update for the Windows 8 Desktop app or the fancy metro app?

Flavio76 says:

how can I clear my recent messages?

dalydose says:

I wonder if they will turn their attention to the Windows Phone version now.  We still can't share pictures, let alone send video messages.  Shouldn't I see IM history that started on my computer when I go to that contact on the phone?  I think so, but it's not there. 


Raesu says:

Seriously...and the chat log doesn't automatically scroll! What? Text is too small, calls quality is spotty, and the emoticons are tiny and not animated! What could be taking so long??

Jefe32 says:

Most people's data packages have a faster download speed than upload, hence the disparity between streaming (720p)
and receiving (1080p).