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Microsoft updates Windows App Studio Beta, simplifies publishing process

app studio beta

After adding support for making Windows 8 apps in April in addition to apps for Windows Phone, Microsoft has now announced another update for the beta of its web-based Windows App Studio tools. This new version should make it easier for aspiring app makers to publish their creations to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

The biggest change comes after the user selects Publish Package once they finish making their app. When that happens, a .zip file is generated that has the store-ready files for the app, along with up to six screenshots, the app logo and full instructions on how to publish the app in either the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store or both.

New apps made by the Windows App Studio tools can also add YouTube videos as a data source for the first time. Finally, Microsoft has added new photo layout options for data sources, such as Instagram and Flickr, along with dynamic and static collections.

Microsoft also said today that over 1.1 million users have accessed the Windows App Studio Beta tools since its launch nearly a year ago. There's no update on how many apps that have been made via the site have been published.

Source: Microsoft



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Kamil712 says:

Yes! Get more apps on windows 8!

cyborg4 says:

App Studio is a pretty awesome tool.

Agree... I've created and published four apps through it. Eg: "Cortana's Guide", you may want to check it out ;)

topleya says:

When I publish apps the images I select for tiles don't show on the device it just shows a blank tile and if I change app theme it ignored it and shows only black on device.
Also when I say no to lock screen, about page and privacy page it puts it in anyway

Also frustrating you cant change don't sizes and move things about a bit more

Hi there!

Please feel free to visit our App Studio Support Forum HERE We would be happy to assist with any technical issues you may be having.

- The App Studio Support Team

With the last update, RSS images no longer worked. Hopefully they fixed that. Guess I'll check it when I get home.

msftguy says:

I wasn't aware of it ... but will take a look thank you. 


I recently released Super Percentage Calculator app with Cortana support see what you guys think ?

mixtnet says:

Simple and useful! Nice job. I just installed it.

JotaKa says:

Trying it out now...

geral77 says:

The Rise on Windows is Inminent

danielgray says:

Let's hope so, app gap is still too big. Especially for regional apps, plus trying to find regional apps need improving,,

nblew says:

Not getting any screenshots or any assets in my package except the 150x150 app logo...


This was addressed in our latest release. Please try again and your package will generate screens for faster Windows Store association.

- The App Studio Support Team

How difficult is creating and publishing an app if you've never coded anything or learned any coding languages? Scale 1-10, 10 being impossible

nblew says:

Probably a 3 if you are using this online site. There might be a few terminology things you might have to learn but I'd say it's really easy. The hardest part is probably setting up your dev account and associating your app, which really isn't too hard if you follow the how-to guide

dalydose says:

I've wanted a way to distribute video content as a sort of app netowork and now that we can place individual YouTube videos on a page, that makes it doable.  Look for all new content all created on Lumia, soon! :)

Maybe they'll use Vimeo and/or DailyMotion sometime in the future, as well. I'd be happy to get my content off of Google servers.

narv says:

I still want them to include some form of user input and then sending a json of that input to a webserver and reading a json result back and parsing that data... That would make things very easy to make some awesome apps!

pentecost says:

Let's say you're looking to use more esoteric things like datagram sockets (udp protocol). Doable within the app, or do I have a steeper climb ahead?

gwh34t says:

I've made about 9 apps for Windows Phone 8, SOLEY using WPAS:

However, they all have the same problem!  can't show full RSS articles.  Can anyone help? Or do a tutorial?  Or type the steps and I'll do one!