Microsoft working on a SMS Bug fix

Microsoft working to squish SMS Bug

The other day we mentioned an SMS Bug that your Windows Phone is vulnerable to. Basically someone sends you a certain text message and it reboots your Windows Phone and disables your Messaging Hub. Microsoft has confirmed that such exists and is diligently working on a solution.

Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan states,

"We are aware of the issue and our engineering teams are examining it now. Once we have more details, we will take appropriate action to help ensure customers are protected."

Should you see your Windows Phone mysteriously re-boot and then loose the ability to launch the Messaging Hub, your only remedy is to perform a hard reset. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Microsoft finds and distributes a fix soon.

source: the verge



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adam9997 says:

I wish Microsoft would enable full backup in Zune Desktop. This is a perfect excample why we need an ability to backup our phone.

Indeed, I think this is a great example of why syncing texts is a great idea. I think integrating Zune Social and Facebook messaging into the Messaging hub would accomodate that nicely.

Maybe I am not correctly understanding your comment, but, Facebook chat is already built into the Messaging Hub, via Windows Live Messenger.

FWIW, Within Windows' Rafael Rivera posted information on this yesterday:
Apparently, the precise strings involved are rather difficult to reproduce and probably unlikely to be seen unless the original source publishes the string and people just get stupid with it.
Still, it's good to know Microsoft is aware and working on it.

Kid251822 says:

Amen...also thanks for the link,maybe now the Apple and Android fans can give us some peace...