Get involved with Microsoft’s MMO world record attempt in Age of Ascent

Age of Ascent

Video game studio Illyriad is looking to score a new Guinness World Record and smash the previous holder for the largest video game player vs player (PvP) battle. Taking place this Friday, March 14, Microsoft is seeking players to participate in this world record attempt and stress test the public alpha of Illyriad’s new title, Age of Ascent.

Not familiar with Age of Ascent? It’s a new space-based resource and battle game. What makes this interesting and on-topic for Microsoft is Windows Azure is powering the online title, and it’s a browser game – perfect for those who don’t have much storage space free or the fastest computer in the world.

Say hello to the "Ultra" MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) experience. Those who have been seeking a new game full of combat with thousands of players involved, this could well be the next best thing. Think action. Lots and lots of action.

Age of Ascent
"There be ships everywhere, captain."

It’s easy to get started. There’s nothing to install, no accounts to be created, and all that’s required is for players to visit the URL (www.ageofascent.com), be assigned to either team and you’re in-game. If you're thinking of participating, bookmark the website today for more convenient access.

James Niesewand, CEO of Illyriad explains the concept:

"It's essentially trying to prove the worth of some of the technology that we are working with, namely WebGL and Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud technology. WebGL allows games to run natively in your browser without downloads, installs, or plugins."

If you’re available on Friday, March 14th, be sure to get involved and encourage friends and family to pop along. The two parties do urge participants to tweet and share their experiences while in-game, using the hashtag #ageofascent.

Check out the official website for more information. Further reading:



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Jas00555 says:

C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!!

kurotsuki says:

Hey ... I know that term ... Killer Instict? :D

Fade_z says:

Kool, I'm to hipster for cool

hopmedic says:

Too hipster to use the correct homonym, too?

nickengineer says:

+1 to the grammar police.

Fade_z says:

Fudge da system

Zokudu says:

I'll try to be there!

With the ease at which they're making it to join in, I'm definitely curious. =)

VRocker88 says:

March 14th... i'll be too busy hopping in my titan and squishing people. Might check it out between deaths though!

Arsenic17 says:

So this is something MMO companies claim when they stress test their betas. No matter how small their population is or interest, they claim to "join us for a world record attempt exactly at xx time". So stupid. They only do this because they know people are dumb enough to fall for it. That is how they get the stress they need. Dont ever join another world record MMO stress test for free. Make them pay you folks!

JoseCortesP says:

Yeah, sure, they'll pay us

Giddora says:

Why not? The only way to stress test is by getting huge amounts of players online... If it leads to a world record, that's great.

Would you rather they just release the game without testing it at all first (I'm looking at you SimCity/EA)?

ZackTheNever says:

This is really interesting but it isn't like Project Spark wasn't enough...

DG3M3 says:

I'd rather keep playing the game that's the current record holder. Not some browser based game. The decline of games....

RafRol says:

Let's see how I do on my Dell Venue 8 Pro...


Looks like they didn't get close to the record as they only have 151 Twitter followed as of now.