Microsoft will keep loving your Xbox 360 with support until 2016

Many of us here at Windows Phone Central are excited about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console, but you might be wondering what happens for those who are sticking with their Xbox 360 unit for a bit longer.

Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing and Strategy Chief, Yusuf Mehdi, stated that the Xbox 360 “is going to go for another three years”. We have reached out to Microsoft for clarification on what “going to go” exactly means, but there is a general assumption that he is referring to support and coverage of the unit.

Mehdi later stated that:

"[Microsoft is] going to continue to invest in the Xbox 360 and the two devices (Xbox One and Xbox 360) can work in concert. It's not like the day we ship the Xbox One your 360 won't work; we'll continue to support it. In fact, we're going to ship over 100 new games on Xbox 360."

When we hear back from Microsoft, we will update our readers with further clarification.

Source: Arstechnica



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MikeSo says:

After fan outrage I'm sure they'll extend that to 2030 or so...

MikeSo says:

Wait, FIRST!

Bailey199719 says:

You started off with a decent comment and lowered yourself beyond belief with that follow up. Moron.

MikeSo says:

It was a joke. Geez.

dreonedon says:

LOL good enough

WinFan1 says:

i love the xbox one and i for one will buy it :D screw everyone else.

lancguy says:

I second that! I got my preorder in for the console, ryse, dr3, and two battery packs. Since I can't play my 360 games on the One, I plan on keeping it.

What about Xbox for Windows phone???

Bailey199719 says:

Seperate platform. That will roll in sync with what ever you use 360 or One. Xbox for Windows Phone is reliant on your Microsoft account therefore your gamer tag. Games will still roll out as they are only available on the mobile store and not the stores on the consoles. If it wasn't separate it would be called Xbox 360 for Windows Phone or Xbox One for Windows Phone.

Jesus you are serious today. Thanks for the fun facts.

AgentSplurge says:

I hope this means continued updates for Netflix etc, because I don't game much any more, my xbox is used more for media with the odd game played here and there. Xbox one plus xbox live is wayyy too expensive to get just for that so if they want my (and many others) money for xbox live (until the xbox one is cheap enough second hand) then they need to keep supporting the 360

Bailey199719 says:

I imagine Netflix and lovefilm etc will continue to be updated. Although to use them you do need a gold account. But when you subscribe to Netflix you can use it on whatever device you have. I.e xbox with gold, smart bluray player or tv if they support Netflix. All you need is your email and password you created at sign up then you can use Netflix on your smart tv without need for xbox or xbox subscription.

Tjalsma says:

In a related note, MS said it will start supporting WP in 2016.  Kidding.

Lol. I see what you did there

nohra says:

Good to hear!!

sumothong01 says:

Good news. While I want to get a X1 it will have to wait a while.

Wevenhuis says:

wowzers, these microsoft support timelines seem to get ever shorter. that's not good news for the xbox windows 8 ecosystem support timeline. By the time windows 8 has grown up with all the hickups solved, we will probably already have windows 9 (?). That's a short timeline to enjoy the "8" ecosystem. Probably news, movies, music on windows 8 will also be dropped by then. I hate it when this happens. That's what makes windows feel so expensive. You invest, only to find out your money is gone before you know enough to enjoy it.

Zulfigar says:

There won't be a Windows 9 for quite some time, it's all just upgrades and tweaks to 8

Josh Harman says:

What are you talking about?
By the time they end support for Xbox 360 it will have been out for over 11 years. And they actually extended the expected support for WP8 not that long ago.

Clavitox says:

Xbox 360 has been out since like 05, so that would be 11 years of support . . . . .

Smg-Uk says:

11 years is a short amount of time? Lol i remember when consoles used to get upgraded every 5 or so years.

Wevenhuis says:

Okay, perhaps 11 years is a respectable timeline. Guess I was conused with the new xbox (one?). But for argumentssake, isn't it still a pity that the plug will be pulled in the near future? It's the same sentiment I have with other services by microsoft. I'm thinking about Zune, windows mobile device center etc. Sure they had their imperfections. But why not invest in improving those than yet another, what feels like an unnecessary expense, to start yet all over again, only to dump it yet again 10 years later. It seems such a waste of money and perhaps also talent.

Josh Harman says:

I'm pissed that Nintendo ended support for my SNES.

Bailey199719 says:

Also game developers such as Ubisoft and EA are not going to support an out dated system forever. Its not just Microsoft that'll pull the plug on the 360 but the developers also will. I imagine by the start of 2015 most new games will be released on Xbox One and PS4 not the previous models.

RetroMan71 says:

Good news! Wont be getting X1 for a while..

Josh Harman says:

Me either, at least a year... but probably whenever the price comes down a little.

Rishicash says:

Me neither. Not until 2015...hopefully when MS realizes what a huge mistake it was not making XB1 a setop box too...oh, and removing Netflix & Hulu, etc. from Gold to Silver.

RetroMan71 says:

Yeah! Im really not that excited about the X1 to be honest..

spaulagain says:

I would love it if my 360 could act as a "satellite" to my One when I get it.

PeterFnet says:

Still unacceptable to not have backwards compatibility. I still play the original Halo once in a while. Original Xbox was x86. 360 is PowerPC. They managed to make an emulation layer work on the 360. I expect and demand one on the Xbox One.

The fact they will still sell me a 360 for 3 more years as a solution is an insult. I know PS4 has the same problem, but they're both wrong.

K_lando says:

I still own 9 Original Xbox games:  Star Wars: KOTOR, Star Wars:  KOTOR2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, The Warriors, GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Manhunt.
I've owned my Xbox 360 ever since 2006.
# of times I've played ANY of the above games on my Xbox 360 in 7 years:  0.00
Its only wrong for you, not for everyone else.  So you need to figure out your own solution to your own problem. Its not 'them', its you.

PeterFnet says:

It's unfortunate that you don't play all those games you own. I'm sure there are others like you in the same boat. Don't categorize me as a sole complainer, and I won't categorize you as the only person who doesn't play games they own.

Bailey199719 says:

You cannot say it is "unacceptable" the xbox 360 would not be as good as it is now if it could play older games. The story is the same with the Xbox one. Imagine how CoD4 would look in that compared to MW3 on the 360. It would be utter crap.

PeterFnet says:

You are mistaken. The XBox360 can play original XBox games.

Rubios says:

PC gaming is the answer.
Playing KotOR at 1080p right now.

PeterFnet says:

I completely agree. I'm very excited for the Battlefield 4 release coming up.
You make an interesting point. Since the release of the original XBox, I've come to view the XBox products and PlayStation products to be essentially PCs.

Any chance of a confirmation that Halo 5 will make it to the 360?

Bailey199719 says:

Also the xbox 360 has been around for getting on 10 years. After 2016 there wont be enough people on the 360 to make it a cost effective venture.

wsantosf says:

I just want them to fix the video kinect, which used messenger, but after that service was retired, stopped working. Hoping it will include skype support. That was one of the reasons to have the gold subscription. Feel cheated.

Voxophone says:

Sweet, this is welcome news. Picking up an Xbox One on Day One, but I'm keeping 360. Glad they'll support it still for a while longer.

kenzibit says:

So does that mean after 2016 I can't earn achievements in a 360 game? Since Xbox Live won't support it again?

PeterFnet says:

I would think XBL service for the original 360 would last much longer.

larspassic says:

Still think they should make a special mode that lets you plug your 360 into HDMI in to your Xbox One, and have the voice commands / controller work on the 360

DavidinCT says:

It was discussed in one of of the xbox press statements but, there was not an offical NO...

danielgray says:

Video Skype is all i want. Plus more catch up tv for Australia

DavidinCT says:

2016, yea right. I'm sure through the first 6 months of the Xbox one, you will see titles come over but, just because Microsoft will support the 360, it does not mean all the AAA game desginers will.
Watch how the orginal Xbox was, after the 360 came out, sure there was new games 4-5 months later but, it died out in like 8 months. It will happen with the Xbox one release too.
Supporting the xbox 360 has nothing to do with Microsoft updating the console, it's about new game releases(that gives you value for your console), When you find out the next COD after ghosts comes out for Xbox One / PS4 only, you will know the 360 is dead...
When you find out all your fav AAA games no longer come out for the 360, you will know that it's time to move to a new console...