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rhlamb says:

They better show alot of games or I'm getting the PS4.

AngryNil says:

They aren't showing games today...

coldfish85 says:

I think they are going to demo some games to show the new features. So answer is probably yes. Its rumored that EA sports is going to be there too. Who knows what they have. FIFA???

DavidinCT says:

Hey that's not nice.
Yea, I am more of a 360 fan than a PS3 but, I have both and the reason, GAMES. I kind of agree with him/her a little. Not that I would skip the new Xbox by any means but, if the titles on the PS4 are better on release than the new Xbox, I might grab a PS4 first (of course dependong on who is released first of course).
The systems could be really awsome and have better specs than the best PCs but, if they dont have the games, then they are not worth the asking price.  It's all about the games.

Giddora says:

The only reason for _me_ personally to ever buy a Playstation would be Gran Turismo... Otherwise I'm perfectly fine with what the 360 gives me. :)

Really wish people would have read the announcement. Games will be showcased at E3 like they always are, today only a couple will be shown

TechsUK says:

They said they weren't showing games. Glimpse of a couple maybe. Follow majornelson and listen to their podcast.

Neo Nuke says:

FIFA will be shown for sure

Bob101910 says:

Showing at least Fifa and Call of Duty

ArtSooby says:

Hey! I most like see the console instead of games ... u remember PS4? No? Obviously, they didn't shot it! LOL!!!!

Warren Dance says:

Talk English plox

sqlchicken says:

Does it Instagram?!? [/troll]

TiLoBrown says:

LMFAO nice one :)

Sarang68 says:

Will it be too much to expect them to release price & worldwide availability? :-)

Traditionally they won't do that until after E3

Zokudu says:

I wish these live blogs worked on the WPC mobile app.

DavidinCT says:

+1 (at least MS has a app so you can view it)
I've always wondered why they cant stream the live blog videos and stuff on the WPcentral app....

coldfish85 says:

Only wp8. No love for 7.8
after all we are supporters too.

Zokudu says:

It doesn't stream on WP8 either.

Shantek says:

The official Microsoft app will stream it on wp8

There going the ps4 route there gonna talk bout the software...xbox exclusive games(MAYBE) and what to expect from this new system

DavidinCT says:

Nah, I think MS will talk numbers, it's support for 4k, blu-ray, etc, will it support 360 titles with out emulation AND some release titles. It's time to clear up all the rumors, with the PS4 releasing specs of the machine (and we still dont know what it looks like), Microsoft will do the same.
Everything we know as of now is Rumor, as Microsoft has not given ANYTHING out and that is cool. All should be known today...the wait is over.

jsnod25 says:

Hoping for 4k support...

DavidinCT says:

Same here, I need a new tv but, I'm waiting till CES next year before I buy. I'm sure we'll see 65" 4K tvs for around $3k next year....

5tephen says:

Supposedly the new Fifa gets shown off today but we'll see

Ok, it better have support for 7.8 .... -_-

Shambels says:

Better have good exclusives I can't stand halo and Gears anymore! I need more than a shooter!

Bigsro says:

Don't forget a new Forza and maybe BF4!!

chucky says:

They better have better exclusives than the ps4 on release date cause that will be a deal breaker.

We know its releasing by December

Is it gonna be HD on the live player

jsnod25 says:

Looks like it is so far... Cool music too on the countdown.

DeviousD says:

Call of Duty Ghosts running on frostbite.

No Unreal Tournament with frostbite :P

David Vega says:

Rare title please

giorgio h says:

It isnt started yet

Arsenic17 says:

this wil be a big disappointment. called it. comment after the presentation and post why you think it was a waste of your 60 minutes!

jsnod25 says:

Less of a waste of time than reading your comment? Not possible!

Arsenic17 says:

Less of the waste of time than your parents raising a failure? Not possible!

willied says:

So you were raised by his parents? Nice.

jsnod25 says:

Don't talk about my brother like that... He is really turning around a new leaf, he'll come around.

Give me live tiles, dual game, social networking or any form of "true" multitasking and I'm sold.

jsnod25 says:

I think it acts like a whole home DVR and lets you play from any TV in the house from one console... Not sure if you need a satellite device to make it work though, like an Apple TV like device. But pretty cool... At least that's what I heard. And supposed to have some serious multitasking ability, like pause a game go to twitter app, tweet something, browse the web and come back into the game without leaving it... Also be able to video chat while playing... Pretty cool stuff

oldboy 5150 says:

Its going to be on spike tv

wpguy says:

I find the feed works better on WPCentral than the direct feed from Microsoft. But definitely experiencing load issues. We need more power, Scotty!!

swanny78 says:

Here we go......

jsnod25 says:


fpostrow says:

Game on! #XboxReveal

horbeme says:

i can see of here any cideo

DaveGx says:

Damn, this thing already looks better than the PS4 and it just started!  I cant friggin wait!

Bartdog says:

work is blocking the video and the app has crashed three times.  WILL THIS THING WORK WITH/REPLACE MY DVR???  I'LL PREORDER ONE IF IT WILL RECORD 2+SHOWS ACTING AS A DVR.

Bartdog says:


rohanagarwal says:

My live app just keeps buffering... I am sooooooooooo pissed...i wanted to watch this live.. :@

DaveGx says:

Uh oh.  No female speakers so far.  The feminazis are going to be pissed again, like they were at Sony.

FIFA exclusive!!!! I'm sold.

jamalalf says:

Bummer, I wanted to see Kinct gaming :( What about the casual player, xbox?

K_lando says:

Wow, next gen call of duty can slide, lean and jump over obstacles.  The future of gaming! LMAO.
I kid... I get what they mean... but it still sounds funny...

jsnod25 says:

They are desperately trying to catch up to Battlefield... Missed the mark!

wpguy says:

One step closer still to playing movie-like games... Awesome real-time detail!

DavidinCT says:

Cant wait till E3 when they show more detail and games !!!!

jlynnm350z says:

Buy it and the games will follow