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Microsoft's IE team partners with ESPN for new World Cup 2014 news site

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team has announced a partnership with ESPN for the creation of a new website that will not only cover the upcoming 2014 World Cup soccer tournament but also incorporate the latest web browser programming features.

As shown on Microsoft's Exploring IE blog, the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials website has been created to offer soccer fans the latest headlines from the tournament that begins on June 12, along with match schedules of the teams involved, a history of the World Cup and much more. There's even a 3D globe that can be navigated to check out specific highlights from the long history of the tournament.

However, the site also gives users a chance to check out what's possible with a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer 11, much like what Microsoft did in May when it partnered with 22tracks on their website. The blog states:

To create this immersive sports experience, we utilized the latest HTML5 standards including CSS3 animations, transitions and 3D transforms, WebGL using Three.js to create 3D navigation, and Pointer Events for input that works great across touch, mouse and pen. The 3D models and textures for each of the player graphics are loaded asynchronously for a faster experience. In order to render text content for the team names, match scores, and days in WebGL, we rendered them to a 2D texture using the 2D Canvas API and used Three.js to push those textures into WebGL. We used Ember.js to keep the WebGL content in sync with the rest of the site.

In other words, there's a lot of programming that's been put into this World Cup website that Microsoft has helped ESPN to create. Don't worry; these features should also work on other modern browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

What do you think of Microsoft helping to create yet another website that's meant to promote the use of Internet Explorer?

Source: Microsoft



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silverdoe says:

In the mean time, ESPN doesn't bother to update their apps on WP! LOL

Exactly ! what I was about to say.

carlosrdd says:

How about MS partners with ESPN to fix their app and bring watch ESPN....

luimende says:

The life of a WP app. Release and forget.

FBirraque says:

No FIFA World Cup Official App either!

Mavee Shah says:

Would love to see that partnership leading to develop an app for us to watch live

KM2612 says:

I doubt that will happen anytime soon

pazces84 says:

That would be cool.

TechAbstract says:

They need to fix ESPN website for WP8.1

TechAbstract says: can't play videos on IE11 WP8.1 unless you open videos in new tab

They need to fix Watch ESPN app for Windows. Video streaming sucks on my Surface Tablet.

El_Burro says:

This is the second time I see the world cup in the news today.  The other news is not so good.

Only the second? It's only 2 weeks away, it's everywhere.

El_Burro says:

Good point but since I live in the US and I'm not a soccer fan I don't see that much world cup news.

erzhik says:

Referees from friendlies are not the same as the ones at the world cup. The world cup referees are veterans of football.

El_Burro says:

OK but games leading up to the world cup are tainted.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Said the guy who understands little to nothing about football, based on an article he caught on NY Times.

El_Burro says:

Easy Tiger! I only know what I read in the NY times which is a reputable organization. They have supporting documentation and multiple sources. You might want to read the article before you get upset. Besides as you point out I know nothing about soccer (football is the game with the oblong ball) so why read my comments anyways?

any referee at the professional level is a seasoned veteran. the ones at the world cup are the best, but not necessarily the most seasoned.

blackhawk556 says:

How about an updated to the ESPN website

Leo Lobo says:

That's a gud move... But a Windows phone app is quintessential...

Good at the broad scale. We are actually lacking in awarnessa dn therefore we are not able to create trust from user point of view. So this is the another example how powerful safe secure fast and fluid IE11 is.
Since 3years, I'm using bing and IE, and they are the best product that I liked till date. Infact I have seen both of the product growing so its a valuable and asset of the company...

Roach26 says:

Most of the sport apps on the other platforms already updated for the world cup. WP get left in the dark again I guess... #TeamBrazil

Just Bubba says:

Try Onefootball Brasil.

Roach26 says:

Thanks. Definitely going to try it out.

oseansaditya says:

football not soccer, try to mention this to anyone who loves football but call it soccer

And a World Cup where the whole world participates, unlike the laughably named World Series.. Ha!

Football is the name for a group of sports that are played on foot. In addition to association football, there is gridiron football, rugby football, Gaelic football, and Aussie rules football. In the UK, the most popular form is association football, so they just call it football. In the US and Canada, gridiron football is the most popular, so we call it football. And the term soccer originated in the UK anyway, short for as"soc"iation football. There are other countries with English as a first language outside North America that call it soccer as well. It's all on Wikipedia and cited if you care to look it up.
The MLB is by far the most highly skilled baseball league in the world. And when the world series started, the US was the only place baseball was played.

luimende says:

This is very informative, I will not stop calling it soccer now.

Seeing this is part of the same company thats giving us subpar wp game support i doubt anything will change

coldfilter says:

It's called football not soccer

_Emi_ says:

stop being retarded... it's called either way, in fact, in other languages you can say football and soccer in the same sentence and it will be perfectly fine. why? because it's the same thing... and you are complaining about something dumb.

coldfilter says:

It's called football not soccer

It's football. FIFA, not FISA. Just because America can't cope with the name doesn't mean we have to suffer.

Stop being blind and close minded. There is only one country in the world where this sport is called soccer.
In the rest of the world is called the right way: football.

Football is the name for a group of sports that are played on foot. In addition to association football, there is gridiron football, rugby football, Gaelic football, and Aussie rules football. In the UK, the most popular form is association football, so they just call it football. In the US and Canada, gridiron football is the most popular, so we call it football. And the term soccer originated in the UK anyway, short for as"soc"iation football. There are other countries with English as a first language outside North America that call it soccer as well. It's all on Wikipedia and cited if you care to look it up.

You're right. Soccer was coined in England to disassociate it from rugby football. When Rugby became common as a term in its own right and dropped the football (pun intended), the beautiful game reclaimed football as its own. America has done similar with gridiron football, dropping the first word and using just football, and with the rise of proper football in the country had to resort to soccer as a modifier. In America. Outside of the world of poofs' rugby there is only one word for it.

The US and Canada may be the only countries to use soccer almost exclusively, but it is also widely used in Australia, new Zealand, and south Africa. Are you calling gridiron football gay rugby? Do you really want to get into this?

No. I don't want to get into gay rugby at all, thanks.

Nice save jackass, don't talk about shirt you don't understand.

What you on about shirts for? Is that one of those big burly gridiron shirts? The one worn by those hunky men in padding and silly helmets running at each other.. Then there's rugby players getting broken arms and lips and skulls with no protection... Thanks for being a good sport, sausage.

malikstorme says:

It's called Football. That's why we make the difference with AMERICAN FOOTBALL. You can call it Soccer, Fútbol, Calcio.... whatever. All I know it's the best sport that exists.

blackprince says:

So does this means the site looks like crap on webkit browsers, I hope so.

anandv427 says:

The website crashed on my 520 two times

sayan676 says:

Onefootball Brazil does the job pretty well on my phone.

ViniBT says:

Great website! History and stats shown are awesome.

_Emi_ says:

cool Microsoft partnership with ESPN but... World Cup? ZzzzZz overreated boring tournament. especially if it's in Brasil ewww, imagine.. annoting brazilians everywhere.
I must admit I feel bad for the people who are getting kicked from their almost homeless house because Brasil wants to "clean" the city, or all the people who are against it, just like this teacher who complains about world cup because education in whatever place he is teacher sucks, so he complains about no money for education, but yes for money for a useless world cup.
It's not like I care about Brasil much anyway, but ironically I have to admit I have a fortaleza shirt in front of my face. ;)

Microsoft seems to partnership sometimes for useless things, but what can we do? I don't expect people use IE for the site if it's obvious it always end up working in other browsers. at least it will work in IE which is good, for people interested in ESPN and how they cover world cup... it's not like I expect them being the best anyway.

I guess for the few who have no clue about the competition it makes it a benefit to show that they help big brands optimize their web presence. To bad they cant keep their service providers in check when it comes to web development for wp8.x

erzhik says:

If your idea of overated and boring is being the most watched event in the world, good luck to you.

Edwardlb20 says:

Are you new John?

He's coming from Neowin

Edwardlb20 says:

Always room for new people at WPCentral, welcome John

Sure, he's quite a good writer

ravi.tandon says:

His name reminded me of Inspector Callahan, welcome Harry, I mean John. I hope you and Win8.1 family prevails.

explosive0 says:

Maybe they can fix their mobile site or put out a decent app. It'll help if the NBA site on Windows Phone doesn't default to a WAP site.

Would be nice if ms added a reporting tool to wp ie like they do for the desktop so sites that dont follow correct guidelines for desktop user agent & basically use only mobile site would be notified of their incompetence

SumairB says:

Those team posters look awesome.

RaRa85 says:

I wish they team up with ESPN to get the WatchESPN app out for WP8.

ramrac says:

They should spend less time on publicity stunts, and more work on improving their Javascript performance from abysmal to "on the level of other modern browsers".

Nokia5110 says:

Internet explorer, is very very very slow on PC & WP its not worth having it. Damn, I cannot change the default on WP!?????

MS should stop schoorooooling and working interface with otg.

Judas20 says:

Look everyone there is a new guy named John, let's beat him up and steal his WP and surface.

monigal2 says:

What about the score center app? Why no update like Droid and iPhone...smh. And why no watch ESPN?

Sau Paulo says:

Hi ,

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