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Project Detroit

Microsoft has kicked off "Project Detroit", a concept car using various connected technologies including Windows Phone to give developers ideas for next generation automobiles.

Currently, Microsoft has embraced the SYNC/OVO system which curiously has little Windows Phone support at all. However, they are looking to change that with Project Detroit which extends Microsoft's vision for an all-connected future. The project is built off of Ford SYNC but it incorporates just about everything Microsoft has control over including Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and Bing.

Project Detroit

The demo car should also raise some eyebrows for fellow car enthusiasts:

"To create Project Detroit, a 2012 Ford Mustang with a 1967 fastback body, Microsoft teamed up with Ryan Friedlinghaus, an award-winning automotive designer based in Corona, Calif., and star of the Discovery Channel's Velocity network reality TV series "Inside West Coast Customs."

Just as exciting is the Windows Phone app that was created to control everything in the car,

"Using a Windows Phone, remotely watch and listen to the live video stream and audio from the Kinects embedded in Project Detroit. From this same application, your Windows Phone becomes like a microphone for the car’s external audio PA system."

More impressive is the ability to control other added functionality to the car including the accent lighting, the horn sound “ringtone”, activating the “projector screen” and sending a message to the rear windshield all using the Windows Phone app.

Project Detroit

While such a car-system is merely for demonstration purposes, it really sets the imagination on fire thinking of all the different things one could do with a car (and some money). We don't imagine Ford or other car companies will be throwing all of these technologies in the car in the near future, but safe to say system like Microsoft Kinect as they become miniaturized will be inserted into more and more everyday applications. Likewise, with Windows 8 running on ARM processors, the ability to transplant these various systems should be easier as time goes on.

WP Central

To see "Project Detroit" in action, tune into Inside West Coast Customs Sunday, March 25 at 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT).  We'll try to bring you the video when it goes up.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Amir, for the tip!



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selfcreation says:

this reminds me of the WINDOWS 8 cop cars in Europe , hehe

willied says:

I wish they wouldn't have put those gaudy oversized wheels and tacky lighting on the Mustang. Otherwise, it's pretty cool.

Sicarius123 says:

I've been really struggling to find an LCD supporting Windows 8 resolutions in 8.9" to try and build my own in dash Windows 8 solution.
Metro is so touch friendly I never want to use some crappy UI touch screen headunit again.

RaRa85 says:

Man I can't wait to see this!

caliborn says:

I can't stand that show but ill endure a little bit of it just to see the tech they put in it....

gsquared says:

This is something I had mentioned about six months ago. Nobody has paid attention to the technologies MSFT has been working on in the automobile industry.
And if nobody noticed, thats one badass gunmetal Lumia 800.

mediaprizm says:

Its extremely wonderful and nice technology and I am too much impressed to see this car connectivity using Windows Phone.
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reah22 says:

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