Microsoft's UK office latest to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Microsoft's office in the United Kingdom has joined the many, many people and groups who have undertaken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (known as motor neurone disease in the UK).

The video shows 20 Microsoft employees, including Anand Krishnan, the UK leader for the company's App Platform, braving the cold as they collectively dump ice water from their individual buckets. All of the people in the video donated money to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Krishnan also challenged Microsoft's overall UK leader, Michel Van der Bel, to do the same, along with the UK offices of Facebook and Google.

Microsoft UK joins current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and former CEOs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to take up the ice bucket challenge.

Donate: Motor Neurone Disease Association

Source: Microsoft UK


Reader comments

Microsoft's UK office latest to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Wow, regardless if you think people wasting water, this is for a Great cause, and some people having fun at the same damn time.
It's all good. Right?!

I'm not sure who thought of this campaign but this is brilliant. It's brought so much awareness to ALS that many big celebrities have donated because of it and their fans have followed in their footsteps.

Best part: "All of the people in the video donated money to the Motor Neurone Disease Association". That's all that matters.

What was first a good ALS awareness action, became a totally retarded selfpromotion bullshit.
What the f**** has this stupidness to do with windows phone?????
People get deleted becouse of offtopic messages and u put this interesting(NOT!) bladder-fullness-o-meter on?!?!? Ant that almost every day??
What is wrong with you?!

I'm starting to think that no one in your friend's circle has "challenged you" and you are feeling a little left out. Good... Let's keep it that way.
It's bringing awareness to ALS (this is a good cause) & If you think that wpcentral has gone too far BC of that well... Idk what to say.

As the only way to participate or be a part of a awarness action is by gatting challenged...nuff said.
Ur brains potencial obviously very limited by selfpromotion and marketing dayindayout rape.

Why dont u read and UNDERSTAND my first post before u reply and try being a smartass?
As i stated first"what started as a good ALS awareness action......."
And i know more about ALS than wikipedia...... u can figure out why, on ur own.

And also: are u really so shortminded, that u are trying to tell us that the thousands of retards emptying buckets on youtune and facebook are all also DONATING money???
Wait isnt there allready the 257th compilation of als bucket fails on youtube??
In reality this is allready totally distorted!

Yeah, I was being a smart ass because you were being an ass-hole. Not everyone is able to donate but if all these water bucket challenges are inspiring CEO, celebrities and people with deep pockets to donate - Who gives a fuck how it makes you feel? This article may not be related directly to Windows phone but it's for a good cause and it's okay... Don't see why it would upset anyone so much? Your post is negative and distasteful for all the families and people dealing with this. I applaud wpcentral for posting articles like this and everyone who has donated even if they didn't get wet with a bucket full water and ice.

@Evolutionheavy, He is speaking in reference to company/self promotion. On that note he is correct. It is akin to Ferguson, mo., and folks like the Reverend Al Sharpton inserting himself in a hot bed of anger. Why? His presence, alone could unintentionally motivate a crowd to up the ante. Is no other Reverend, Priest, or Family Patriarch available to help cope?

Two problems:

1. Apparently most average people don't even know what this is supposed to be. They just see their friends doing it; think "huh, I can do that too. It's nothing. I'm so cool" and then post it on facebook so others can see their coolness. They don't seem to even know what ALS is.

2. To take the ALS challenge one is also supposed to DONATE money, no matter how much. You can't just empty ice water on your head and say "There, challenge completed". No, it's not. Where's the money??

1. I'd say "most people", instead of "most average people". You think each and every one of those celebs knows what ALS is? Most are doing this now simply because they get challenged and don't want to seem like wusses.

2. This is THE most important point. Stupid slacktivists, just wasting precious water and thinking they've done something great for "the cause" without even donating. Morons.