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Microsoft's Windows 8 and Surface event receives auto-tune treatment

Ever wondered what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky would sound like auto-tuned? We sure have, and so has Justin Angel, Principal Engineer for Windows Phone experience at Nokia, who has created a short montage of clips from the Surface and Windows 8 event.

The unveiling of both products took place last week, and while it's great to see the desktop OS live and available, we can't help but enjoy this version of the presentation slightly more.

The Surface RT tablet has also gone on sale (with orders shipping) since last week, and is available in three versions:

  • $499 - 32GB without Touch Cover
  • $599 - 32GB with black Touch Cover
  • $699 - 64GB with black Touch Cover

Consumers appear to be lining up in strong numbers to try out or purchase a Surface of their own, and our Daniel Rubino headed on down town in New York to check out the excitement at Times Square.

As well as an intensive marketing campaign, Microsoft will also be opening up Surface Experience Centres for the public to see what all the fuss is about.

Windows 8 is also available to download from Microsoft, as well as purchase from all participating retailers. We took a look at not only where to purchase a copy of the latest version of Windows, but also which apps are essential after installation.

Source: YouTube



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DaveGx says:

That was bad. But then again, all auto tuning is bad.

CyclingNut says:

Ummm. I like autotune gags as much as the next guy but this is pretty awful.

pugface says:

Off topic the surfaces dual cameras are 1 mp I finally found out

jkercado says:

Autotuning in Symphony Of Science videos is pretty cool.

NIST says:

That wasn't good at all.

OMG, that was awful... and I hate myself for having clicked play knowing in advance that auto-tuned anything makes Hulk seem tame compared to me.

willied says:

That was pretty horrific.

Not good. Thanks for the effort though.

aubreyq says:

Um, "effort"?

ScarletStar says:

The first 8 seconds were kinda cool xD

bono5112 says:

Blaaaahhhhhhh stupid

gsquared says:

That was good, but not as good as this:

wpguy says:

Uh.... I'm glad for Justin that he has a day job. ;)