Microsoft's Windows Phone monthly photo contest winners

Photo by Max. K

Microsoft Windows Phone Monthly Photo Contest - Pet Photos

Microsoft held its first Windows Phone Monthly Photo Contest last month. The first contest them was pet photos and Microsoft received hundreds of photo entries.

After sifting through them all the Windows Team Blog staff picked a handful of entries that stood out for their creativity and execution.  These photos are  highlighted the Blog's website and include the above photo by Max. K which was taken with a HTC Mozart.

There is no word on what the contest theme will be for this month but once we catch wind of it, we'll pass it on. In the meantime, if you're sharing photos via Twitter, use the hashtag #WPPhoto and Microsoft may highlight them on their official handle.

You can find the full selection of pet photos here at the Windows Team Blog website and some of our favorites after the break.

Photo by Adrien Di-Santo

Photo by Adrien Di-Santo and taken with a HTC Titan

Photo by Joey Bowles

Photo by Joey Bowles and taken with a Samsung Focus S

Photo by Ryan Schmidt

Photo by Ryan Schmidt and taken with a HTC Trophy



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RaRa85 says:

Wow! The lighting on the first picture is perfect.

Pricop says:

Wondering why there is no Lumia winner? Because the camera sucks ;).

barry.weston says:

As with any phone - camera, it is 90% ID10T, only 10% hardware problems.

Smg-Uk says:

Nope Pricop is right I had a HTC Mozart first and now a Lumia 800 and the Nokia is awful the auto focus is shite deff won't be getting a Nokia wp8

barry.weston says:

I don't have a Lumia at all, but have used one extensivly. No camera issues at all. My pic was a winner :) but was shot with my personal device, my trusty focus.

Jnbs says:

How many times do I use the camera? Sometimes How many times do I use the NOKIA EXCLUSIVE APPS? Everyday. I don't care about the camera but the functionality of the phone. And tomorrow that "camera problem" will be addressed with the Lumia Pureview. Now Nokia will have the best software in camera PLUS the exclusive apps and a INSPIRED design. (Not trying to defend Nokia just saying)

Smg-Uk says:

Apps exclusive or not don't bother me but a poor camera is a dealbreaker for me, and so pureview might make nice pics but that's not to say it will have a decent autofocus system.

westwaswon says:

So you can have nice pics without a good autofocus? Hmmmm

Smg-Uk says:

Yes because i am talking about how slow it is to autofocus its pathetic but yeah if you willing to wait around and your taking a photo of something static then it would be ok.

sicarmy says:

Why I didn't win :( My picture was very nice : http://i.imgur.com/FdUKu.jpg (Lumia 800)
Good job for the other photo and the WP team :D

Awwwwwwww, look at teh kitteh!!! :D (I'm a sucker for cats!)

I freaking love these pics... especially the cat in the bag! :D I hope someone will release the pics as a Windows 8 theme pack.

truthsforme says:

these are fantastic. good job winners! I have to step my game up for the next challenge =D

Seasword says:

The first and last photo feels momentous.