Microsoft's Zune Pass Survey (Updated)

In the Redmond, WA Area? Have two hours to kill? If so, Microsoft User Research is looking for Zune Pass users to participate in a two hour study. The study will take place on Microsoft’s Redmond campus with participants offered a choice of new Microsoft software, hardware or games from a list of our current most popular titles.

Sound interesting? To sign up for the survey just send the following information to uccoord@microsoft.com with “Zune” in the title:

  • Name/Phone Number
  • Job/Company
  • Are you a monthly subscriber to Zune Pass?
  • How frequently do you watch movies online on your computer/console (Hulu, Netflix, Zune, etc.)?
  • How often do you make online purchases with a debit or credit card?

The study is between 3:30-6:30pm. Microsoft hopes to use the feedback and opinions for what they are describing as the next generation of Microsoft services and products.

UPDATE: Microsoft has pushed the date of the survey back and extended the hours.  The new date and time for the Zune Pass Survey is July 8th from 8:00am until 6:30pm PDT.  You still need to be in Redmond to participate but at least now you've got a little time to make the trek.  Thanks Eli for the update!

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firebrewd says:

Zune Phone, please...

WixosTrix says:

Lame. I would totally do this if I was up there.

"How frequently do you watch movies online on your computer/console (Hulu, Netflix, Zune, etc.)?" Well, if that isn't the most telling question I've seen in ages...DANGIT MICROSOFT JUST BUY NETFLIX ALREADY

vedichymn says:

**** I would've done this in a heartbeat, if I had more than 4 hours notice.

HeyCori says:

Microsoft, y u no put survey online?!!