MiniSquadron flies the friendly skies as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

MiniSquadron lead

Last week’s Xbox Live Deal of the Week was an unexciting repeat, but things are looking up this week. We’ve got a game that’s never gone on sale before, and it’s a relatively recent release, too. MiniSquadron from Supermono and Fat Pebble Studios is now on sale for $1.99, down from $2.99.

MiniSquadron is a fast-paced and challenging 2D aerial combat game. With 9 maps and 63 different aircraft to unlock, it certainly has a lot to keep players interested. The colorful graphics and classical music impress, and even the menus are better than average. Unfortunately, MiniSquadron is also a fairly buggy game, with a broken Achievement worth a whopping 50 GamerScore. The developers haven’t even updated it for Mango, either. Despite these major problems, it’s still an enjoyable game – see our review to learn all of the pros and cons.

MiniSquadron is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Fly over here to get it from the Marketplace. Thanks to Jimbob73 for the tip!

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Zebrasqual says:

they need to fix games before making them dotw !!!

havox22 says:

How do I get a refund...this game wont launch and I bought before trying

MacAarburger says:

strange... the spot in the marketplace usually reserved for dotw titles is now occupied by gerbil physics... and civ rev (which i already bought this morning) has disappeared again from the marketplace...
the release of xbox live titles get's stranger every week 8(

Don't buy this game.

I have trialled it and the controls don't work properly. The joypad only allows you to go backwards or forwards, not up or down which means you can't shoot at anything above or below you.

Someones having a right laugh at our expense AGAIN. Why would anyone buy a game that doesn't work. Just read the reviews.

It's no wonder I can't convince any if my friends to switch to WP when they are putting out rubbish like this.

Paul Acevedo says:

If the controls were really broken, do you think we'd have given it an overall positive review? Come on. That's a control bug you ran into, and we posted a fix a while back:


Are you trying to tell me I imagined it. I only trialled for the first time ever last night, so unless it has been fixed since I wrote the first review (12 hours ago) then it still doesn't work.

Game controls do not work on HTC Titan or HTC Trophy.

Just tried installing again. Doesn't work.

Paul Acevedo says:

The solution is to press home and then restart the game again, not reinstall it. Did you try that?

If you do as I said and it still gives you problems, please email Supermono and Fat Pebble. People need to pressure them into releasing an update to fix the game's issues.

Tried that and it still doesn't work.

I would have happily purchased it, had it of worked.

I don't think it's right that it's DOTW when it doesn't work. It shouldn't even be available for purchase.

MacAarburger says:

you need to restart your phone if the controls are stuck.
that fixes it for a while. then you're back where you started.