Mobile Nations at GDC 2013 podcast

Simon Sage, gaming editor for Mobile Nations, joins Rene to talk about PAX East and GDC 2013, the state of mobile gaming in general, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone in specific, and the explosion of free-to-play titles. Also, Facebook's mobile event.

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Shantek says:

Got a dodge tag at the top

I am very pleased with how this years GDC turned out. So many games and announcements. The highlight for me will have to be the availability of Unity for windows phone.

rodneyej says:

I thought Unity was already announced for WP???

rodneyej says:

About that Facebook phone... Something tells me that Facebook isn't going to just stop at Android.. Call me crazy but I suspect that FB has plans to do a WP version. As crazy as this may sound it just might be so, and I can understand how this would work, having two versions of a FB Phone. It would be similar to how HTC has both Android, and WP devices, only in another sense altogether. Wishful thinking I admit, but its possible. I just don't see Facebook putting their eggs in only one basket.

They can't even bother to make an official app you think they'll make a phone? Hah!

Nakazul says:

Another GDC with nothing on WP :'(

HaibaneReki says:

have you guys ever considered creating a thumbnail image for these podcasts? ^_^