Mobile Nations live at Facebook phone event, 10am PT/1pm ET. Join us!

Facebook is holding their "New home on Android" event in Menlo Park, California today and we're HALO dropping Phil Nickinson, Iron Man style, to bring you all the live coverage you can handle!

Personally, we don’t care for Facebook too much and Android while we have respect, is still too busy for our likes.  What could go wrong when you combine one messy UI/UX with another? We’re about to find out.

10am PDT, 1pm EDT. Join us here:



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Olivion17 says:

Ha first.... But on a topic I don't care about smh lol.

B_Sack says:

Its a Facebook homescreen.  Big deal, amirite?

riffraffy says:


NIST says:

While it may make for a great app, a whole phone centered around this is ridiculous. And it being an app that doesn't even need to go through any approval process is telling.

ricbon says:

my parents house is across from the HQ

Tafsern says:

Please, make it stop!

jcsoriano18 says:

I would love to see Facebook hijack the search and ad on Android away from Google...this would totally make things more interesting.

Yes we get it Daniel, you don't like Facebook, for the 100th time.

TJWINS says:

I agree. Facebook is very important to any platform and it is important to many people as it is the most used platform to keep in touch. I really don't know why they "we" don't like it. Regardless a great Facebook app as well as a Instagram app is mandatory for growth whether you like it or not.

Watch him 'love' Facebook as soon as they decide to release an official app.

Hur hur...um, there is an official app and I've also said numerous times that while Facebook is lame, it's important to a lot of people, which is why we ALWAYS COVER IT.

If you guys don't like the fact that I don't like FB, well, just too damn bad. Personally, I think you're daft giving that much information over to a company with worse privacy controls than Google (which is so hip and popular to despise here at WPC).

'That much information' is a matter of perspective. You have full control over what you share, Facebook doesn't scan your hard disk and automatically upload stuff. Don't share private information if you're so obsessed with privacy. Simple.

I completely agree with you about Facebook, Daniel. Yes it is an important app, but I've never seen the point in it. But to each his own.

ikissfutebol says:

Daniel, I guess you don't use Linkedin either.

MikeSo says:

I think the point isn't that you don't like FB (who cares if you like it or not, really, as long as you report on it?), it's that it would be nice if you didn't have to point out that you don't like it every time you mention it... We get it, you don't like Facebook.

ololmarc says:

because he's a msfanboi

K_lando says:

Helio called and left a message.
The message said, "Remember me?"


Damn, forgot about Helio...that was an interesting company.

cedarlog says:

and how is this related to windows phone oO

Mobile Nations is our parent company, and if you don't think Facebook announcing a "Facebook phone" is of interest to those following mobile news, especially Windows Phone with their precarious market situation, well...

RyanAMG says:

Hey Daniel does this mean Mobile Nations will have another site FBCentral? ;)

At this point, no as it falls under Android ;) But if a FB take off (highly unlikely, imo) then we'll respond accordingly.

mrnavkhan says:

We all are here to get some cool window phone news not for other f••king os

You're not required to read or comment on articles that you are personally not interested in, you could just skip clicking the link, reading the story, logging in and then leaving a comment...just want to set that straight ;)

NIST says:

Damn! Dan is throwing hay makers left and right. Everyone duck!

mrnavkhan says:

Ok its easier to switch to android

mrnavkhan says:

Hello Daniel which os your using as your daily life

fwaits says:

Clearly the Z10! ;)

lmao, sad to say I still *don't* have a Z10. Kev is supposed to get me one though.

Re: what's my daily OS? It's Windows Phone, plain and simple. I don't have an iPhone and I do occasionally play with my Galaxy Nexus to keep abreast of Android OS.

Sean D. says:

Funny... this is damn near the exact same thing I say when people leave comments about what WP needs that "android and ios have".

PipoDj says:

Well WPcentral is owned by Mobile Nations and the invitation is for mobile nations and anything related to mobile nations can be reported by Wpcentral

JohnCz says:

True but just because they can doesn't mean they should.

TheJoester09 says:

Just because you can read an article on WP Central doesn't mean you should.
See how that works?


I just find it humourous that 90% of our articles are Windows Phone news, with about 9% talking about Microsoft/Windows 8. Like once a month we post something that's less than 100 words about another platform and people complain...I don't take kindly to that because it's petty.

Xaphoon148 says:

Don't take us out of our bobble please... ;)

shahidw says:

Daniel Rubino seems to be in a foul mood. Haha!!

NIST says:

WWE is coming to XBox and Dan is cutting his first promo. He's gonna pick up a steel chair any minute now.

Be nice dude...

NIST says:

Dude, we all love Dan.

TechnoTim says:


Agent-P says:

I second this. #2DanWithLove

mrnavkhan says:


We might need to make that a thing...I think lol

dkp23 says:

seems like they are announcing facebook phone centered around people which is essentially what windows phone is?

paulheu says:

lol, first ten minutes he is basically describing Windows Phone.. what a fail..

Wow, that looks like a hot mess.  I don't want all of the random people on my facebook plastered on my homescreen.  WP for the win.

Well, it feels like WP8, and People Hub .... The sad part is MSFT failed to really showcase the power of its own system. Now everybody is going to associate all these lives news to FB instead of WP8

If WP did this I would be using a Z10 right now.

TheJoester09 says:

So basically it's Windows Phone, only ugly and laggy?

Ahhh the Windows Phone fanboy...

LongLeggs says:

The problem I have with FB Home, while the idea is neat, it's more visual than substance.  I feel the same experience on WP8 and 7 give both visual and substance.  But again, it's all about the marketing....

And it will only support the newer flagship phones.  Looks like older devices can kick rocks.  Makes sense, it's the Android way.

oddom says:

Where did it say that?

paulheu says:

HTC and AT&T just made themselves an unreliable partner for Microsoft and WP8.

Agent-P says:

Not necessarily. They're both copmanies who have the objective of making profit. If multiple companies come to them and ask to partner with them, then why wouldn't they?

Lol.  Now Android devices will hace a facebook logo on them too.  Can you imagine the Verizon edition.
Verizon Wireless
4g LTE
Beats Audio
lol.  It's going to take up the entire back of the phone.

MikeSo says:

Facebook Home looks a lot like the FB integration in Windows Phone in its concept. Maybe MS should have tried to sell their phones that way instead of calling it a "people hub"?

Sean D. says:

Seems like this is a few years too late.. Maybe this will make the fanbois cry for an instagram camera next.

kirklyt says:

Dang, more bad luck for our 3rd citizen Facebook for Windows Phone app.

badcat160 says:

Just like people hub on windows phone