No conspiracy here

New book takes a look at Stephen Elop at Nokia

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New Lumia ringtones available on SoundCloud

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More Nokia websites pushing users to Microsoft Mobile

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Nokia to shut down factory in India on November 1

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Nokia ordered by Mexican court to cover warranties

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HERE Maps and the future with Microsoft may be changing

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Microsoft moves the old Lumia UK site to its own portal

From Nokia to Microsoft

Microsoft's new Mobile Devices site goes live


Windows Phone OS to drop 'Phone' from name, lose Nokia

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Microsoft 'betrayed' Finland, says Finnish finance minister of layoffs


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New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand


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Windows Phones

Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

Windows Phones

Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 released, Lumia SensorCore SDK out of private beta

Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Mobile World Congress: Nokia Press Event

Nokia 2012 Mobile World Congress Event

Nokia will be holding a Press Event on Monday, February 27, 2012, the first day of Mobile World Congress. The event is scheduled for 9:30am local time (that's 2:30am EST) and we are expecting Windows Phones to be on the agenda.  Look for more details on the Lumia 610 and 900 to be discussed and maybe even some of the other rumored Lumia numbers (719 maybe?).

If you're awake and would like to watch in, Nokia will have a live stream of the event that you can catch here.

If you're not able to watch the live stream, have no fear.  Our Dan Rubino will be in attendance taking notes and we will have all the details up on the site as quick as we can.


Reader comments

Mobile World Congress: Nokia Press Event


My alarm is set for 2:20 that gives me 10 min
I hope we get some positive news other than what has happened on day 0

Pretty much all has leaked already; don't expect any surprises. Two WP7 devces, new Sympian camera phone, new Asha phone. That's it. 
All other WP7 phones will be announced this Fall when Apollo is released. Then the excitement begins. 

Wish I didn't have work tomorrow I would stay up and watch. I'm sure Daniel will have all the new up in the morning I'll have some good reading for my morning coffee time

Tomorrow is my first day of classes of this semester. Although my first class is at 1:00 p.m.... Decisions, decisions.

My first class is tomorrow as well. But mine starts @ 8AM. I actually debated whether I should wake up to watch it and then try to sleep before class again. Came to the decision that first day of class is too important to take the risk.