Headed to Mobile World Congress? Pick up the official Windows Phone NFC Badge app.

For those in the media with Windows Phones or the few of you industry folks who are headed to the massive Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month, you’ll want to grab the new official Windows Phone 8 NFC Badge App.

The GSMA Press Office just sent out an email for Android and Windows Phone users on how to get the app and enable the pass features. Starting last year, physical badges for MWC had an NFC chip in them and this  year they’re going a step further by using NFC-enabled apps. The pass is necessary to get in to the tightly secured event which attracts nearly 60,000 attendees over a few days.

With the NFC app, you’ll be able to

  • Validate your badge against Photo ID one time only, after which you may enter the event without further ID checks
  • Pass through dedicated NFC Badge entrance lanes at the North and South Entrances

The app is easy enough to use. Simply download and enter your registration information, then upload a nice “Passport quality” photo. The rest of the validation will have to wait until you arrive on scene and pick up your physical badge:

  • Once registered (and in receipt of your Final Confirmation) download the Android 4 or Windows Phone 8 (WP8) NFC Badge app. The NFC Badge app is also embedded in the Android version of the GSMA app
  • Log into the app using the same username (email) and password you used to create your GSMA Staff registration account
  • Upload a passport quality photo of yourself to your NFC Badge
  • You will be asked to show your photo ID upon collection of your physical badge, to validate your photo in the app and to confirm your identity
  • Once your photo is validated, you may use any of the NFC Badge access lanes at the venue and enter the event without having to repeatedly show photo ID
  • The application will show the status of your badge as red, amber or green  - with green meaning fully validated and OK to use without your ID document.
  • Please note that the NFC Badge is only valid with a physical badge

Kind of a neat thing to have and we’re sure to make use of it. It’s also nice because this is the first time the GSMA has made an official Windows Phone app of any kind for Mobile World Congress. Here’s hoping that an official event app with maps is also forthcoming.

You can pick up NFC Badge (GSMA) here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: NFC Badge



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Ha, no iPhones!! Maybe the iPhone 5S will "invent" that feature.

New: Magic Field Communication!

CJ Thunder says:

Trolol, I was gonna say the same thing about ios.

inteller says:

lol, so how will the Apple users get into the event?

hardcoreplur says:

They have MacWorld. MWC is for the big kids.

This is an option, not mandatory. Physical badges will still have NFC too.

hacer619 says:

poor apples

LaNiQuE says:

Lol you guys are funny! This is pretty cool... Who wants a physical badge when you have this ?

hwangeruk says:

why does this not use the wallet app?

cowboy620 says:

Good question it should, but who cares as long as IOS don't have, we have the braggin rights LOL :D

saket87 says:

They could stick the physical card in the iPhone using tape and use it to tap :)