Windows Phone Central Contest - Win a Nokia Lumia 710 with Mobilicity

Mobilicity and Windows Phone Central Photo Contest

Windows Phone Central, with the help of Mobilicity, is having another Photo Contest to win a Windows Phone -- the Nokia Lumia 710 (review) which just arrived on the Canadian carrier. This time around, we've scaled things down a bit and instead of a black/white theme, we are going with the Great Outdoors. It doesn't have to be a picture of the Grand Canyon and a picturesque shot of your front yard will do.  It can be a sunset, a photo of the lake, the mountains, a garden, just anything outdoorsy that is eye appealing.

WP Central

Here's the fine print...

  • Photos must be taken with a Windows Phone.
  • Only one entry per reader.
  • Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, May 21, 2012 at 5:00pm EST.
  • Due to carrier limitations, only residents in the Mobilicity coverage are eligible for the first prize.
  • Entries can be submitted in this Windows Phone Central forums area.

We will announce the winners by Thursday, May 24, 2012.  First prize is a Nokia Lumia 710 with six months of service from Mobilicity. Second prize is $100 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store. Third Prize is a $50 gift card from the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

Remember in order to post in the forums, you will need to register with Windows Phone Central. You can find that easy process here.

Good luck everyone and happy shooting.



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Nakazul says:

Darn, i just took some killer spring photos im proud over, but i live in Sweden ironically.

wsanchez78 says:

First to comment. Possible because of toast notifications. Go WP, and WP central and WP central app (I also just created my WP central account via the app)

Nakazul says:

Toast rules :-D

wsanchez78 says:

Yes it does, and you also beat me, lol

kittshelby says:

No I must win!  LOL
Anyways, I really want to win this for my sister, who doesn't have a cell phone yet and is going to buy one soon.  She INSISTS on android, apparently just because I keep trying to force WP on her.....---_---.  But I doubt she'll turn down a free phone.  sigh...my sister is one of those people who hates being told what to do or what to like and will purposely do the opposite just to annoy you...

Judge_Daniel says:

Awww maaaaan! I have some great garden pics, but I'm definitely not in the Mobilicity range.

isi mcf says:

Thats just for 1st prize. Still $150 up for grabs. 2nd & 3rd prize

aheinrich says:

Oh my god, an actual promotion of a Windows phone in Canada! *runs outside to see if sky is falling*

2brun4u says:

and takes picture of sky

Kiveau says:

:| This seems so weird. See, I love Windows Phone and all, but don't own one... So if it must be taken from a Windows Phone... I can't win a Windows Phone... :/ Wasn't within their range anyway.

chucky78 says:

Good point about shots being from a windows phone. Why do I need two services? Non the less I'm in the area and I got some previous shots so ill enter

chucky78 says:

By the way previous Surround 7 owners did you know that the ear buds are superior to other HTC headphone like the one that came with my HD7. It say HTC Innovation on it. I noticed when I picked up actual ear buds that came with the HD7. I noticed the lack of quality right away. I switched back quick fast.

kittshelby says:

I have a question.  I posted it in the forum of this contest but no one has answered.  The rules say that the contest ends on Tuesday May 21st.  Tuesday is the 22nd; the 21st is Monday.  So which one is it?  Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd?

TofuDelight says:

Tuesday May 21 is in 2013!! :D

netprotocal says:

I would participate if I had a Windows Phone. I really won't one though!