MoliPlayer Pro adds more resources and files support in latest update

MoliPlayer Pro

MoliPlayer Pro keeps getting better. If you haven’t heard of the app, it can play anything you throw at it such as MP4, WMV, RMVB, AVI, MKV, FLV, FLAC, APE, and more. It has just received an update brings even more features. Head past the break to read the full change log for version

What’s new, according to the store listing:

  • Added support for downloading and playing resources in BAIDU CLOUD, 360 CLOUD, KUAIPAN.CN, 115 SKYDRIVE and HUAWEI SKYDRIVE.
  • Added support for RTSP and RTMP.
  • Added support for .LRC lyric files.
  • Added support for inserting description into sharing screenshots. 
  • Added an option in SETTINGS for resuming playback in last position. (music files will be playing from beginning as a default)
  • Optimized non-stop playing real-time contents in FF and REW.
  • Fixed a bug which is unable to drag the progress bar in music playing occasionally. (#19418)
  • Fixed a playback issue on acfun.tv and bilibili.tv. (#19345)

You can download MoliPlayer Pro at the Windows Phone Store for $2.99. There’s also a free trial available. If you already have this app, is this your go-to media player for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, jainsiid!

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Forget VLC which seems like it will never come despite our community's donations. This is the app to go to for all my video needs. Works great for streaming videos off my computer and local NAS

carlosrdd says:

How do you get it to stream? I sent them an email over a month ago and still haven't heard back...

I use tversity on my PC and my NAS has a built in DLNA media server built in. My phone is connected to same network and it just finds them :-). I do have tversity set to not transcode (there's no need with this app)

I must say I'm also fed up waiting for VLC player, all we can do is keep waiting. :(

spinzeroWL says:

Why exactly do you care about VLC? Or more specifically, what things is it going to do that Moliplayer doesn't already?

aleks88h says:

Fan loyalty towards VLC perhaps?

Nopse your wrong, if you scroll a little bit down you will get to know why I hadn't installed MoliPlayer till date. But now having got confirmation from members regarding the feature I was looking for, I'm purchasing the app today itself. VLC can go to hell and take all the time in the world to get their app ready.

HeavyHanded says:

I think VLC will allow Blu ray support in Windows 8.1. Meaning you can connect a blu ray drive and play it on Surface.

mccasive says:

If only Moliplayer will come to the Windows Store, many of us will care less about VLC. I have almost 5Tbs of bluray and Dvd movie files and so far non of the apps in the store is able play them on my Og Surface Rt and the Shiny Surface 2.

fahad kazi says:

I too am waiting for vlc player as I am fed up of heating & battery drain issues with moliplayer. I don't why this app drain battery quickly as compared to the default player. I can only watch a single movie on full charge. 920 user

brayvefart says:

True,moliplayer is invincible,nothing comes close!

FearL0rd says:

How did u get NAS working with WP version? I sent a email and the never answer... Im disappointed. The Android version works with nas

Such a nice app! It is brilliantly designed, and it really does work with anything thrown at it.

Jed Cutler says:

Does the app stay in the background for you guys? Mine wont continue playing music once the backlight shuts off. Even if I bought the Pro version. 

FrostedFlame says:

Too bad album art is not displayed on audio playback

115 and Huawei Skydrive? What's that?

dkxs says:

Cloud storage service by Chinese vendors

This app has excellent features, the only reson I have not installed it is because we need to place the videos in the camera roll folder of the internal phone memory. If this app could detect the media files from a folder on the SD card it would be really nice.

I dont think that is necessary. Not sure but I think I had copied videos to a random folder on SD card and it recognised :)

Say for eg. I have a folder named Movies on my SD card and I place some mkv files into that folder, will MoliPlayer detect those files and allow me to play them? Can anyone confirm this please ?

Wp8 lvr says:

Yes Lance..
whole sd card is readable so moliplayer detect all videos n music in sd card.. no matters what name u give to folders.. every folder in sd card is readable by moli..

only 1st time opening app it take time to scan n read files.. one's it detect it runs flawless..

Thanks a lot suddenlyInvincible & Wp8 lvr for the confirmation. Appreciate your help. :)

fahad kazi says:

What about us the 920 users who have internal storage. I always need to move videos in camera roll and also please solve battery drain issues.

jarekt says:

Just create a new folder in internal storage (use Windows PC File Explorer), name it like "Movies" and put there Your films. If U do not want to use a lot of battery use hardware decoded file formats for movies. There is on screen indication whether format is hard or software decoded in moliplayer. I have no battery draind with my L920 at all.

vitaliano says:

Are you saying it allows to put files there, but fails to play back?

sikku says:

I guess you didn't check the recent update? We can move the media content to or from the SD card as well...

kvrbrijith says:

Any folder in the SD card can be added to the folder section. Just tap on ''add folder" button at the bottom of folder section, add any folder in the SD Card to the folder section. Remember, if the folder has subfolders, they should be added separately..

Viktar H says:

"Camera roll" folder is only nessesary on phones without SD-card like 920, 925.

If you have SD, then files can placed on it as you like (.mkv, .flac, etc)

RTSP stream not working.. :-(

dkxs says:

Moli is always improving. I really appreciate their effort!

Ma1dere says:

Just purchased it and it fails to see any of my music files. Unfortunate that. Mailed support about it, let's hope it's getting solved (Lumia 1020, black update).

TechAbstract says:

Videos still don't work with Tversity Media Server. One of the beta versions did but not anymore.

I Spiritus I says:

Would be nice if there was a windows 8 version for RT :)

The Dane says:

The app won't even start on my L920 :/

laynardi says:

I already give up on vlc. Moli works great on me

Abb4d0n says:

How does RTMP-Streaming work? Where to enter the url?

Enter Web Browser, and you can enter your url into the address field

Abb4d0n says:

RTMP-url in the address field does not work. When I try to load the website where the rtmp live stream is embedded, I can't hit the play button and I can't see the JWPlayer.

HaibaneReki says:

Let's see if this does anything about the mkv with subs lagging..

Pulak Vatsya says:

What does the trial version lack?? Limited number of days? Or what??

Oh goody.  I don't have to wait for VLC to be released... Price is a tad steep though.

sachamo says:

Its amazing. It works perfectly on my Lumia 625. I don't have to wait for VLC.. 

spaceopossum says:

Does it play ray dvd rips? If not then no thanks.

Aanze says:

Your question doesn't mean anything... Blu-ray dvd rip is not a video format... 

Jf.Vigor says:

Plays anything dude

Aanze says:

Hmmm I just updated the app and now it seems to close at startup.. Cannot run the app.. Anyone encountering the same issue ? (using a lumia 1020)

TSR_MAV3R1K says:

Can somebody please tell me how to open RTSP and RTMP files ? Whenever I try opening it through internal browser in Moliplayer , it says search for compatible app in store. Any solutions ?

peterfares says:

Same issue. I don't see how to actually use this feature.

kvsanal78 says:

Make it free plzzzzz

Hotrippr says:

Does this enable you to keep playing videos while phone is locked??? If not, anyone know of an app that does?

mics_kiss18 says:

i would be very happy if this app allows us to save vids anywhere...i just cant save vids on camera roll..

Is there a decent app for playing mp3 files of the phone? The default app is very limited.  And I need to recommend someone that I persuade to buy a windows phone.

FearL0rd says:

Upnp DLNA is not working. Disappointed...

Rajesh Komte says:

Hello friend i wanted to know is there any app like software data cable which is a common name for android users available for windows phone ;)


plz reply on rgis1369@gmail.



Marco Gomes1 says:

It's not perfect but it's the best app in the genre by far, imo.

Does it support subtitles if it isn't hard coded?

ChrisPS3 says:

This app is amazing.

mv740 says:

YIFY ftw looool best promo picture ever

From what I've seen, it's an impressive video player, but they need to drastically imrove their Music Player side.

Make it a top notch music player (for all file types, including FLAC, WAV and Ogg), with album art, playlists and such, and I suspect many would move to it full time, over the stock Windows Phone application.

In fact, once the MoliPlayer music playing abilities improves, a cheap Lumia 520, plus a microSD card can make a pretty good, affordable PMP on the go, and it's the same size as a Zune HD too.

Ali Alenezy says:

Really its awesome app

freshair says:

A reputable news site showcasing an image with a pirated movie. Classy.

Ben Hanchett says:

Really, wish they could add regular Skydrive support. It as much of a hassle to get the content on my phone as it was to convert it. Windows media player would convert it automatically. Have no complaints once my media is on there.

What is wrong with this program?

I wanted something like this for a long time on Windows Phone, specially the slide-seek bar, tired of pressing-and-holding the buttons to fast-forward.

Yet, the program can't read my videos or songs in my phone, just my camera roll video. I hate that about this program.


Would support if it was FREE. Now wheres my VLC

rculver9056 says:

Getting an app for free is hardly supporting it, surely?!

peterfares says:

"Added support for RTSP and RTMP."


FINALLY something in the store that does this! Going to try it out now!


msmirjat says:

Looks like author is also a fan of YIFFY torrents. :)

ListenUpGuys says:

Why on Earth can't this app read music in the Music folder and videos in the Videos folder? It can't even read music in a Music folder in its precious Camera Roll folder. The only way I can get music into a folder is by the built-in HTTP server, but then it's registered as videos.

I can't remember the last time I had an experience this bad with another app app on WP. This thing is massively over-rated imo.