Moliplayer Pro Update

Moliplayer Pro adds more playback controls in latest update

Moliplayer Pro, an awesome media player for Windows Phone 8 that can handle any video file has just received a noteworthy update. Version brings controls for playback speeds such as slow motion and fast motion during playback. You can now also change subtitles during playback if the video has multiple subtitles available. There’s more, so read on for the full change log.

What’s new in       

  • Playback in various modes, including loop, shuffle, continuous, and single loop etc.
  • Files searchable by first letter (when there are more than 10 files sorted by name)
  • Changes audio track during playback
  • Changes subtitles during playback
  • Changes playback speed, slow motion & fast motion during playback
  • Supports customization of buttons on the control panel
  • Displays battery indicator during playback
  • Displays playlist to select another video or music during playback

Moliplayer Pro is available at the Windows Phone Store for $2.99. Is this your preferred media player or do you have something else in mind? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Aakash Sharma!

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The best video app!

SFx86 says:

well, the only one to speak of ...

vkelkar says:

Its worth the cost atleast when no other player even come closer to it... And the developers are constantly supporting it... Not just pay and forget.... Updates are released constantly.... Awesome... Let them coming......

Works well as a Windows UPnP DNLA receiver. The only app that I find that could do it flawless (except when is on big library... it tend to freeze)

TechAbstract says:

Yxplayer WP8 is still better at UPnP/DLNA for me.

Does the trial version have any limitations?

Lol am using it for more than one months in trial

You must have updated the app thereby making the trial period again to 15 days.

As soon as 15 days are over either an update comes or just reinstall tats it :;)

YES! ...or you might consider actually buying the app and supporting the dev team...

I wouldn't mind if the developer added ads

We are truly sorry that we dont have mobile payment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdal says:

Great app. VLC is going to be launching their own app. This will give hot competition between moli player pro and vlc !!

lesd777 says:

I know VLC will be out soon, but what the heck, I just bought the app. Works great.

ricsip says:

Dont hold your breath until vlc comes out. Seeing all the "progress" the vlc team has done sofar in the recent 11 months since they announced their projects, it should take another 6 or 10 months till we will have something running on our Windows Phone, realistically.

nanoware says:

Does it fix eating away at Other storage

Does it really do that??

Yaah it fixed the issue now my phone started eating sandwich

Zulfigar says:

Mine prefers chocolate... hmm

Harsh Gaurav says:

When is vlc coming?

Its on the way ..dont worry it will ring your door bell

jaymin00 says:

On the way vlc means 2-3 months more.,.

Actually 10 - 15 years

2-3 months? Yeah right. Those devs just took the kickstarter money and failed to deliver.

I don't expect to ever see VLC ported.

Relief says:

Getting tired of people like you. These devs have been developing VLC for free for years and now they asked a bit of money to able to port it and people start doubting because it takes too long.

The app is already in the approval process. Its a matter of bugs fixing, so yeah the app is done.

Wow now redmond is talking ...dude am too is an know how long it will take if Microsoft provides API there will be an app like diz months Moliplayer...So don't talk like u are the one who runs kickstarter

And one more thing this is the third time they submit it for approval first attempt was month before...source kick starter

iamakii says:

You have to wait and see.

Jabid21 says:

This is an awesome player. It's the MX Player (Android) equivalent of Windows Phone I'd say. It would even more awesome if Microsoft supported a native file explorer and changing default video/media player. I'd run all my videos through this app.

peacock93 says:

Totally agree!!

borhan48 says:

Awesome player, becoming awesome day by day. I don't think VLC will be coming within next 5 years!

Don't worry they will launch it when Ms launches Windows 9 so that we can expect

Just like your internet connection :P

Ankmeyester says:

I mean the buttons and stuff in settings..

baron1996 says:

The opening tym is like 10-20 sec on my 820

Jed Cutler says:

My audio stops playing whe the screen turns off. Does that happen to you guys as well?

I think there is a setting for it. Background play or something like that.

Jed Cutler says:

I already did. Have the pro version. I don't know why it stops playing when screen is off. Already in contact with developer. It happens before and after updating.

Developer of this app has some kind of official support. They have access to music + video hub APIs. We can access & edit contents from d hub too. I've never seen any third party app with this level of api access so far!

pg2900 says:

i think u r right salmanmansuri....

link68759 says:

They're sponsored by Nokia and have full OEM powers- however afaik they only need it for writing to and reading from the media library.

Great app! Now we need something like this on Xbox one!

All it needs now is to be able to stream from SkyDrive.

rQvsnaps says:

Stream from everywhere. :)

vooodooo says:

I am using the trial version of this app so far its doing amazing but i dont know for how much longer. Is there an difference in pro and trial???

Musice says:

Does it support AC3 & DTS? I don't have a WP for trying.

Aalok05 says:

Hill climb racer updated

Naresh Patel says:

I have both version one is beta and 2nd officially purchased really awesome and I like to report bugs and share sugation kindly share your idea for moliplayer. I will forward to moliplayer team

The best media player in wp8

Obaydok says:

Love the lite version!

Ali Alenezy says:

Perfect app now supports Arabic language

laynardi says:

The best video player that can play .mkv and .flv on wp8.
not regret buying it. Worth every penny

MattXDDD says:

The best video player ever. Say goodbye to video converter .

rculver9056 says:

Does this still require content to be in the Camera Roll folder?
That's the only reason I didn't try it lol

matro says:

no external subs yet! :(

Any player with slide-seek controlls in WP8?

dpiranda says:

This is an amazing app. Using for a couple of weeks. No complains.

Pacs_R_Us says:

Are they planning to release a Windows RT version? Or does anyone know of an equivalent in RT? I'm trying to play my anime videos on my Surface. Lol

Mahdi Ghiasi says:

I just installed the trial version of moliplayer. But the menu is very slow. It takes 20-30seconds to even load list of files, or settings page, and I can't change its settings. My phone is Nokia Lumia 620. Does anybody have same problem?

JimiDiGriz says:

I've got pro version and it's very laggy on my 820. Uninstalled and reinstalled but after initial indexing videos don't appear in lists when the app is reopened.

Grunt Attack says:

Thumbs up for AC3 audio. My Nokia Lumia 620 beats my iPod touch 5 in playing 1080p MKV files :)

TheRem says:

I'll wait for VLC, so I can compare before buying.

josonjoy1986 says:

Think you will end up waiting till the release of WP9 at the least........:P

Aren Clegg says:

works great on my nokia 521. I use ps3 media server and my phone connected and played everything perfectly on my phone. I'll probably end up buying this.

josonjoy1986 says:

When is VLC coming ??? :-o

Tafsern says:

Why don't you ask VLC?

sandeep2120 says:

Check out "MoliPlayer Pro" for Windows Phone

Which moliplayer is this that's marked free?? And when i tried to download this, it says "sorry, you don't have the permission to download this app".

Ankush_aku says:

Anyone ? Please tell me how to open subtitles ??