MoliPlayer Pro updated with numerous new features and functionality


MoliPlayer is an interesting app for Windows Phone 8. The media player enables you to enjoy multiple media file types that aren't natively supported by the Windows Phone operating system. Not only does it support more file types, but there's also 1080p playback (for you Lumia 1520 owners). We recently looked at the app in some depth, but today an update has been pushed to the store.

Here's what's new in version

  • Browsing & playback of videos and audio stored on a PC/NAS/Wireless HD through uPnP/DLNA
  • Music playback in background or with screen locked.
  • Dual-audio mkv playback
  • File list sorted by recently watched
  • Refreshing of file list & newly added files
  • WiFi connection URL can be copied
  • Font size selection for subtitles
  • WiFi transfer to a folder on SD card
  • Displaying or hiding all video & all music 

You can download MoliPlayer Pro from the Windows Phone Store (available for Windows Phone 8). For a limited time, MoliPlayer Pro is available at a promotional price of $2.99, a 25% discount off the original price of $3.99.

QR: Moliplayer Pro



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Wow!! Great update!!

Piro.Garay says:

It actually plays .mkv files. I'm impressed...

irsyadhhs says:

And displaying .srt subtitle

Piro.Garay says:

I haven't tried that yet. I'm still debating if I'd use it enough to buy it.

carlosrdd says:

How do you turn off subtitles?

Piro.Garay says:

Carlos, swipe and tap on settings. Mess around with "Subtitles text encoding" but I don't think it'll work if your subtitles are embedded on the file itself.

carlosrdd says:

The settings let u change and edit almost everything one can think of in subtitles but no on or off switch. Seems like something so basic should be there but that's just my 2 cents...

harshraj says:

Hey can you please help, i dnt know how to add external subtitle in any video in this player.

gautam26 says:

Just copy the .srt file to the same folder where your video is at.. Make sure, the .srt file has the same name of that of the video..

Does that actually work?

ahmadsamhann says:

it can write files to SD card? previous version stores the video "within" the app, it loads my internal storage. will try this app later, currently in my bed now. TMI, IKR! Goodnight WPCentral :P

PG2G says:

If this app had the ability to do 'Play To' to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One I'd be all over it.

SocalTouch says:

+920 Will gladly buy it if it had this ability. Love that I can do this from my Windows 8 tablet (Dell Venue 8 Pro) and would love to be able to do the same from my phone.

Aryan Angel says:

How many days does the trial lasts? 15?

Naresh Patel says:

They updated just for me dual audio I told about this problem to moliplayer and did email :D:D:D

baron1996 says:

What is dual audio?? I can't understand whats the difference

diktea says:

two or three audios are mergein one movie, so you can chose either of the languagev (eg: language one - english, language 2- spanish) and so on

So laggy on my 520 and doesn't support WMA Lossless. 

wetworker says:

Hopefully they have a version for windows 8 in the works.

Acryion says:

You mean 8.1 RT, right?

wetworker says:

8 or RT makes no diffrency. We need better tablet video playback apps. I'm looking forward to using VLC on my Surface.

It does not play my Mkv movie of 1:56 hours.

Can it play purchased iTunes movies?

wendoman says:

iTunes movies are encripted with proprietary DRM protection. So no.

Got it. Running smoother than before

abhishake620 says:

where is it given that it is a trial for 15 days i dont see it anywhere...

Gohar428 says:

Hmm..this Doesn't show my videos stored on my device..

YES it does not do as they say, i tied to place an mkx video in camera roll in my 920 as the program says, but it never load the mkv video...

gautam26 says:

That's not possible.. I have a 920 myself, and the player picks it up from the camera roll folder perfectly..

jarekt says:

Second that. Even dual audio from MKV works. Sadly there are subtitles also and I cannot switch it off. Overall it's the best media player out there... Jarekt

gautam26 says:

You can disable the subtitles., :) just change the "encoding" under "Settings" to some other language than that of the subtitle.. :D that should disable them..

i tried to put a 6gb mkv video in the camera roll, is this too much to pic or? and also it does not play my recorded videos, does it?

gautam26 says:

I'm not sure about playing a 6GB file.. But the player manages to play files of any format of up to 2GB without any issues.. :) tried playing a 900MB mkv file and a 1.47GB .vob file, and both of them worked fine.. And, the player is also able to play recorded videos..

rsuter says:

Upnp/dlna, now its complete

rsuter says:

Update: could not play any mkv movies from dlna, yxplayer works but has a very bad ui...

Camaroon says:

Does anyone out there have a Silcondust HD Homerun TV tuner and tried the uPnP with this app?  If I could watch TV on my phone that would be fantastic.

Jazmac says:

Dev's at Moliplayer Pro ain't sweating the VNC announcment AT ALL on WP!  VNC will have something to worry about.  What I don't know is why Moli isn't playing on the RT stage though. They are going to miss out if they ignore it.

ChrisPS3 says:

Pure awesomeness

xxcorpxx says:

Awesome app, wish it was available on Win8.1.

nanoware says:


I used this app for a total of 5 minutes to test the streaming DLNA . Tried  720p movie and some tv shows etc. Of course they all worked flawlessly. BUT, after 5 minutes i got a low storage space warning! Had around 900 mb of storage left on my 1020. Now 3 mb!!! I went to clear storage, and temp storage is only at 96 mb. Then i noticed my OTHER storage grew from 4 gigs to 5 gigs!!!!!!! Uninstalled app, and still didnt get back!

BSiegel1 says:

It would be great if it could play content stored on Skydrive.

yengec says:

watching movies from upnp, subtitles do not appear. What to do?

Ankush_aku says:

How to use subtitles ? Please help !!