Monster Island for Windows Phone now available in the UK

Monster Island UK

Last Thursday, Miniclip’s beleaguered Xbox Live game Monster Island returned to Xbox Live after a month-long absence. While the physics puzzler’s Achievement problems were resolved, the game itself still could not be downloaded by customers outside of the US. This puzzled many of us since Miniclip is a European developer and all of their other Windows Phone games are available in multiple regions.

We asked Microsoft for comment and received this response,

“We are pleased to report that the Achievements have been improved and the US version is up on the Windows Phone Games Marketplace. We are working with the developer on some final testing for the worldwide release and hope to make it available soon.”

Miniclip shed some light on the Achievement gaffe but didn’t go into much detail about the regional issue:

“There were some original achievements (e.g., the ones we're using on the iOS, Android, etc.) that were against Microsoft Achievements policy. Unfortunately they only warned us after the game passed all the certification processes and was ready to be released. The game had to be taken out, and we changed the Achievements list… Yes, it will come to all marketplaces in the near future. :)”

That future must have just come to pass, because our friend Zebrasqual and several other gamers have confirmed that Monster Island is now available in the United Kingdom. Other parts of Europe like neighboring France don't have it yet though. At least British gamers can now get in on the bomb-throwing fun... Hopefully other regions won't have to wait too much longer either.

Monster Island costs $2.99 in the US. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Zebrasqual or the tip!

QR: Monster Island



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buggyglint says:

Not in Canada yet.

kidjenius says:

Yea not in Canada yet

Badranath17 says:

Not available in Australia yet

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Why can't they just release to all countriers at once

zeke1676 says:

Screw this region only crap!!!

jagu says:

This game is AWESOME! I don't play a lot of games on my phone but this game keeps me hooked! A must have game :)

Zebrasqual says:

Hey Paul, i dont know if i didnt explain well or you misunderstood me but its available in UK not others countries in Europe, at least not in France ^_^.

Paul Acevedo says:

Whoops! Corrected the article.

kittie1823 says:

Its not on the UK marketplace as yet. Think you may have to revise your story...

Racxie says:

I'm in the UK and I can access it without any problems. Have you tried you using the 'download app link'?

Zebrasqual says:

You maybe have to download through the direct link but its definitely available in UK.

kittie1823 says:

Maybe so, but searching for it on the Marketplace gives nothing :(

Zebrasqual says:

Ok. That's one of the reason why i made a WP7 website few months ago with all WP7 Games links so no need to search on the marketplace ^_^.

kurtsoft says:

Still not up here down under :(

MacAarburger says:

"We are working with the developer on some final testing for the worldwide release and hope to make it available soon.”
does that mean we (outside of countries with english as official language) will get some 'randomized' translation like bug village and others? those hardly ever make any sense. and mostly the very important umlauts (¨) are missing giving you different or just no meaning for a word...
sad for most... luckily i have my phone on US english... 8)

Hiiiiiiiii says:

I need to get a US based CC and avoid this mess

MastrMeatWad says:

EDIT: I used the scan code and that worked.  But it does not show up in my arcade marketplace otherwise.  I tried typing the search in with zero luck.  Weird.

stevethenerd says:

At least this one isn't us exclusive...