Join your favorite characters from MonsterUp games in this new endless runner

MonsterUp Candy Run

After teasing a new title some time ago, fans of the MonsterUp games will be able to rejoice with the cute characters going up high into a brand new endless runner. Just like other games and media making the move to this genre of entertainment (which is proving popular across the mobile ecosystem), players are able to lend the monsters a hand with collecting gems and essentially running as far as possible.

Taking their favorite characters on an endless sprint, players are tasked with avoiding obstacles in their path and collecting gems as they progress through the environment. Don't let the familiar gameplay mechanics put you off MonsterUp Candy Run as it's a sweet title that's well worth checking out. Booting up the game will reveal options to get started and/or connect to Facebook, as well as access to the in-game store.

MonsterUp Candy Run

The gameplay is slightly different from what gamers may be accustomed to with the likes of Temple Run 2. Instead of physically moving the device, one has to flick left, right (there are three 'lanes') and up to navigate throughout. Moving round corners and choosing which way to go at junctions is determined by which lane you're in, so be sure to get in position beforehand.

There are a variety of optional upgrades available for players to purchase, including numerous characters rendered in 3D. Gems can be bought with real money in-game, should you not wish to grind the gameplay and earn the gems. That said, it's a neat little game and worth picking up if you're a fan of the MonsterUp games. Note that this is an initial release and is supported by the AppCampus program.

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Dare2Blink says:

Hmmm is it better than minion rush?

topleya says:

When is the WPCentral endless runner game going to be made?

We don't have enough of these games just yet

Rich Edmonds says:

That would be an epic idea, one of the obstacles could be giant words "SEEMS FASTER" as the game increases the scroll speed.

toxic zombie says:

Lol ! "Seems faster"

Mestiphal says:

and all the +520 ~ +1520 are actually score points you can catch to add up

irsyadhhs says:

Comment "as usual, 1 Gb Ram" in 3...2...1....

Akash Patel says:

Hahah requires 1gb of ram :)

crise says:

I hope I can unlock WhatsApp in the final level of this game.

nath520 says:

Always check the bottom of post to make sure it match for your phone then read all the post

Ankmeyester says:

1 jeebees that I don't have sir

VikArmo says:

Those with 512mb phones should consider themselves lucky they can't install this horror on their device.

hs k says:

I'm feeling particularly evil today. Let all the endless runners require 2gb ram. Wahahah

Kariosgames says:

MonsterUp Candy Run is available for Windows Phone devices with 512MB ram NOW! Go get it! http://download.kariosgames.com/mucandyrun