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More concept designs for WP7

Adrian Manteuffel has created some concept designs that cover multitasking on the platform as well as further customization of Metro UI, which includes altering tile transparency, changing themes (beyond what's currently available) and applying wallpapers to the home screen.

The above concept shows multitasking added in on the right-hand side of the home screen, which is probably not a bad idea (if you don't mind losing more 'negative space' which the UI is famed for), but I don't see it working with a large number of apps open at once - I don't think a scrollable list on the side of the tiles is a good idea.

For the email tile that now takes up two positions, I don't like at all. I'm a heavy email user (compared to SMS anyway) and I prefer to have a minimal amount of tiles present. Unless that email tile can flip through the email accounts every few seconds then I don't see that being adopted by many.

See the other two designs after the break.

The following concept display theme selection with a more customizable feel, I love the 'Modern' set - to change the colors of the tiles and icons/text (I assume this reflects the pandora panes too) is what should be implemented already. As for the 'Zune' styles (and any other custom gradient designs that could follow that) I feel as though it's very over-the-top. Take a peak at the 'What's New?' pane in 'Zune 2', looks a bit messy right?

Same goes for altering the home screen background and setting tile transparency, I believe it's just not in Metro UI's strive to be slightly more cluttered and less sleek.

What do you think about the concepts? Metro UI still, or going off from simplicity WP7 does so well?

Thanks @Stiggu for the tip!



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1jaxstate1 says:

I LOVE these concepts.

nashtheflash says:

Microsoft, please make these happen!!!

Shack2424 says:

I'd rather see a feature to hold one of the bottom screen buttons, to pull up a program chooser like alt-tab in windows

fpostrow says:

Anything to make the anti-apple more flexible is good, and these are all great ideas.

scdkad says:

Excellent idea to use the empty space and for multitasking to boot. Yo Adrian-please make it happen!

Vankade says:

I would kill for the Zune 1 theme. The UI changes/updates are perfect too, very practical.

Rico says:

Honestly, I don't like any of this. A lot of the embellishments are against the key concepts of Metro, such as adding transparency and frames around the tile for instance. And some of them are just poor design choices -- small type painted with a gradient is not easily readable, especially on a smaller screen. I also don't like the backgrounds on the home screen or in the People Hub. Backgrounds in both threaten to fight with my content for my attention, moreso in the People Hub. Text on top of a photo is generally less readable that text over a solid color background. Notice how the Metro team kept the People and Office Hub backgrounds a solid color as they're more text-centric versus the Music + Videos and Photos Hubs where the content works better with photos.I'm not really against additional accent colors that much, but as I stated before there's a delicate balance that has to be struck with adding them. Accent colors have to be visible against both light and dark backgrounds as well as being instantly recognizable. I'm not sure how black or white as an accent color would be recognizable since one of those colors would be useful as you'd inevitably be using one by default for text anyways. And having less colors actually makes the few colors which are available a bit more recognizable. There's simply less colors to remember.

yukka says:

I like the multitasking. I do not like the double size email tile unless it can differentiate the number of emails from different accounts and maybe have a unified inbox once selected. Even that would be better as a choice rather than the only option.

NJKevin says:

Can we get out a clean update?

noirsoft says:

I really like the dark gray on black (the top left of the "Modern" theme) and the equivalent with transparency and background image (rightmost one on the "customize" screenshot) -- It just looks very classy to me and definitely in keeping with Metro. Not sure if we need a special task switching icon given theat Mango will use one of the hardware buttons to bring up a switcher.I'd also prefer to have a single tile (normal width or double) that showed me new messages across all systems(unread email, phone, text, etc.) instead of a double email tile. You could easily get 4 numbers on a single tile and save room for other things.

wtf808 says:

I dig the concept.. hope MS makes it happen. The customizability of it all is key... The multitask options are intriguing!