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More evidence for Magenta Lumia 900 appears from Nokia themselves

Magenta Lumia 900

We first reported that a Magenta Lumia 900 may be headed to AT&T for a Mother's Day release back on March 27th. Since then we had a sighting of what looks to a bare reddish pink Lumia 900 in a Microsoft Store on April 13th via in-screen advertising (interestingly, we're told that image was replaced with a glossy-white since we ran that story).

Now Nokia themselves seem to be getting in on the Magenta Lumia 900 action as they have it listed as a color option for the device right ont their Facebook page.

Eagle-eyed reader Michael L. noticed it on the social-network's Lumia 900 demo page, which allows you to toy play with a virtual Windows Phone OS. On that page, you have your Matte-Black, Cyan and Glossy-White color choices but low and behold, there is also mysterious and alluring Magenta.

While a reddish hued Lumia 900 would not be an earth-shattering decision, after all the Lumia 800 has that choice, up till now there has not been an announced Magenta variant for the 900-series.

Seeing as AT&T is the premier launch partner for this device and our earlier tip that a Mother's Day version was planned for release (it also falls on a release-day for the carrier), we're liking the odds of this happening come May.

Would you get a magenta Lumia 900 for yourself or a loved one? Hit us up on comments.

Source: Facebook (Nokia); Thanks, Michael, for the tip



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LawnPaul says:

Plan on getting it for my gf

RyanDaLyon says:

This would be an amazing gift!

EMajor75 says:

If it really comes out on mothers day, the wife will get one if she wants it!

wegank says:

Maybe a sign of things to come on T-mo....???

JamesDax3 says:

I know right.  That's T-Mobiles color.  Come on bring it.

rodneyej says:

Thats a good idea!

I'm pretty sure there gonna release all colors of the cases lime green included

lippidp says:

Diggin it! Won't be gettin it, though, for other reasons.

Jomon says:

Just bought the storm trooper for my wife. It was her 2nd option. She really wanted the pink. I guess I'm gonna have to pay the $35 restocking fee coz I'm sure she will be asking me to exchange the storm trooper for this.

Jorba says:

It was official some time ago (at least in Germany ;) )


Nokia did a blog post where they said that there will be a "pink" Nokia Lumia 900 (actually "Fucsia").


Translated Blogpost:


Chris asked for the colors avaible for market launch in Germany, especially after a pink version. If you like the color pink, then you probably also like the color "Fuchsia Matt"...



Original Blogpost:


Chris fragte nach den verfügbaren Farben zum Marktstart in Deutschland, speziell nach einer pinken Version. Wenn dir die Farbe Pink gefällt, dann gefällt dir sicher auch die Farbe “Matt Fuchsia”, in der das Nokia Lumia 900 zum Start hier erhältlich sein wird. Insgesamt stehen vier Farben zur Auswahl:


Glossy White

Matt Cyan

Matt Black

Matt Fuchsia


Link to blogpost (with bing translator):

idrewpage says:

Well, its good to have color options, but definitely not my style.  I have the black one and still love it.  This is a good sign.  I can usually tell within a week if I will return a phone, and I still like Metro UI and the Lumia 900.  Go WP!

Arag0n says:

I'm still waitting for a cool yellow one :D

lippidp says:

Just get a white one and then get the same lights Rubino uses in his photos! :)

wetworker says:

Still waiting on the cyan from Rogers.

I convinced my hubby to switch our 5 phone family plan to AT&T after 13 years with Sprint for the Nokia Lumia 900's. We all ordered black but some of us switched to the white yesterday. Oh dear this magenta will shake things up once again lol.

amieldl says:

I wanna do the same but stuck for two years..

I hope this is for T-Moblie and that lime green along with black.
/Cyan At&t user

theman60099 says:

T-mobile will be able to use the Lumia 900 in many areas of the US as soon as this summer as their refarming process will be well underway. Wish WPCentral would write an article about this so people would stop clamoring for T-mobile to get this and that every article.

lippidp says:

Even though technically possible there is an element of risk whenever you use something for anything other than its intended purpose. For example, I've been getting free tethering on my Quantum and it works and it works well. However, I took on some risk in assuming that functionality would still be there after the Mango update. I'm happy to say it worked out, but I need to be careful with any future updates.

Mleone1210 says:

Woooo!! Thanks for giving me the shout out guys! I feel so special! =] But yeah I would get this for my girlfriend, shes waiting for this to come out to make the switch! Hopefully it comes true!

LaNiQuE says:

This is the color I was planning to get but I figured it wasn't coming or it wouldn't come to the states I wanted a pop of color to my phone so I have cyan I would trade for it but I've ordered my case and Nokia ear buds in magenta for a colorful contrast to the cyan