More images of 2010 Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype appear


A few days ago we saw some new images of a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype. At the time, it looked to be a device code-named "Julie", a 4" QWERTY slider that was believed to have been canceled in 2010 after SE pulled out from Windows Phone development.

NokiaWP commented that this newly imaged prototype was running Mango though we could not verify that at the time. If it were Mango or later, it could very well signify a new attempt at Sony to embrace Windows Phone.  Looking at these new images, we are confident in saying that this is the old prototype and it is not Mango. Evidence comes from the Windows Phone boot screen, which is clearly the pre-Mango era logo as well as the old Xbox LIVE and Internet Explore tiles on the Start screen.


In other words, while this would certainly be a killer device to add to our collection, we do not believe that these images reveal any new strategy by Sony to re-enter the Windows Phone market. Perhaps they still do have plans either now or in the future, but this device is clearly a 2010-era relic.

Interesting though for what might have been, eh?

Source: NokiaWP; Thanks, Juddy, for the tip



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based_graham says:

I would buy this along with a Sony Vaio laptop.

Winterfang says:

Looks hideous but is only a Prototype. Sony makes some killer looking devices :)

iamoniwaban says:

I really like Ericsson devices. Depending if and when this is released I am going to have a hard time choosing between the nokia 800-900

This won't be released. As the article notes, this is a 2010 prototype that was cancelled

Sony is Android, for now.

sanjlogan says:

Nokia 900 is awesome... So be ready for it.

jubbing says:

I use Internet Explore too! :P

Premium1 says:

Bring something like this to verizon sony!

aubreyq says:

It'd be nice if Sony rejoined the Windows Phone platform.

Neb Okla says:

Wondering if this kind of thing appeals to the PS3 users out there...

gentry33 says:

I actually miss the old i.e. and xbox live tiles appearance they added more color to the home screen.

awesumjon says:

I liked the old Xbox games' tiles too.

hyperova says:

Its be amazing if this was real! We could then have xbox titles and the playstation1 titles! That'd make me buy one!

DavidinCT says:

A Sony phone...with a keyboard, running WP7....Do tell me more....

Desdemona says:

Sony phones are boring. They might as well as stick with Android. That fat bloated prototype is better suited to the early 2000's.

tN0 says:

It is running the beta version of WP7. Can be seen at the IE6 tile.

jkercado says:

I would love to see a WP unit with the sharp looks of my wife's white Xperia X10.

snowmutt says:

If only...... Dying for a physical keyboard again....

Nice phone Sony needs a windows phone the use windows already so y not put their phones with it

Bruno H says:

Sony's phone division made a huge loss for q4 2011. I read it in Swedish news. Looks like the android deal is not making them money. If Nokia shows a success with the Lumia line then maybe we will se something like this prototype again.

Dammit! This would've been the phone I'd buy over the hd7 I have now .. If only if only... Smh. Will somebody just make a 4" qwerty slider plz theres 133483 of em on Android hell!

krisye7 says:

Too bad its cancelled we could use some help

markiz says:

I miss that bird :(

paulm187 says:

Maybe releasing a WP7 is a conflict of interest for Sony with Xbox live? But what will they do with W8 as it will also have Xbox live built in? Surely they won't stop making laptops with windows.