More Lumia 635 and 930 news from Finland and Hungary

lumia 630

The flood of pre-order news for both the Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 smartphones in Europe continues, with tips this morning coming to us from Finland and Hungary.

Finland is, of course, the home country of Nokia, which sold off its smartphone division to Microsoft in April. In May, it started selling the Lumia 630 and today the company announced it has started taking pre-orders for the Lumia 635 for the price of 190 euros. The phone itself will go on sale on July 10.

Over in Hungary, T-Mobile has listed pre-orders for both the Lumia 635 and the Lumia 930 on its website. The price for the 636 is 51,000 HUF off-contract ($220) while the 930 has a price of 151,000 HUF ($660). We were unable to see a ship date for those devices but we will update this post if that changes.

If you live in Europe, are you getting ready to purchase either the Lumia 635 or 930 smartphones?

Source: Nokia Finland; T-Mobile; T-Mobile



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Rawliglat x says:

So much errors this past few days.

JOHN CALLAHAM  you only had one job!


adrian1338 says:

Which one? News Writer at neowin.net ?:)

myst02 says:

Another Error: 636 ?!

scottygb2k says:

Has there been a UK release date for the Lumia 930 yet?

Fleischyy says:

Nope, we just have to sit and wait. By the time its out here the "superman" will have been revealed! Lol

2tomtom says:

Check with your network provider. Orange UK had a few in this week and expecting more tomorrow, awaiting a call from them to process new phone and contract.

Others claim Orange have no stock, but above is direct from the upgrade department.

firesword9 says:

John seems overexcited for 930

PolishHitta says:

What a tease! 935..

mbkrezania says:

Please change the title 935

Viipottaja says:

Off topic: Comedy Central app is now available

aitt says:

That's been covered days ago

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Viipottaja says:

Sorry did not see it, and actually it was only 18 hours ago.

935 is the 930 with Glance?? :P

2tomtom says:

And SD card.

adrian1338 says:

And Snapdragon 805

HyperKid says:

And 2k display

I'll have me a 636 son!!! Lol

I will wait for something more. Still these are not much better than my 8X.

aitt says:

I'm waiting for the 935.54

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Any news about the 8.1 update?

Microsoft tweeted that the update will start rolling in the first two weeks of July

palmujukka says:

That was for India only.

Yes, what about the update. Bring it already

If "India" got it in the first two weeks then the USA , UK and China will get it before that ;)

I disagree because buddy in India we have unlocked phones and no carrier thing so for sure it'll come out before US! Lets see what MS does now :)

ali27677 says:

I wanna buy 636 and 935

huzii7 says:

Yass I want a 935

Message from Hungary: YAAAYYYYYY

moosad says:

Hungary!! :DDDD

willboyce says:

Zzzz UK. Ooopps to late. Place it at my headstone micky

Any news . About BBM ??

nokia3660 says:

Someone had got to fix the title, it got me excited for a while there

grazy1982 says:

935 should be twin SIM :) for flagship

marcosbabu says:

What a tease, 935. Been dreaming of a mid-range on the x30 series and we get this tease? :-)

tksteleom says:

just got my 930 in orange ;-)

2tomtom says:

Which country?

2tomtom says:

Waiting on my orange 930, not jealous at all :D. Enjoy.

ZvjerOPC says:

930 is already available in Croatia online stores but its a bit expensive at the moment. I will wait a bit.

Deblan089 says:

930 is available over here for pre-order (Netherlands) receiving mine on the 14th

basdegroen says:

You can already buy a Nokia 635 in the Netherlands for a price of €180 (Link: http://www.pdashop.nl/product/456561/nokia-lumia-635-zwart.html )

pohlipit says:

That's super expensive compared to the prices in Asia. Check this one here: http://08-08-08.com/2014/07/03/nokia-lumia-930-now-available/

Why is it taking so long to get cyan update to the Netherlands 1520 i cant find any date for it anyone know something ????

Adam Pataki says:

T-mobile Hungary says they will deliver the handsets in 2 days off from the purchase, if you order it online. So now it's not a preorder anymore. Getting one right away. ;)

Although edigital.hu, a hungarian electronic store still takes preorders only (here), despite the fact, they had the preorder page before it was cool, and before T-mobile Hungary. 

Just received confirmation from Expansys Denmark that they shipped my Lumia 930.