Nokia Lumia 928 Pureview Camera sample

More Nokia Lumia 928 camera samples leak showing how it performs in daylight

It’s hard to get that excited for the Lumia 928 considering how little we actually know, but one thing is for certain: it should have an 8.7MP OIS PureView camera on board a lighter, thinner phone, giving those on Verizon something to brag about.

Earlier today, a single sample shot taken of a beer was posted online by a Nokia employee (and then it was quickly removed) and now two more photos have been found on Flickr by The Nokia Blog (with verified EXIF data)..

Nokia Lumia 928 Pureview Camera sample

The photos show just two motorcycles, taken outside on a bright sunny day. It’s hard to judge a camera with those conditions since they can best be described as “ideal”, but even under the perfect conditions some smartphone cameras are just crap. Luckily the Lumia 928 seems to hold its own with accurate color reproduction, even light balance and most importantly, sharpness.

We’ll of course reserve final judgment for finalized software and once we actually see the phone. But it should be clear by now that the 928 is getting very close to release.

Source: Flickr, The Nokia Blog



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Jaybotics says:

Doesn't look that great too be honest... 

jsnod25 says:

Actually kinda blurry when zoomed 100% on the second picture.

userage says:

They aren't full res images, hurp....
The camera is 8 megapixels, not 2...

Miistercoool says:

When your reading an article in wpcentral...depending on your settings it's best to swipe left and go to images, which are the images for that article and it's usually way better quality which represent how the pictures are suppose to look...just in case you didn't...because the images looked awesome to me :D

NIST says:

When I zoomed in to 4800% I didn't think the blades of grass on the neighbors yard was very sharp. I dunno.

Jay Bennett says:

You are absolutely correct, double tapping an image inline when viewing an article may bring you a smaller version of the image depending on your settings. Swiping to use the image viewer guarantees you the original quality version. Oh, and there's an update due any day to fix the problem on WP8 where you can't save images to your phone (sorry about that one!)

Jay how's the weather been for you? 

shikori says:

these pics are at iso800

userage says:

Highly doubt that, its bright daylight, unless their firmware is that fucked at the moment.

The EXIF must be wrong. 1/15k shutter speed?..

zippolite28 says:

actually it is in png format ... this is not actual image

mshaw2k says:

Being from the UK its annoying to know about this phone but it is giving an insight into what's up next from Nokia. 920 with the learning curve.

volcane2004 says:

Photos look great! Even better then the Lumia 920!

arni99 says:

Actually, most daylight shots of non-Lumia-920-smartphones look better then the 920 daylight pictures.
Portico or non-portico or 1308 doesn't matter.
Thats why I sold mine ;).

WilliamC1972 says:

Those photos look great!!!!

rubenbest says:

I wish i could leak things

Jace Nelson says:

I'll be honest, I care less about the quality of the pics, than what's in the pics.  I used to have a bike just like the 125 and would love to own either of these bikes. 

TonyDedrick says:

I think it looks great. Nice camera that phone has

amazing verizon is lucky,, i hope 928 gets global version too
now bring viber and im done

greg2k says:

So the camera on the 920 is said to be the best on the market...can it not take these sort of pictures with a firmware or software update?

pbroy says:

The nice camera feature is starting to get old. What I really want is a proper file manager and save any file type to mass storage device. Without that I can't really fully switch over to WP. It's going to be hard to decide on my next phone upgrade in the next few months.

Ticomfreak says:

Its in a folder called "pictures" when you plug it in, what's so hard about that? And if you want to save it in a different format just open it up in paint and save it as a different format

pbroy says:

Thanks for stating the obvious.. Explain to me how to save zip/rar/cbr/cbz files and porn from Internet Explorer without using an App. Where is the download folder on the phone? How do I rename my files? How do I retrieve my downloads from my phone when I plug them in a USB? Windows Mobile had this before Android. Too bad MS felt the need to go towards the iPhone rout when they switched over from WM.

aeronaught says:

No need for a download folder in hell.

pbroy says:

Prove it. :P

Giddora says:

You do know wp8 supports mass-storage, right?

xconomicron says:

why download and save files when you can make wonderful pron with the camera yourself?

derek533 says:

Oh gawd, please no!!!!

EXkurogane says:

True true u can bang harder and yet the video wont get too shaky during recording because of OIS =P

pbroy says:

Then that would require me to actually find a girl who would do it with me. I'm no Brad Pitt and I'm very self conscious about my short comings.. :(

blackhawk556 says:

Well we'll see how it performs against the 920 & One in low light conditions. Is it possible its the same camera as the 920 but in a thinner phone?

tribexx says:

If indeed for VZW, the only thing that could ruin this is Nokia manufacturing not enough like the other country releases.

paras chugh says:

this is making the future nokia roadmap difficult to understand...
are they going to to make the catwalk a bit better than 928 and release it around may/june globally or wait till september to release true 920 n 820 successors ???
and are they going to release EOS with the catwalk ??

pbroy says:

There are probably too many OS limiations for there to be any signifcant changes in what we see in new hardware ATM.

Cellus13 says:

I'm sure the Lumia 928 won't be thinner. It'll be the same as the 920 because of THE PURE VIEW camera. That's why the Lumia 720 is so slim because it doesn't have pure view. Thin or thick the 9xx series is beautiful.

fwaits says:

You can make a metal casing a bit thinner than poly like the 920 and keep the same internals since it has a higher tensile strength.

and the wireless charging plate that make it thick and a little heavy.

NIST says:

Mmm thick and heavy. The Kardashian model.

tk-093 says:

You sir win the internets today.

DJCBS says:

Question: these improvements are all software related, right? So...we can expect Nokia to also update the other 920's. Or am I wrong to assume that?

antsin3d says:

800 ISO on one of them and super fast shutter. That'll kill sharpness and increase noise dramatically. it's like 1/15000th shutter... should have done 100ISO on a sunny day and it would have been still plenty fast on the shutter.

3earnhardt3 says:

You guys have to stop. My poor Verizon trophy can't take this sort of humiliation anymore...

deku13 says:

Don't see any difference between this and my 822.

Hope this is a latest firmware update for pureview camera. Faster time on focusing and processing picture taken would be great.

pogi920 says:

Based on those photos , i could not see any difference between my 920 and that 928..FW 1308 here..

If this is a marketing campaign by Nokia, it has my attention, nice pics

giorgio h says:

Meh.. Blackberry got an order today of one million smartphones. We are shit.

rmichael75 says:

is it one million or one billion?. one million is not something to be proud of.

If Windows Phone would have got the million i'm really sure you would have been proud, but nope, it's BlackBerry so let's be negative!

Etios says:

1 million means nothing for carrier sales as the stock may or may not get sold leading to refunds, So wait for BB Z10 firesale just like Playbook.

Iain_S says:

Its from a mobile operater, they ordered these probably allowing them to return any unsold unit back to blackberrt at full price, not really a big deal and most certainly does not mean this 1 million will turn into actaul sales to consumers.

Chris Yahya says:

Okay....oh wait. What about my 920? I want sharpness image in L920 :(

SZero says:

Holy Shit! I want that bike now..

invertme says:

Not sure if being sarcastic but I really do want it - I think it's fackin awesome.

CJ Thunder says:

Still kind of bright and washed out. Dont see the fuss, besides the fact that it is taken with 'prototype' hardware. Though we know how well that went over with the last event...

jlynnm350z says:

I'll give you 10,000 for the blue bike.

travisel says:

What processor are they using in the 928?

8960 Plus or 8960 Pro?

I thought maybe they would update the processor like they did with China Lumia 920T! They got the Pro with better GPU Adreno 320.

Iain_S says:

I would imagine this will come with the updated and better GPU Adreno 320.

dogfish54 says:

$99 Verizon ... Hear me now ...

But u just bought 920.

stephen_az says:

...and another news flash:  exif data can be (and regularly is) edited.  It is neither locked nor fixed and cannot just be verified.  It takes all of a few seconds.

uopjo6 says:

I'm guessing it will be on par with the 920. Can't wait to see how it looks though! Always great to have more friends. 

But then, If I smashed a 920 and 928 together, i'm pretty sure the 928 will add an extra dent ;-)

DavidinCT says:

More leaks....Why can't someone leak pictures of the 928 itself and PROVE if it has a MicroSDXC slot or not ?????
Come on, give us something we can use or at least dream about  ! ? ! ? ! ?

jlynnm350z says:

I love turtles

gmantione says:

Judging by the extreme lack of rain/sleet/snow/clouds/wind/misery, this pic def was NOT taken in Rochester NY

hamphlet says:

The top picture is a little overexposed. Otherwise quite good. I would agree that the second picture hasn't come out too well. It looks overprocessed & noisy, as well as being a bit blurry. I'm still happy with my 920.

eortizr says:

How dare you mention 'Sharpness' , those pics are not sharp at all, and to be honest they just look 'OK', like any other camera phone out of the mill,  still no GS3 or iPhone5 grade.