More photos of the white Sony Ericsson 'Jolie' prototype Windows Phone

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We're almost at the point where we're going to start leaving flowers at the grave of the poor Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile) Jolie Windows Phone, which has had prototypes circulating throughout the web for a good number of months now. We last looked at the black version of "Jolie" when a hands-on video was published on YouTube.

Back to the white / silver version, and an owner of said Windows Phone has sent in some more photos to Windows Phone Italy. Not only does the slide-out keyboard look inviting, the overall look and design of the device itself is unique, compared to the Windows Phones we had when the platform launched almost two years ago.

It's a shame that such a stunning 2010-esque Windows Phone simply never came to be. But the tractor beams installed on the Android mothership appeared to be too advanced for Microsoft to best (and too expensive to acquire), which led to Sony ditching Windows Phone for the green droid. Check out some more shots after the break.

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Source: Windows Phone Italy; thanks, Diego, for the heads up!



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rodneyej says:

Lets put this to rest already. Lol!

MediaCastleX says:

Agreed, Sony should definitely be put to death...oh, wait. You meant something else. =[

timwp12 says:

Exactly has move on has who fricken care of this if Sony decided not go for wp. Lets stick to wp 8.

brorim says:

I would like one with a real kb tbh

Ugh...Take it away fast...please !!

Here's to 2006 and the slider phone frenzy that was all the rage at that time.

schlubadub says:

A lot of peeps still want hardware keyboards... I have two friends that sms & IM heavily, so hardware keyboard was essential

bpgui says:

I still want one. It is the only thing I truly miss from my BB days. I email heavily from my phone, and while the touch keyboard and predictive text on my focus flash is adequate, it isn't great. I'm much faster with a good hardware keyboard.

DavidinCT says:

Same here, I would not mind one. The old Touch Pro 2 had an awsome keyboard where I could talk to someone next to me and type an entire email with out looking at the phone with almost no errors (there was bumps in the keyboard so you could feel where you were).
Try to do that with a modern touch screen only phone. It is much better with a keyboard to type or text. Well, if Voice control was a little more accurate, maybe that would be a good replacement
I do hope there is a few sliders to chose from...

Slevin X says:

I love the look of that keyboard, I would like to test it, if it's a good keyboard i wouldn't mind the thickness of this phone

venom5150 says:

I don't like the top row of keys and seems like bumping into the top ledge would get annoying. That's one of the nice things about the Arrive that the top row is free and clear from the screen section.

Slevin X says:

Yeah your right. I would like to try it, I think I just like the fact that the font and design looks "metro"

schlubadub says:

In 17 years, Sony Ericsson made the worst phone I ever owned. No tears will be shed :P

Ticomfreak says:

If PS and XBOX combined, I think Sony would make a WP7...

DavidinCT says:

I would love a phone with PSN and XBOX LIVE on one phone, that would be just EPIC !

Dannay says:

The keyboard looks nice.

barry.weston says:

The only thing Sony gets right is cameras. Otherwise I have never enjoyed their hardware. And I don't miss a physical kbd at all.

ruddevil says:

The best thing that could happen did happen, which is we never saw this phone. And I hope WP would never be on a Sony device. They simply suck. I owned an Xperia X1 and the support/update was just appalling. If it wasn't for the XDA community, that phone would felt outdated after only a month.

Cuz its fuckn android shit if it was WP it would of been better Sony makes good tvs, computers, stereo systems, game system ECT Sony is a good company and needs to work with WP or get there own OS and leave android behind

I really hope that Sony will make a Sony VAIO wp8 all white and sleek with an amoled screen to go with there laptops