Move, a simple Windows Phone puzzle game (Updated)


If you like puzzle games to pass the time with, check out the Windows Phone game Move.  Move calls upon your skills of logic to move colored circles into matching squares.

The challenge is that the colored circles move in unison and at times the direct path to solve the puzzle is blocked.  The goal is to navigate all the circles on to their matching squares in the fewest moves.

The game has hundreds of levels and three different game board sizes.  Move is not a very complicated Windows Phone game but challenging enough to keep things interesting.

The main menu for Move has options to jump into game play, muting the sound, viewing the game tutorial, rate the game in the Windows Phone Store and view the About screen.

Move is divided packs that contains multiple puzzles and are progressively unlocked.  The current game only has three of the six listed packs available with the additional levels becoming available with the next update.


Game play is simple; you swipe at the screen to move your circles around the game board on to their matching squares.  As you swipe the screen to make your moves, all the circles will move in that direction.  Blocks are present in some puzzles that will block a circles movement and you can use those blocks to help get everything into position.

At the bottom of the game screen is your move count and limit as well as the number of moves that will give you a perfect score on the puzzle.  The more moves it takes to complete the puzzle, the fewer stars you earn and if you reach your move limit, you fail the level.

The first few gaming levels will come across as rather easy but as you work your way through the various puzzle levels, the game gets more challenging by increasing the game board and adding multiple colored circles.  Move has a very minimalistic design but can be a challenging, fun puzzle game for your Windows Phone.

Move is a free game and is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can pick up your copy of Move here in the Windows Phone Store.

Update: We are sure as to the why, but this game was pulled from the Windows Phone Store.  We've reached out to the developer and if we receive any additional information, we'll update the post accordingly.

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It says not available for your device....

wapoz says:

Not available on my device, says I need to "update"... lolwut? 920 running GDR3

The developer posted a working link in the forums (for those that can't get it to work). I personally thought it was too easy, I finished all 150 levels available within a hour. It was fun though, and I like the sound effects.

Ahmad Nairat says:

it says ,, This app is no longer published

inket says:

On the forums there's a guy say it's a clone of the iOS/Android game of the same name http://www.nitako.com/wp/blog/projects/move/

Which would explain why the developer pulled it from the WP Store…


I feel so stupid for actually believing (even for a second) that there is a cool free game on WP.

CronGM says:

Yeah, me too. I saw this was released on Android and iOS, and I thought it was pretty cool. I'll have to keep hoping for a WP release.

drokssilva says:

Sorry wrong post 

Eric J F says:

It didn't scale properly on my HTC 8X; only about ⅔ of the window showed, and now it says not available for my device.

chief_wiggum says:

It's not available for WP 7.8 devices. I've got a LG E900 Optimus 7 and I get the message "This app is not available for your device".

adisharma054 says:

I have downloaded the game. At first it was working good. Now, after completing a stage the other stage doesn't open! The same stage appears except no balls! When i refresh the same position, no balls..

Red Mountain says:

It totally copied the famous game Move on iOS and Android. The developer clone everything, from name,graphics, even the sound effects. I'm totally disappointed :(
Orignal Move : http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/move/dd456a83-9f78-438b-9d9b-84dc90b8eede

Nankom says:

I wanted to rate this great game but when searching for it on the web, cuz I wasn't able to find it on the store, ran into this sad update about the app. What a pity.