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How to Watch

Movie fans need to check out ‘How to Watch’ for Windows RT and Windows Phone

If there’s one thing we like around here at Windows Phone Central is unique and useful apps. We like it even more when the developer supports Windows RT as well so that we can share the experience across our screens.

‘How to Watch’ is such a case and it is similar to ‘Can I stream it?’ in that it displays if a specific film is on your preferred streaming movie service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. You can simply enter in the movie you want to see and check the corresponding service that it is on, including links directly to that service for that movie. Likewise, you can just browse recent additions for new movies.

How To Watch

It’s a simple concept but in this day and age with this many streaming services, having a method by which one can look up movies seems crucial if time is of a concern.

Unlike ‘Can I stream it?’ there is no reminder system in place, meaning the service cannot alert you to when a movie does become available on your preferred system. That’s a bit of a downer but perhaps that service will be added later. On the plus side, you do get a Windows RT app, which is good if you want something for your Surface or Windows 8 computer.

Currently ‘How to Watch’ supports Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video with Redbox Instant Video, Xbox Video, YouTube coming soon.

You can download the Windows Phone (7.x, 8) app here in the Store, or grab the Windows RT app here. Alternatively, you could use their website:

QR: How to Watch

‘Can I stream it?’ Is also a good alternative and with the new version that came out in January, we can finally recommend it (it often crashed on an earlier version). That app can be found here in the Windows Phone Store. 

QR: Can I stream it



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Spacegho5t says:

this sounds similar to the Bing Hub on the Xbox Dashboard, which in my opinion is an underrated feature.

incendy says:

Yeah, that bing method works great with SmartGlass too!

iamoniwaban says:

Yes, agreed, tv/movies/music results within smartglass and Xbox are very good.

bramstone123 says:

Nice, shame wp Central dev has no rt app.

l_n says:

What does that have to do with this app? Anyway, Jay has said it's coming. Be patient.

Jay Bennett says:

I only have so much time! *cries in the corner*

Can't wait for an rt app; then again I can't wait for alot of rt apps but pinned shortcuts on the start screen are doing fine for now.

Thanks...please keep up the Windows RT stories. Not many sites cover that portion of Windows.

James Allatt says:

I agree. I also think Microsoft should start showing more of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 together in there Adds as they really do look good together like on this picture.

simphf says:

Why does it need access to everything on the phone? Seems like spyware.

Shantek says:

Not sure I would put in in the "spyware" category.. What access are you worried about?

simphf says:

Appointments and contacts.

We need a video player to replace Xbox video for RT. The two best appear to be Movie Premier and eXPlay, but Movie Premier has many missing features and while eXPlay is heavy on the features l, it is very buggy at the moment. Both devs promise updates.

ricsip says:

I am hungry for hints and suggestions to any 3rd party video player that is better than the terrible built-in Windows RT Videoplayer or the built-in WP8 Xbox Music videoplayer. Please share the name of any application + the platform it is available on (Win RT and/or WP8) so I can give it a try. Right now, I have no 3rd party video player on my WP8, so cannot watch most of my videos, and the very few I tried on Surface RT are also somewhere between acceptable and crappy.

Yet we don't have Xbox video, iTunes, Ultraviolet, or Hulu plus support, ONLY Netflix.

Hulu works on rt just go to the website.

Nathan Hodge says:

According to what the pictures show, there is support for Amazon. However (at least from their website) Amazon is not supported.

iamoniwaban says:

Alerts, or saved searches would be nice.

sym1a1a says:

Dear dev, dark theme PLEASE!!! Thanks in advanced