Movie Maker 8.1 gets transition video-effects and much more in today's big update

Movie Maker 8.1 is a well-received video editor app for Windows Phone 8.1. It’s also the first one in its category, being made by Venetasoft, and the app has been receiving a steady stream of updates, including two in the last 24 hours. One of those updates brought with it a lot of new features that users have been demanding, including those transition effects.

As usual, we have the full change log with details not found in the Store and even a few more secret codes to giveaway. Head past the break to get in on the action!

Movie Maker 8.1

Movie Maker 8.1 (

  • Titles – the user can add beautiful titles choosing the font type, size and color, and the background (from a solid color, an image from his phone library or a frame extracted from the movie)
  • Transitions – six types of transition (others will come shortly), including four 2D transitions (fade in/out/cross, slide, stripe) and two 3D transitions (Twirp3D, Fold3d)
  • Ken Burns Effect (Pan & Zoom) effect to apply on any image/title/still frame.
  • (Transitions and Ken Burns effect are in beta, speed will be improved in next updates)
  • New tools including cut, merge (two or three contiguous clips), merge all clips
  • First in the Market: some phone models (Lumia 1020 for example) with Windows Phone 8.1 preview suffer from a bad "tick" noise recorded on the final mp4 or mp3. This should be solved with Cyan and new native audio drivers. It happens when you encode images with a background audio (exactly when a new image begins in the timeline, the audio seems to "rewind" for some milliseconds, causing a "tick" noise). This has been solved via software with this update, making this the only app to not suffer from this problem
  • Export to ‘Movie Maker for Desktop’ Thanks to the collaboration with my friends at http://www.acquariusoft.com, we are developing a plugin to allow a user to transfer his Movie Maker 8.1 project to their PC, and continue to edit it with Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows. Currently you need another app now (trial version is available) but it will be completely integrated in next update. It is in beta too, so only small projects entirely composed by video/images present on the phone gallery will be available (not effects or titles), but the final version will be complete.
  • New UI with accent colors and a more touch-friendly interface for small screens, specifically tested on Lumia 630
  • Bug fix: share, Lockscreen, audio-only editing (mp3 project), some others

Movie Maker 8.1

As you can see, this is quite a big update for those of you who like to edit videos on-the-go. The best part is there’s more to come.

If you want to see some of the new effects in action, make sure to watch the demo video above to see how they look on a YouTube video.

Unlock code time!

As usual with these big updates, we like to collaborate with Venetasoft, so here is a secret code open to the first 100 of you to unlock the app for free (if you already did not purchase it):

  • Code is:  wp_central

To unlock, the Easter egg is: Click 20 times on the red rectangle "deleted part" on the 'Trim' page (just add an image/video and click the 'Trim' toolbox item).

Remember, this will expire on the 101th attempt, so act fast!

Pick up Movie Maker 8.1 with the all new transitions and effects here in the Store. Free trial, $1.99 to buy

QR: movie maker



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Black Lumia says:

Got it! (the full version)

tkdmacgeek says:

Why it got to be black Lumia? Lol

abdhoms says:

I want one too.

Edit: Got mine this time. Woohoo...what a relief.

pyrosol08 says:

unlocked :D fantastic!

9112Fisher says:

I've got mine :D

Burger Nog says:

Got it!  Thanks!  My daughter's spring musical can get edited now!

Conan143 says:

Hey Daniel ...Whatsup these days u r so busy posting and even regular.....thats good..and the update ..let me grab it now..

I like to think I'm the hardest working Windows Phone supporter around ;)

sisqo88 says:

I love your hard work and your 110% accurate information Daniel keep it up. WPCentral is the best website for WP fans

Unlocked, thanks !

Got it this time! Thanks :)

Got it! Full version! Thank you! :D

vinay27 says:

Before it is going to download on my 2g network it is going to expire

cyborg4 says:

Got it, brilliant! :D

I unlocked it last time :3

Somerichs says:

Says invalid key code, does that mean it's already hit the limit?

Nope, should say 'expired' if limit hit. Make sure you are using the '_' and typing it correctly.

sisqo88 says:

Write the code, maybe you copied it with an extra space

Nimdock says:

Also getting invalid code. :(


OK, we were getting invalid because we had not updated yet. By the time I updated it was sold out.


Every time! :(

Yousef Kawmi says:

make sure wp_central w not W and (_) underscore 

Nimdock says:

No, that wasn't the issue. I cheked that several times.

vikrant6 says:

Wohoooo... Unlocked.. WPC rocks!!

Unlocked Thanks developer for this great offer :D

vinay27 says:

Fingers crossed :/

Deaconclgi says:

Woo Hoo!!! "Movie Maker 8.1 is now fully unlocked :)" Thank you WPC and Venetasoft! My daughter just graduated Highschool and now I can fully edit and assemble a montage and more on my Nokia Lumia 1020!

joanzen says:

Got it! I like free stuff! Thanks!

sisqo88 says:

Yippi got it thanks a lot wpcentral

FernandoDB says:

got it !!!! thanks wpcentral !!!!

cuwe says:

Sold out . Hurmm .

weetigo says:

doh.. its not recorded as a purchase.  I put it on my 1020, but it says if I need to reinstall I have to download the trial again and do the easter egg again (I guess up to 100 tries).  No biggie. I'll likely purchase it for my 1520 once I play with it instead of taking a 2nd unlock code.

venetasoft says:

You are right, the "unlock" is a little trick to let the app think it is purchased, but it is not.
So you will always see "buy" on the Store page, as the app is techically a "Trial", but is acts exactly like the full, paid version.
If you format/reinstall your phone, just be sure to be connected on teh net the first time you will encode a video, and it will auto-unlock.

Yousef Kawmi says:

So even after hardreset or changing the phone, i should download the trial and put the same code ? or will it automatically after downloading the trial unlock itself ? and thanks for the awesome app ! :)

venetasoft says:

Code changes if you change your phone only....But in that case just write me an email and I will send you a new code :)

Hi...I want to purchase it...But My Paisa pay BOB ATM not working with store payment.

I hope here i will ger unlock code ....but still bad luck....

Can u pls Send me Unlock Code....

Will purchase it soon....applied for VISA debit card.

if you give 100 of peoples than give 1 for me pls....i badly required.



venetasoft says:

You can easily have a code, just read my previous comments :)

omullins says:

I always get "Invalid keycode"... :(

Alphonz says:

Oh thanks WP central. Got it this time.

primortal says:

:( no more unlock codes available.

Thanks though.

NIST says:

Paid cash money. Very nice update. Movie Moments for desktop? What? Where? When?


you can export your project from Movie Maker 8.1 to Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows Desktop with the companion app 'Remote Device Manager' that you can find in the store, or directly from the Movie Maker 8.1 (click 'save' button and you wil see it ;)..

First save the project from MM8.1, then open Remove Device Manager, browser to the project file and open it, that's all !
This a preview only, give us a week, and all will be beautifoully integrated and automatic :)

This preview version only works with simple projects, you can try to add only images and videos from the phone gallery.
Effects and transitions in next  updates

Me and David are working together for integrate our tecnology for the user :D

PS: Remember Remote Device Manager is not only this function :D

NIST says:

Great to know. Thank you!

Tnx to you!
I'm here for help you if you need some info
And remember to see also my app, it's very powerful and interesting ;)

NIST says:

One other thing. If I multi select pictures and movies from my pictures hub the app adds them in exactly the opposite order. It needs to be reversed. Where the newest is added last not first in the sequence.

venetasoft says:

NIST I misunderstood your question...
Are you sure they are exactly in the opposite order..? If so, I can easily fix it !
I use native wp file browser, and I open the clips on MM exactly in the order it returns them to me..
Anyway, you can use the "move next/prev" buttons (the first two with an arrow as the icon) to easily move them and compose clips as you want.

NIST says:

Yes. So if I shoot pics or vids in sequence then go to choose multiple it lays them out I the opposite order, with newest first in the timeline of the app. I do use the arrows to adjust but the sequences are all the same color (green) so it takes a lot of adjusting. Also I noticed that the titling isn't quite sharp on preview full screen mode. Look into that. Thanks.

venetasoft says:

Thank you again NIST! 
Yes the preview is low-res to speed up rendering (expecially for low ram devices), but the final encoded video will respect the desired output format.

NIST says:

Ok this is the last one, I promise. Is it possible to do a music fade out. Maybe 2 seconds from the end? If I'm using a 3minute tune in a 50second video it just cuts out. Unless I'm just not seeing a way to do it. Thanks. I'll stop bugging you so you can code!

venetasoft says:

Nist my todo list is entirely dictated by your feedbacks, so you are welcome :) !!
Maybe please write to my support email, so I am sure I wont loose your precious notes !!!

NIST says:

Will do. Please make the support email address a link. Some sort of "mailto:" Function so we can click on it and send feedback. Thanks. I'll send a bunch of feedback.

venetasoft says:

I reported it in the about page of the app :)

vinay27 says:

Saying invalids

lum5 says:

Oops not for me still in wp8 no 8.1 ...:crying:

NIST says:

Seems it can't open or find the last project I was working on when I select "Continue last project". Ughhhh

venetasoft says:

Did you unistalled the app ? I save some files (transictions for example) on the app temporary folder.
This folder is deleted if you uninstall the app... Next update will add an option to customize temp folder location to avoid issues on reinstallation/updates.

NIST says:

I did not uninstall the app. I just did the update. It must have purged the temp file during the update. Btw new splash screen is much better. I've been slowly using this app over the last week to put together a small movie. It's been great so far.

NIST says:

I think instead of "No open projects missing..." You mean to say "No open projects available to load..."

venetasoft says:

My mistake...Noted, thank you !!

vinay27 says:

Missed it I guess#uninstall

dalydose says:

Slammed down the money on day one! Well I tapped/clicked it! :)

I love this update and want to go film something! I hope there is fading out (audio and video), so my vids don't have to come to an abrupt end.

venetasoft says:

Fade in/out is supported for videos, as you can see from the demo posted above. I am working for audio fading too. Stay tuned for the next updates!

dalydose says:

I'm tuned in! :)  I also had trouble adding the Burns effect because I didn't see it as an edit item in the menu.  Right now it only works when you bring in one still image at a time, right?  I've bring in a group of pictures, there is no way to add that effect as far as I can tell.

venetasoft says:

Yes, to apply the Kenburns effect you have to first select an image and tap the change duration button. This is a beta release, all filters and effects will be fully customizable.

If oyu get invalid code, make sure there are no capital letters, I got that with Wp_central instead of wp_central

RaRa85 says:

So glad I purchased this app as soon as it came out. We need more developers like these guys!

danibo86 says:

Great update! 3D Transitions are just awesome!! :D

venetasoft says:

This idea, together with many many others, comes from wpcentral users feedbacks :)

QilleRz says:

Again sold out. I was playing game when I saw notification about this news came out. Haha

ajayaacharya says:

Always miss this opportunity...

lubbalots says:

"tick noise" I get tick noise when I fast forward or rewind playing videos.

lesd777 says:

I think that is a known issue with 8.1dev

lubbalots says:

Haven't heard or seen anyone addressed it. Unless I'm slow at news.

venetasoft says:

The "tick" bug affects the final encoded mp4/3 file. During the preview it is normal to hear it because you are changing speed/directions.
I noticed it only thanks to user feedbacks. I tested MM with L1520, L920, L820 and L630 and they are free from this issue.
Then I tested with a L1020 and there it was !! Fortunately I was able to remove it with some magic ;)

lubbalots says:

Oh sorry, I mean with the 8.1 preview, not MM.

XBM on WP8.1 has this issue. If you move the scrubber, it produces this odd noise. Same the case when changing tracks.

venetasoft says:

If you own an L1020, just create a movie with 10 pictures and add a hard rock music audio track. Set picture duration to 5 seconds.
Than save as mp4 or grab as an mp3 (disabling the tick removal option ;). When you play it, you ca hear a "tick" noise at the beginning of every image.

danibo86 says:

Just tried with my 1020 with both Movie jax and Movie Maker. Movie jax is still affected by this issue, but Movie Maker with the new tick removal tool does not have it anymore.
Great! :D
Even without using "hard rock music track". :P

venetasoft says:

Just try, if your phone is not affected, don't enable it :)
L630 with Cyan fw is perfect, I suppose this issue will be fixed with official wp8.1 driver updates.

milfermon says:

I wish this was free...

venetasoft says:

And I wish I was rich, don't work for living, and get my apps update themselves... Free app = Slow development = No grow = No more Apps
Anyway is easy to get a free code, just carefully read previous articles and comments, it's free :)

birgs says:

This what i waiting for

venetasoft says:

You really burned unlock codes quickly :D
Were late...? Just show some love to Movie Maker 8.1 leaving a nice review on the Store page. Then just screen-shot and send me an email, and I will send you a new free code :)

metallikunt says:

DAMN IT!!! I missed the code again, this is the third time :(

venetasoft told me last time if I left a nice review and sent a screenshot, he'd send me a code but I messaged him  the screenshot and he never got back to me. I love this app but can't buy the full version due to having no debit card. I really want this full version :(

venetasoft says:

I will respond to all :)

venetasoft says:

Did you received it :) ?

If not, please write me again...Or try to use my website contact form...

Can't download it.not even the paid one.its pending since the last 1hour on a 3g network.

i seriously love thisprogram.

cjloyola says:

There are 94 Comments, but there are100 codes. and its not available already.huhuhu


So Sad.:-( Free One Please. :-( huhuhuhu

KDoubleU says:

I think I have the full version even though I never entered the code or was prompted for one even after following Daniels instructions, is that possible? I have all the effects and don't see anything indicating a trial? Either way very cool app!......update never mind its showing as sold out

cjloyola says:

try to save. if it limits to 10sec, then it is a trial. :-)

Ahmad Ilham4 says:

It would be great if venetasoft add features that allows you to add photo in the middle of video, still an excellent app!

venetasoft says:

You actually can :) !
Just select any point of the timeline first, that click + and choose what media (image, video, title) to insert exactly there :)
This is one of the features that differentiates MM from others, total freedom in composition.

Ahmad Ilham4 says:

Oh, thank you so much! MM is such an amazing app

Ahmad Ilham4 says:

But, i still using the trial version, can you send me a code?

Mohd Saif says:

Always miss the chance

venetasoft says:

Just show some love to Movie Maker 8.1 leaving a nice review on the Store page. Then just screen-shot and send me an email, and I will send you a new free code :)

I love using this app, especially to edit my videos of me learning to kittens how to smash a potato with their right hand

Windows RT version puleeez??? The Metro video editing apps are horrific.

darshilmnavy says: