Moviegoers revel, Cinemark now available on Windows 8.1


Official apps make Windows Phone and Windows 8 a great place to be. A little over a month ago we learned that Cinemark had arrived for Windows Phone fans who like going to the movies. Today, we get the Windows 8.1 version of the app. Highlights of Cinemark for Windows 8.1 and download link are below for you!

Cinemark (cinemark.com) is the world's third largest cinema brand with over 334 theatres in 40 states. Their brands include Cinemark, Century Theaters, Tinseltown USA, CineArts and Rave Cinemas. Hit up their website to find a movie theater location near you.

They've just released an app for Windows 8.1 that brings the following features:

  • Find Cinemark theatre locations near you
  • Access your My Cinemark favorite theatres
  • View movie information and trailers
  • Purchase tickets securely
  • View your Purchases, Rewards and Gift Cards


Seems like a fully featured app to us. We just need don't happen to have any Cinemark theaters nearby to really take the app for a spin. Planning on seeing a movie tonight or this weekend? Use Cinemark for Windows 8.1 (or Windows Phone) and let us know what you think of the app!

Thanks for the tip everyone!

QR: Cinemark



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rodneyej says:

WP has no apps.
WP has no games.
Same for W8.

k0de says:

Haha. That's WP 8.0. It's raining apps in WP 8.1. MSFT living up to its promise. " The app gap will close"

rodneyej says:

Lol!!... Remember that's what those trolls used to say on every article back in the day?
Joe did say that, didn't he... He must've had something up his sleeve back in April.

immyperez says:

I think you'll find it has plenty of apps and games! Just not the ones YOU may want.

k0de says:

Indeed. Rodneyej is stuck on iOS and Android. Welcome to WP Rodneyej. Official apps pouring in daily.

rodneyej says:

Hey, its better than "First".... Lol❕

isi mcf says:



rodneyej says:

You are cruel, Valdez.. :'(

cruelvaldez says:

Well I'm sorry. :| but you know, what you said right now was just an outright lie, and it seemed you just wanted to troll.

rodneyej says:

Really... You don't know me on here very well.... That's understandable. No harm.

Now I know you LOL! Problem this time?

rodneyej says:


Bengee90 says:

Well, I know u pretty well and I've always like ur comments. big ups!

rodneyej says:

Thanks, my man❗❗❗

Akssingh says:

The so called APP GAP seems to be fading....nice to see this..

Yeah at a faster rate too, so you won't sue me for saying
Seems faster...

tallgeese says:

Agreed. I've noticed the increased frequency of app releases in recent months as well.

Akssingh says:

If 255000+ apps and games are nothing, just go and improve your math...@Rodneyej

Ticomfreak says:

He's just poking fun. He's a pretty loyal member here ;)

navidee says:

Yeah someone is either new here or doesn't read the posts often. And i mean that in the nicest way possible without the use of emoticons...

Xaphoon148 says:

Don't mess with Rodney, he's got more Windows Phones than you ;) lol

eroselim says:

The guys that took rod's comment are once-in-a-while article reader i think. Sarcasm at its best. Lol.

TMavC5 says:

Love this much better than FANDANGO.

I'm using both Fandango and Cinemark on my WP so I'm definitely getting this for my Surface RT.

Appleby55 says:

250,000 apps and games and we are not populated with half a million CRAPPS which is why Android has so many. Quality AND quantity, not just BS filler apps. Windows Phone 2 years ago when I started was slim pickings, now days you can find just about any app or game you'd need. And if you can't find it, use app studio and make it yourself.

Dinky89484 says:

This, Fandango, and all movie apps should integrate with calendar to make the experience more in sync with everything oh the phone/device.

xArgieboy says:

I haven't seen such a great idea in a long time. +1 for this.

JustAGuy001 says:

This is something we have considered. Would you want your purchased ticket showtimes to be integrated with the calendar? What other things would be useful with the calendar? The release date of a coming soon movie you are interested in maybe? Let me know and we'll get it in the queue.

Thanks again and enjoy the apps.

xArgieboy says:

HWell I just tried (to try) Cinemark app. A shame it's only for US when there are Cinemark theaters all over the world, like right here where I am. It'd be great to have one universal Cinemark app that uses your location worldwide and not just country based. That's a really great feature of Movie Showtime App.

elmopio says:

About damn time. Now all I need on my wp platform is TouchTunes.

tallgeese says:

Nice, but it is a perfect candidate for an universal app.

JustAGuy001 says:

Thanks for the feedback! We are looking at a Universal app release, but didn't want to delay the WP release any longer than we had to.

Hope y'all enjoy the app. And as always send feedback. We *do* read it and will act on it when possible.