Movies Trivia for Windows Phone, only thing missing is the popcorn

Movies Trivia

Movies Trivia is a Windows Phone game that will challenge your big screen knowledge. The game has two modes and thousands of questions on over 350 movies that include recent releases and those that are more dated.

Movies Trivia doesn't have many bells and whistles but will test your knowledge of movies rather nicely.

The main pages for Movies Trivia cover your gaming mode choice, your gaming statistics, and an about screen where you can rate the game, send feedback to the developer and view additional trivia games.

Movies Trivia

The two gaming modes are Simple and Trivia Modes. Simple mode has a set number of questions that can be set in the game's settings (found under the three-dot menu on the main pages). Trivia Mode deals out the entire collection of trivia questions (thousands of them).

Question range from the simple to those that only the hardened movie goer can answer. Questions are based on more than 350 movies, 800 images, 1,000 characters, 200 directors, 520 characters, 480 tag lines, and 54 awards.

Movies Trivia will appeal to the trivia fan or those simply wanting a fun game to pass the time with. Movies Trivia is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find Movies Trivia here in the Windows Phone Store.

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adrian1338 says:

Great job - everyone ignored his comment for like 1 hour and you have to feed the troll

Andresuxx says:

I just wanted to be famous ;(

Jazmac says:

I've watched a lot of movies over the years but trivia games show me just how much I really wasn't paying attention. lol

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Whats interesting to watch on TV Thailand?:)

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Looks like a fun game I just hit install :D

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Great title. ;)

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Needs to be multiplayer. At least with other Windows Phone users.